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Cheap Food
  • Best chppy is Atlantis without a doubt. Ponte De Legno is excellent Italian, prices good and huge portions. Kebabish is best indian had new trendy facelift but prices are high.
  • china garden, yum. the jade. little italy. al capone pizza, moseley road is full of curry and fast food. Atlantis best fish and chips or donna kebab ever.
  • In general, Moseley food is overpriced and mediocre * The Atlantis chippie is the best of 3 * The Lime & Chili is no more, replaced by an ineptly run joint called Sabai Sabai. * Poco Loco is gone - good riddance to its flavourless fare. * In its place, Jade Garden (?) is decent and nicely appointed * The Cross restaurant is apparently closed by order of health inspectors. * Little Italy is overpriced and bland. * Bistro Lyonnais, agreed: v. good sometimes, iffy at others. * New Italian place on Woodbridge Road. Good South Asian restaurant across from it.
  • Poco Loco, Moma's, the Cosmopolitan, and the Royal Naweed, all closed down some time ago.
  • Restaurants update : Poco Loco went bust and a new Chinese restaurant called the China Garden has opened in its old premises. Early reports suggest it's pretty good. The bog-awful Royal Naweed in Woodbridge Road has now been replaced by a new Italian eatery called Ponte Di Legno.
  • The Cross Cafe Bar
  • Little Italy does excellent pizza. Many have complained its other dishes are slightly overpriced but the portions are plentiful and you can take your own wine or whatever to go with a meal (Italian B'ham style!). The new Lime and Chilli House is a welcome addition to Moseley. Food is quite expensive for what it is but the smoothies and juices are just perfect! There are a couple of contenders for the best Indian restaurant in Moseley (K2 on Alcester Road and Kabbabish on Woodbridge Road) but the worst (in my experience) is the Royal Naweed on Woodbridge Road. Best chippy in Moseley is Atlantis (St Mary's Row) without question.
  • Brand New restaurant now open on Woodbridge Road called the Lime and Chilli House. Serves tasty, high quality, well cooked nosh and doubles as a Juice Bar. Definitely worth a try.
  • Poco Loco - good Mexican. Not especially cheap though.
  • Little Italy, disappointing. Bistro Lyonnais, v. good sometimes, iffy at others. Poco Loco - why is that place always fairly full? The food's awful, the service is appalling, it's overpriced and lacking in any appreciable atmosphere. It ain't just the nachos that are cheesy.
  • The Cross Cafe Bar - swish Cafe Bar serving posh nosh, decent wines, good Belgian beers. K2 - a superb Indian restaurant, where the quality of the grub is never less than excellent. The Kababish, The Cosmopolitan, and The Royal Naweed : 3 balti houses all on Woodbridge road. all pretty good but the best of the bunch is probably the Kababish - with the Cosmo not far behind - Mr and Mrs Khan cook up a mean balti. The Jade Cantonese - on St Mary's Row. a few very interesting dishes. not as good as it used to be. Poco Loco - Mexican nosh on St Mary's Row - reports on its quality vary, but seems always to be full. Bistro Lyonnais - newish French restaurant right on the Village Green. small and intimate, sources say food is pretty good. Little Italy - brand new Italian eatery - cooking nothing to write home about.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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