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Cheap Food in Middlewich, Cheshire*

Corner eateries, quick bites and the local chippy

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Cheap Food
  • Multiple Pub & Hotel Resturants / Chipshops / Chinese/India/Kebab/Pizza take aways / Cafes, which are not ludicrously priced if you want to eat out.
  • CHEAP=SHIT much like the whole of middlewich town centre
  • ouch! my ass!
  • FANTASTIC!! (However the food isn't)
  • Top take away Paragon
  • LIDL
  • If youre after cheap food in middlewich, try the leftovers in bins.
  • The Great Eastern Nights is THE BEST Indian Restaurant pound for pound I have ever frequented in the UK (and I've frequented a few!). The menu is very impressive, and food is cooked to your exact specification. Bangla Beer is the tipple of choice, and can be thoughoughly recomended with a Special Murgh Chilli Massala for those who like it a bit on the warm side! An excellent restaurant!!
  • salt sellers where da fet deeler lives
  • Must be fantastic, but it is run by lesbian rappin turkish
  • Fantastic - good food and fit men!!!!! What more could a girl ask for!
  • Fantastics the new and highly exciting take-away near southy. Full of greasy turkish men, not only are you guarantee a good laugh but a fully belly too. And a flem in the burger.
  • here are my favourites - mikes chippy situated at the top of wheelock st, there's aslo fantastic which make the best burgers in town, also in wheelock st. there's also seany boy's chip house, thats a beauty
  • Food is about the only thing middlewich is good for!! Try georgios, malts and fantastic is alright if your pissed.
  • Narrow Boat *****, Cheshire Balti *****, Gorgios ***** (best Kebabs this side of Cyprus) If you want Pub grub you'll have to get in a car and drive somewhere else!!
  • I find it hard to believe that nobody has mentioned the "cheshire" indian reataurant situated opposite the "big church." I've eaten at many indians restaurants throughout cheshire and this is BY FAR the best there is. If you want carefully prepared and cooked authentic, quality indian cuisine then the cheshire restaurant is it...and no, I dont work there, or own it or own any share in it's's just well worth a good mention!!! be careful, though...the last time I frequented the joint after last orders, it was full of small time inbreds with big time attitudes and bad mouths...these pea-brained losers wanna learn that you dont...and thats an exclaimed DONT!! abuse the head waiter at an indian restaurant....especially before he has served you your food. :))
  • balti, balti chef,cafe med, georgios, malts, robs fish bar, chinese up in cledford, albraham, dragon place.salt sellar burger king

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Last updated: 2014-07-03

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