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The Worst Things
  • There's the selling of drugs openly on the street. Dealing from the flats, smack heads taking a dump in the alley ways. Party night is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say all of the smackheads/druggies are on the dole. Need anything more just post it up!
  • This Dale Court sound interesting, any moar OP? :)
  • Dale court, full of scum bags and druggies. Dumping ground for the rest of Cheshire
  • What can I say. it's nice enough around these parts so no need for ignorant comments.It makes the points you are making (even if you are correct) less meaningful. If you're from around here (familywise) then have a bit of respect for the place, anywhere you go is only as good as the people there make it. If you're not from here but have decided to stay, then great.... everyone is welcome, but for pity's sake mix with people and realise, that someone from the metropolise is just the same as someone from anywhere else, but at least people have an interest in the people they meet, rather than walking around ignoring the hundreds of people they go past everyday in a city. Gypses, if you want people to be able to accept you, don't start everyline to prevoke someone, because you don't feel accepted yourself, just try to mix and relax (women as well), nothing makes a greater bond than blood, so keeping to your own does no one any good, just builds barriers. To the authority:Would the council kindly encourage businesses to open establishment with actual activities for the people around here that doesn't invole eating, drinking, or trying to get fit in the gym, because you have eaten and drunk too much. I sometimes get the impression that (taking into account the massive increase in housing since I was a child and further planned housing increase) that you must get more revenue from the houses, than setting up enjoyable things to do for the people who would spend their money locally, rather than having to jet off down the motorway to get something half decent.(NOTE - this would also help out.. local jobswise guys.. its not rocket science) If some brightspark wanted some praise, the saving of travel alone, could be used as an environment initiative achievement. Oh that road coming from teh traffic lights is exceptionally dangerous for people when even 1 lorry comes down it, never mind 2 the opposite way. I assume that someones waiting for the land for the bypass to fall into favourable hands, before that gets built. I have not got a lot to moan about, the people are nice enough on the whole in this area. They have the same pros & problems as any other normal town, but the list of good things is short for both... what can I say its not a third world country, or a war zone! So get on with it and moan less. Say hello to one another a bit more.. its not that strange to talk to strangers.
  • middlewich boys think about them selves and beat up their girlfriends and wives such as tom blackburn!
  • georgia france, raving crackheads, girlss that hang around lads in cars everyday,
  • Fat Maxine
  • the fact that middlewich has a great residents who are lovely. however there are a minority in this town who make it a misery for everyone else.
  • ruscoes ambulance siren blaring out and the cunt who doesnt work riding his scambler across town at 4am in the morning when soft working people like me have to be up for work. watching the dolies sit in the pubs all day on their overpaid benefits.All the men who do landscaping jobs who sign on or are on the sick. Do the dole office ever bother to investigate.
  • That girl with massive tits and an even bigger mouth, she looks like Ronnie Corbetts sister, goes by the name off Pauline, cant think of anything worse than that other than pikeys 1
  • jypsies, and those stupid fucking boat people that appear once a year :@
  • A very boring place sun/thurs good at wwekend in right pub
  • The dog poo on the canal paths. The HGVs constantly thundering through the town. The Vaults and the Bear Pub. The lack of swimming pool even though it has been promised for 7 seven years.
  • All the Jippo`s
  • Being sober on a night out in middlewich
  • Where do i start? The amount of chavs, gypsies and the like The smell of shit that sometimes descends on the town for no reason The fact that the council can't seem to build anything for young people in Middlewich. I mean they're currently building an amphitheatre, for fuck's sake. WE'RE NOT ROMANS!!
  • Dog mess on canal tow paths- the council has cracked down recently, but doesn't seem to be having much impact!! If you are a dog owner- please, please clean up after your pet- I dont want my kids stepping in it thanks- it is a health hazzard!!
  • Gypsies. This town is over-run by the filthy trouble making vermin.It was bad enough having them all along Booth lane, but now the scum are moving into long lane and chadwich road and the carvans full of little gypo in-breeds camping outside their houses makes the town look like a mess.
  • nothin except 4 the town its self
  • Nothin cause are town is pefect well i mean in comparason to Winsford(da shit hole)
  • All the Small minded, arrogant, ignorant, two faced, childish people who see middlewich as the be all and end all!!!
  • The dossers that hang around The Bull Ring complaining they have nothing to do.
  • Where do you start! To close to Winsford, Crewe & Northwich
  • like any small town...the inbreds with lifeless faces...just ignore them...if they let you, that is!
  • eveythings, mainly the invasion of jipos and scallys

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