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William grimahaw school by Janetcoles (Member 10311823) on 1-Mar-2017
I went to William grimshaw school with my two sisters our names were Wendy Anne and Janet Burton myself Janet started there in1959 there were several people I knew Christine Purke Tony Fir and David moody . I remember living at 6a Princes Parade which you to be the road next to,the Atheneum which is now Sainsbury's. Please contact if you remember us or where I lived   
  • Re: William grimahaw school by Miriam Clark (Member 10317203) on 15-Nov-2017
    Hi Janet
    I'm setting up the Alumni Association for all the schools that were on the Fortismere site. Do get in touch if you'd like to be added to the database,
    Kind regards
    Mrs M Clark

Curzon Road by Yvonne Rozier (Member 10311176) on 31-Jan-2017
Left 1960 name Castelow now in New Zealand. Anyone know Audrey Mayer (King) lived Dukes Avenue.   
Lady named vivienne by John babbage (Member 10305416) on 20-May-2016
Does anyone know the whereabouts of an old flame of mine named Vivienne. She lived in the 1960s in Woodberry Crescent.   
Looking for past friends by Tony Acaster (Member 10294803) on 3-Aug-2014
Hi my wife Brenda Acaster nee DUKE lived at Queens Parade Muswell Hill from 1942 until we got married in 1961. Anybody that knew Brenda please get in touch. Thanks Tony.   
Muswell Hill 1959-60 by John Saker (Member 10294416) on 20-Jul-2014
The Saker family from New Zealand lived in Muswell Hill for a year, 1959-60. We lived at 80 Etheldene Avenue. There were five young Sakers - I was in the middle. My two older siblings (sister Kerry and brother Tim) and I went to Muswell Hill School. We walked up Cascade Avenue and then along some kind of path to get there. The school colours were pink and brown... my teacher was a formidable women... more >>   
Views from Muswell Hill by BC (Member 10291198) on 28-Jan-2014
Dear Muswell Hill’ers

where in / around Muswell Hill should you stand if you want to photograph The Gherkin (i.e name of street and approx. where on the street – like “just round the corner from the Boots branch on xxxx Road")

I’m nuts about the Gherkin and have photographed it from all over the place, London Eye, close-up, Tower Bridge to mention a few, and since it opened last ... more >>
Save Money or Make Money with the Utility Warehoue by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 4-May-2013
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Authorised D... more >>
Make A Little Extra Money Online - Free Sites - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 5-Feb-2013

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Tetherdown by Mike Jones (Member 10272214) on 31-Mar-2012
Can anyone tell me how Tetherdown got its name.My grandmother lived in Tetherdown and she forms a great part in my autobiography which I am currently writing.

I was born and brought up in Muswell Hill from 1937 to 1962 and know Muswell Hill very well. Although I now live in the Midlands I still regard it as home.
Gillian by peter hall (Member 10249102) on 21-Dec-2010
I am seeking Gillian Maund who used to live in Queens Avenue Muswell Hill in the 50s /60s, do you remember me Gill love to know how you are and how life treated you all these years, you remember Peter with the Bonneville motor bike from Muswell Avenue well this is he and hope you read this message, or anyone else who happens to know Gillians where abouts. .   
  • Re: Gillian by peter hall (Member 10249102) on 19-Feb-2011
    Hello does anyone remember the Curlys tea wagon at the bottom of Muswell hill near the palace racecourse gates, surely there are some old members still about like Alan Prior, Bernard Brook, Ted Broom, RVB Roger, I had a 59 Bonneville any one remember the old gang who used to get there in the late 50s early 60.

Online dating for Singles in Muswell Hill by jake (Member 10254842) on 25-Nov-2010
A lot has been written about how local speeds dating can be. The truth is that in Muswell Hill, we really do not have a thriving regular speed dating session. The few speed dating organised in the past were not a roaring success. If you are single and looking to meet other singles in Muswell Hill, you want to try this dedicated London only singles dating site ... more >>   
Seeking Gillian Maund by peter hall (Member 10249102) on 6-Nov-2010
I am seeking a friend that lived in Queens Avenue in the late 50s early 60s, she is Gillian Maunde we used to meet at hangabout corner near to where you lived just past the Expresson Coffee bar, do you remember Peter with the Triumph Bonnevile motor bike I lived in Muswell Avenue, do you remember Pamela Dewhurst, love to hear from you to know how your getting on . . Peter   
Where is Gillian by Rebel Peter (Member 10250177) on 27-Jul-2010
Hi I am looking to contact an old girlfriend well she was a young girlfriend in them daysin the late 50s Gillian Maund used to live in Queens Road Muswell Hill next to the church, do you remember Peter with the Bonneville motor bike in the late 50s, do you remember this song you sung " Teenage Tears", do you remember Pamela Dewhurst too and Roger and Ronnie. Love to know how you are Gill . . . . ... more >>   
Speed Dating in Muswell Hill by temi (Member 10248823) on 17-Jun-2010
Hi guys,
I live locally, I am thinking of starting a speed dating events at one of the venue in on the Broadway. Looks like a few companies already organise speed dating but they don't seem to do it regularly.
I will like to hear from people who may be interested in attending my speed dating event. You can either contact me via this message board or use the contact form on the speed dating secti... more >>
Mr J Bonnici @ Coniston Road, Muswell Hill by Kelcon (Member 10248577) on 9-Jun-2010
Does anyone know where he might be?

Also Ms. Florence Dexter, who lived also @ Coniston Road.

REMI JOHNSON by zach freshwater (Member 10240796) on 21-Sep-2009
Hello everyone ,
Iwonder if anyone can help I used to live in Muswell Hill years ago and looking for an old friend his name was REMI or REMY JOHNSON he is a Musician was a great Black man he has a brother who was a Martial Artist and 2 sisters I beleave and they lived 22 Alexandra park road , muswell hill corner of Coniston Road ..please if anyone can help me find him he played a major part of my... more >>
  • Re: REMI JOHNSON by zach freshwater (Member 10240796) on 21-Sep-2009
    good luck

  • Re: REMI JOHNSON by steve Fletcher (Member 10245158) on 27-Feb-2010
    Sorry to tell you but Remi passed away in 1998....sadly missed by many....R.I.P.......Google him there is a web site about him by Graham Fletcher-Cook

  • Re: REMI JOHNSON by (Member 10269294) on 7-Jan-2012
    Few years ago I saw Remi's brother and he told me the very sad news. As a class mate of many years I was ver sad to hear that Remi had passed away.
    I used to live 100 yards away from Remi and we were in the same class through Creighton school. We player bongo drums in the school play "Zigga Zagga" and as I remember we were Spider Man comic collectors.
    I still look back at those fun days and sm... more >>

  • Re: REMI JOHNSON by Miriam Clark (Member 10317203) on 15-Nov-2017
    Hi Zac, everyone
    I'm setting up the Alumni Association for all the schools that were on the Fortismere site. Do get in touch if you'd like to be added to the database,
    Kind regards
    Mrs M Clark

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Karaoke in Muswell Hill by teichin (Member 10234073) on 21-Dec-2008
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Meet your ideal partner by Dani Sacco (Member 10112368) on 11-Apr-2008
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