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  • The 2008 update - The Well - gone (to be a veggie restaurant), the John Baird - bit quiet except on Thursdays for the quiz (good night), no pool table anymore, lots of teachers from Fortismere, ok beer garden, great Thai food (Black Orchid Restaurant), grumpy female bar staff (you know who you are!), Village - full of young people at weekends, never been the same since the train went, O'Neills - ok during the week but packed at weekends (bouncers on the door), Clissold - just re-opened, am told faceless and the focus is now on food, Spoons (the original Weatherspoons pub) - very local but OK for a change (I like it), Minstrel Boy - ok when no football on unless you're part of the footy crowd of course, apparently closing for refit soon to become a wine bar - at attempt to fit in the new posh library/flat complex over the road maybe (hope it doesn't turn Colney Hatch Lane faceless), Slug & Lettuce - same as them all, The Famous Royal Oak - builders to lawyers brigade early evening (bit cliquey), later on better mix, run by great family, brilliant bar staff, excellent bar-b-q on Sundays, good quiz on Thursdays, locals are obsessed with sport so TVs on all the time but good thing when big matches as TVs on outside too (usually no sound due to the misery over the road - complete killjoy.) Not been in any of the other pubs for ages. Not forgetting the British Legion - in a league of its own but you need to be a member or be with one to go in - I personally love it especially on bingo night on Sundays.
  • The Maid of Muswell has had a major refit and is now a trendy gastro-pub serving pretty decent food and pretty decent beer at pretty decent prices. I can recommend the Chicken and Pepper ciabatt sandwich and the Fish and Chips. The wedges with Chorizo and Cheese are also good but you feel a little lardy after munching a whole bowl to yourself. The house wine - Silverland is tasty and the Deuchar beer nice. The staff are friendly and helpful - allow me to sample the beer before buying and bringing out chilli sauce when asked. The atmosphere is relax/distressed urban chic - there is a table videogame, comfy seat and big drapey curtains. A bit like the King's Head in Crouch End (again after there refit).
  • Has anyone tried the Maid of Muswell recently? - it's been totally refurb'd - We had areally great night there - nice menu, a good selection of beers and wines (not your run of the mill Stella and Blossom Hill offer) and theres a realy funky outside area - rumour is sunny days will also bring out a BBQ - definitely worth a visit
  • The Victoria Stakes which has not been mentioned at all on you site pubs in Muswell Hill is by far the best pub in the area. Food is great, lots of varity as far as booze is concerned. And I believe it made the top 10 pubs in London with the Evening standard this year. You say the O'neils is a good pub. Who is writing this rubbish.
  • I know everyone use to moan about Muswell Hill having too many 'grandad' pubs, but with the refurb of 'The Village', 'The John Baird', 'O'Neills' and even 'The Green Man', the only place to go, where you can have a nice, quiet pint with a truely local crowd is 'The Famous Royal Oak' down St. James Lane.
  • Muswell Hill has a pretty good selection of bars and pubs for a small residential area, and thankfully the grandad pubs are steadily disappearing. This was the case with the Village (previously the Swiss Village and its next door coke den Ritchies), which has to be the best bar in the area. Young, trendy over-21s. Great as it is though, you can't help wondering why so many Southgaters bother making the journey every weekend!Still, definitely worth frequenting. O'Neils is another top spot. Huge converted pub full of trendy teens and twenty somethings, and a great place to watch the footie. Ha ha's is slightly lacking in originality although nice for an afternoon drink, and the John Baird remains surprisingly popular since its revamp (now called the John Barras, but who calls it that?)Surprise star is the Green Man, once a scummy, rotten carpeted dive. Now a scummy, revamped, leather sofad bar/pub-not bad, actually. Cafe Loco, cramped and hot as it is, is the best late-night drinking bar, where the classier hillbilly is to be found. N10's and Enigma offer two contrasting ways to spend your time until 2am-cramped and surrounded by suited men, or cheap drinks surrounded by unemployed fashionable yobs who went to the local school. But taken with a pinch of salt, you can enjoy both. As local areas go, Mus Hill is up there among the best
  • O'Neils is a big converted Church and is great for watching football because its a chilled out atmosphere and you can always see a screen.
  • The Woodman is at the Highgate end of Muswell Hill Road and was recently converted from a damp, dark, almost Georgian looking place with elderly drunks, and is now a bright stripped pine place with the usual trendy-trainer crowd who appear out of nowhere to visit these places only once they look as if Jamie Oliver might drink there.
  • The Alexandra on Fortis Green Road is very pleasant and has a nice yard out the back for summer drinking. In fact on summer evenings a pub crawl from Muswell Hill to East Finchley along Fortis Green Road with its avenue of shady trees is a joy!
  • The Well (old O'Neill's) on the Broadway for a quiet pint during the week and possible celeb spotting.
  • The Village is OK, although it's over 21 on the weekend.
  • Fantail and Firkin has now been taken over by O'Neil's and been given the expected treatment. Atmosphere pretty much the same.
  • The Swiss Village has been transformed from the hole that it was to a trendy wine bar, with a happy hour 5-8pm and a selection of yummy cocktails
  • "The Village" boozer has just opened up, popular at the moment til we all get bored with it. Howwever the staff are polite, it's light and spacious, has two pool tables with attractive red baze and even some big leather bed type sofas right at the back. Get down there b4 the local lads stub too many Bensons out on the floor and spoil the place.
  • The Victoria Stakes on Park Road is now under new management and its become one of those gastro pubs. The food is excellent, nothing else in the area competes. Very relaxed atmosphere
  • Thank god that the church pub is no longer a Firkins, however, O'Reilleys have replaced the giant pigeon that used to hang from the ceiling of this magnificent building with a giant tucan! When are we to be free of these papier mache terrorists?
  • The Clissold Arms in Fortis Green has one wall plastered with Kinks memorabilia.
  • Fantail and Firkin - famous because it is a grand old baptist church that has been converted into a boozer. Very trendy and very loud.

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Last updated: 2008-06-27

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