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The Best Things
  • The atmosphere of the place on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
  • Just about the most perfect place to live in London. And if you get bored, Hampstead, Highgate and Crouch End are only a bus ride away.
  • has one of the best children's book shops i've ever seen (on fortis green road, across from the adult book shop).
  • The location. It's too far away from the Tube for the skeezy Holloway beggars to come to, apart from the Sainsbury's beggar who rides the bus up from Holloway Road every afternoon at 5.
  • The architectural beauty, no fast food dumps or people walking around in tasteless tracksuits, all it takes now is another Tesco's... I have lived in serveral areas of London where everything you saw was ugly and depressing. The views are great and nearby Highate woods excellent. Unlike another critic I find the Socialist Worker and Greenpeace stalls make a refreshing change from the invisible Barbara Roche MP/Labour and the also invisible Lib Yawns.The best thing is the lack of tension or agression in the air, you can really relax and admire the 4X4 roadshow.
  • The bus links straight into/out of london during the night.
  • 20 years ago....
  • The Secret part of the parkland walk that goes from Highgate woods to the top end of Ali Pally park. It has the best views over London and even boosts its own rope swing to relive lost youth. Great for jogging.
  • a nice old fashioned Police station, Shame it does not open though
  • La Porchetta Pizza Restaurant The Odeon Cinema
  • Original Muswell Hill-billies are pretty tight-knit and stick together. Us against the rest of the world...and Crouch End
  • Muswell Hill can look beautiful on a sunny day and the London views next to Marks and Spencer are awsome.
  • General lack of tramps and yobs, plenty of nice middle class English families in four wheel drive vehicles (they might be annoying but would you rather live in Peckham?) High St sometimes resembles Ibiza at high season after chucking out time at the O'Neill's gin palace.
  • It's not Crouch End.
  • Still plenty of born and bred Muswell Hill people - not completely full of people carrier drivers (why do they only ever have one child in), flash car owners (they never move), who live in tiny Edwardian conversions (it's old therefore got character), who send their kids half the way across London to a better class of school!
  • They have closed Sainsbury's for refurbishment. We sit and wait.
  • Clean air, Big Park, OK bars and pubs, no tube, no McDonalds, so no big piles of puke on a Saturday Night (well, not most of the time, anyway. Oddbins and Nicolas, so lots of good wine.
  • Fantastic views over London. Great nightlife. Good food. Too expensive for yuppies to live in. Nice trees and parks. Populated with rich ex-hippies.

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Last updated: 2010-03-13

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