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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Dan the chewing gum artist...see him on the pavement working his miniture works of art. He takes request too! Norman, the bloke with the long hair & beard in the Oxfam Bookshop at the weekends. Get him in the right mood and you don't need to pay to see a stand-up comic.
  • The guy that paints pictures on chewing gum - he is the local celebrity.
  • There is a guy who wanders round shouting 'The Best Of Luck!' all the time, he never says anything else.
  • 'Gimme 50p!' - the black guy who stands outside the Broadway Cafe loudly demanding 50p from all passers-by. If you ask him for 50p before he gets the chance to shout, he looks very put out and confused.
  • There is a fool who walks/rides/is wheelchaired around with a Toto dog who claims to be German but speaks with an American accent. I saw him have a tussle with a bloke in the street (something I never witnessed in the inner city), get reminded he was barred from the chip shop(!) and push his bicycle towards me grinning as I ran past. His latest wheeze is to pretend to be disabled and force the bus to stop so it can lower its platform then make attention seeking conversation with those who lift him on.
  • "20p, 20p mate" The 20p man - usually found outside supersave, look out for the ginger beard.
  • All the people on day release from St Lukes, particularly the old man who wears his cricket whites all the time.
  • Does anyone whoe the bloke that always says "the best of luck" in a loud voice and it's all he ever says, he used to go to sainsbury's and shout it loads. Everyone thought he was a right don!!!
  • There is a friendly guy who wanders around wishing people "The Best of Luck". Seen him a couple of times and heartily agree that everybody should have the best of luck
  • Its all about the 20p man who hangs about on the broadway. "you got 20p?". "What you want to give me 20p?". "No you give me 20p". Ha Ha Ha never gets old. He has dropped his rates from 50p though. Times must be tough in Muswell.
  • There was this toal joker who used to stand outside victoria wine at like 3:45 chatting up all us school kids from fortismere...he was just a friendly paedophile (sorry i cant spell)and i think he is gone now which is boring because he was so funny! He even gave us cards and it is nice to hear how beautiful you are everyday!
  • What happened to that woman who used to live on the steep road by HSBC who used to wander around the Broadway naked with a sheep on a lead?
  • Never seen one.
  • There's a black dude who always tells my wife 'Does everyone have to be good-looking here or what'? He's pretty funny.
  • Thankfully, none.

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Last updated: 2010-04-22

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