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Cheap Food
  • The Village for the lunchtime pizza and a pint deal
  • The takeaway next to Cafe Loco - brilliant shish keebabs
  • The staff are increadibly rude in La porchetta and the manager actually told me to F*** Off in front of a large group of children. Truly dreadful.
  • For what u get, la porchetta is rly gd value, massive pizzas, delicious. Toffs isnt cheap for a fish n chipshop but still affordable. KFC is stil open late at nite
  • Bakko is decent food and inexpensive.
  • La Porchetta has gone downhill - pizzas now soggy and decor rather tired.
  • FBC by the roundabout is an expensive but worth it burger place good ol' KFC!
  • The Vege Malysian place next to The Well is a bizzare sort of place, quite eerie, as it is Bushist and sells no booze. Still the 6 pound buffet does the trick
  • Cafe Loco for the best Paella and the most beautiful waitress in North London. Tabla quiet honestly serves the best Kebabs you have tasted, they are nothing like the reconstituted meat stuff you usually get.
  • Cafe on the Hill. Sunday all day breakfasts. Super stuff.
  • The Dolphin is great however it's closed for a refit at the moment - expansion and removing the takeaway bit. Service was always excellent. Chip shop on Colney Hatch Lane - much much cheaper than the OTT Toffs and they sell Pukka pies.
  • Tabla boasts one of the best kebabs I have ever tasted.
  • Crouch End is better but I wouldn't want to live there (30 something Stepford Wives!)
  • Cafe Uno on the roundabout, went there because La Porchetta to noisy and queuing onto street. Part of a chain? However, friendly, busy, right level of bustle,good service and good food. Optional Olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip bread in a nice touch. Based on my one visit highly recommended as good nosh for reasonable dosh.
  • Bar Meze, really nice Greek food, reasonably priced and service isn't too bad.
  • The Dolphin restaurant and kebab takeaway gives you a plate of meat for a very reasonable price - a bit like a loaded gun to your arteries. La Porchetta would be great, if they had good service, and didn't place "Happy Birthday to You" at damaging levels every 15 minutes, but they don't, and do, and is consequently like being hit in the face by a bored pizza chef for two hours. Pizza Express and Ask are decent though, and it's worth paying the extra for less food.
  • Cafe on the Hill, Fortis Green Road has been added to the non-glut of decent restaurants in Muswell Hill. Not particularly cheap, but very good. Chunky chips (and I mean chunky) with mayonnaise are something else
  • Porchetta'a is the only place worth going - I can never understand how so many bad restaurants with such bad service have wound up in one small place - I hate to say it but the food and service are far better in any of the places down the hill in Crouch End.
  • La Porchetta is the closest thing you'll get to a real Italian pizza place in London. Cheap and very good, if you can take the hustle and cheeky Italian waiters. The fish&chip shop "Toffs" used to be the best in Britain, and is still quite good. A bit expensive but worth it none the less. Umpteen other restaurants from the tacky to the super trendy.

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Last updated: 2010-03-13

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