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  • Milton Keynes I have lived here most of my life its not the worst place in the world but it does have a rather boring night life however one of my favourite place is the Xscape, Sadly Milton keynes is for the wealthy having no money in this town is a real drag Willen lake is now charging people to park there car to visit a park how Sad.
  • Milton Keynes I have lived here most of my life its not the worst place in the world but it does have a rather boring night life however one of my favourite place is the Xscape, Sadly Milton keynes is for the wealthy having no money in this town is a real drag Willen lake is now charging people to park there car to visit a park how Sad.
  • Co-op
  • The Tree at Midsummer Place, opposite HSBC and Virgin, is a good place to meet your friends. Unless it's filled with chavs, emos and greebos.
  • treebo tree - get a damn paper route job!!!
  • add more spots.go to
  • the warhouse in wolverton is burnt down coz some twat thought it would b funny,graf was good and the police have taken all of the ramps and now theres a 2 hour patrol so no 1 can get in.
  • the tree new bit of cmk
  • Me n my m8's always hang round the lil' Tesco's at Walnut Tree cus there are loadsa fit blokes who r down there at bout 9ish if u wanna find out wat im talkin bout just turn up!!
  • WE set up the newport skatepark its by the football club in town. don't turn up on satarday during the cricket season cos you are not allowed to ride. this is the only rule so don't break it, or we lose the park and we will find you!
  • Starbucks in the main Centre (next to Waterstones)
  • Cambell park.........major piss ups :)
  • In the Milton Keynes section of your site it mentions "Gadebrigde Park and anywhere behind Marlowes" However, that should have been filed under Hemel Hempstead and Not Milton Keynes. People from here are probably looking at you funny... Anyway milton keynes is ALL skatespots. And now we have internet radio !! rar ! (
  • Campbell Park, great place, tonnes of open space, and loadsa flowers to dance in. Also a great place to get pissed if you are underage....not that I ever have of course.... theres also a giant circular fountain (trust me do not drink the water) I also went down the hill there on my me don't do it, I almost broke my neck, and my spine has never quite been straight since.
  • In midsummers place by the famous 'tree' every greebo hangs out waiting for each other bla bla shit loads of fun...
  • Gadebridge park! And anywhere behind the Marlowes Shopping Centre!
  • Shenley CHurch End shops, the bench outside unwins, used to get people to buy me beer, then i ended up working there. oh hell
  • In the city centre of course, where every1 just goes shopping or to xscape OR the leisure plaza. Lots of people also try to get into the bars & clubs in the theatre district, but usually fail.
  • Used to be bench outside McDonalds (many years ago) when we were called 'The City Lot'. We were dead hard in those days!
  • You have to go to the Kebab Van in Downs Barn. Best Kebabs you have ever had beleive me, I should know I come from Turkey.
  • SNOZONE is OPEN!!! (at last!). Europe's longest indoor real snow ski/board slope has finally opened. Friday nite 8pm - 11pm boarders only. This is going to be THE place to chill (at -2C not much choice!!!). Snozone is inside the new Xscape retail and entertainment destination that has recently opened in Central Milton Keynes. Lots of new areas outside for skateboarding and blading. Find out more by going to or call 01908 230260.
  • Car park opposite Bar Med on a Sunday Evening if you are a boy racer with your souped up cars.
  • Get ready! The Snozone is coming to Milton Keynes. Europe's largest indoor real snow slope opens June 2000. This is going to be THE place for boarders and bladers - snowboarders and snowbladers that is - to meet up in the Midlands. Limited information available now at Watch this space for updates/details
  • Bus stop and carpark outside Marks and Spencer's nr the point. Friday night is the night 9pm-2/3am. Say hi to the silver clio. Top bloke.
  • The Shopping Centre...which is also having a 12.5 million quid refurb. Plus an extension so lots more shops...
  • Outside Marks and Spencers and Pizza Hut most nights around 9pm - late
  • The point at the centre of MK
  • Netherfield IS a right dodgy place. Avoid. Come to Stony Stratford on a friday night, enjoy 13 pubs in close proximity, and a top kebab house. Go in The Crown and look for a big ugly shavenheaded geezer called Levon, who drives a black Escort Cabrio. Slap him about a bit, and receive bucketfulls of respect from all and sundry.

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