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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs in New Romney, Kent*

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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs
  • The new owners are not certainly nobs or moody, they are great fun and helpful, the mechanic has been employed by the shop since first opening and there is nothing he doesn't know about bikes. By the way check their website for all the dealers they deal with. I purchased a new electric bike and had my old one serviced. Great team of blokes.
  • I think some of the comments are outdated, the shop is supported by local clubs, now stockists for Wiliers, Basso,Forme, Merida Race bikes. Great helpful staff, it definetly doesn't stink. prices very commpetitive!!!!!
  • New Owners took over in Feb 09. Top people. So helpful. Sell all ranges of bikes. Total satisfaction on servicing a cycle hire. Now sell Wilers. great ne look and sign. They do electric bikes and trikes too!
  • romney cycles - the best
  • Fantastic place - good selection - nice people
  • Bike Shop is excellent since it was taken over in 1995 - new owners much better - ask if you can't see what you want - they'll usually get it for ya.
  • There's one very good BICYCLE shop in town - Romney Cycles.
  • to expensive and it stinks
  • romney cycles great
  • person powered wootwoot - romney cycles, sell overly priced bikes
  • To Expensive
  • Only one and its to expensive,the owner a bit of a nob
  • Person powered. The moody git has gone. Very nice man now.
  • romney cycles...older than i am that shop, used to be down by the bakery but moved to the high st by the shell garrage
  • person powered, next to the shell station, wicked shop
  • Push bike shop in the High St ...looks good but I find it a little limited in stock items
  • Romney Bikes, apart from that, nought.
  • The bike shop used to be down that small lane where Sunflowers cafe is. Used to be run by another man.It was not a very nice place.
  • romney cycles-owner is a moody bastard.
  • Very good bike shop in New Romney. Although the owner is a rude bastard.
  • New Romney has a pretty decent bike shop selling everything from children's tricycles to 1000+ mountain bikes. The area around New Romney (The Romney Marsh) is as flat as a pancake with lots of quiet country lanes making it ideal for family cycle rides.

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