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  • Britannia in Dungeness is a very famous fish & chips restauran. Some of their well-cooked meals and dessers are yummy. We took the little train from New Romney to Dungeness (1 stop) and a few minutes' walk from the station to the pub.
  • The Ship Hotel - excellent food. Ideal for parties, weddings etc.. would definately recommend. HAd a fantastic xmas and New Year there
  • Plough is nioce and friendly
  • the prince is excellent.
  • BRITANNIA in Dungeness serves real good food and beer. It's good to go for a walk around the nature reserve area and to the beach after the meal. The only inn in Dungeness - good to have that kind of standard for the punters
  • Dont hate us cos we nickd ur bf! Hate us cos were stil fuckin him! R n C slaaaaags!
  • The Rose and Crown is an awful Pub. The food is usually cold and over-cooked. The landlord employes cheap little tarts who try and steal others people's boyfriend andbecome stalker-like. Everything about that place is crap, the food, the beer and the slags behind the bar!!
  • stop using the ship inn new romney until they start supporting the local football club
  • the pilot, lydd on sea has to be the worst, greasy fish, not fresh (rarely). we have fish and chips there it was swimming in pool of fat covering whole bottom of plate left all of food and not one member of staff asked if anything was wrong they just took the plate away! have tried before but every time it is the same (brown fish meat or full of cooking oil, or mushy fish yuk) cant believe people still keep going there. landlord miserable
  • The Prince of Wales - Bring back Whooosh! very missed person.
  • The Britannia Inn in Dungeness is getting more popular around the areageness. Food & beer are very nice and not expensive at all. Must try the cod & chips or crab salad.
  • Jolly always serves minors lol. Ship ok Plough ok the Seahorse usually bangin friday.The rest are S**T
  • Britannia inn Dungeness seems getting crowded. The food is georgouw but the prices are valued for money. Just the interior is not the same as we saw on the Inspector Lynnly on TV. The real restaurant is nicer.
  • The Pilot does very nice fish and chips. The whole interior is now non smoking whihc works for us as we have a child.
  • The Seahorse in Greatstone isn't a bad night out, if you are able to overcome the fact that it gets full of kiddies on a Friday night, and that most of the barstaff can take a while to notice you waving your money about. Graham (who lives above the pub) is alright though. Don't eat there though. There is a sour-faced trout in the kitchen who spits in your food if you don't look like a member of Westlife... (according to her, half the punters are convicted drug-dealers, including Jeeves and his awesome shoes!). Also, try to go on a night when Alan Usher isn't there. He's a fat bastard and only has one CD for Friday nights, and his hag of a wife sings the EXACT same songs every week at karaoke (and not well either!).
  • Hey whats this about having another pub in Dungeness ?? everyone knows there is only one pub in Dungy and The Britannia is that pub!! people will go to any means to try and say they live here hahaha cya
  • THE BRITANNIA INN .. which really is the only inn in dungeness !! lets face it guys all this stuff about another pub being here is BS ! take alook at the post code they are in Lydd on sea.. hahaha some people will do anything to live here !!
  • The All New Captain Howey, You need abank loan to drink there, although it is dead now most weekends. Also Hitler runs it, he is not dead he runs this very pub, step out of line...Nine! leave now, or Vill tell my partsner who Vill breath on you and skin you alive. he is also a big fat C*nt, someone needs to chin him good. god i hate this place.
  • The Warren Inn is an up and coming pub, good honest food and good (Shepherd Neame) beer. John and Julie makes everyone welcome, and there's a lovely garden next to the parking area (don't damage it or Julie'll have your guts!!!)
  • The Pilot at Lydd-on-Sea has the most miserable landlord on the planet!!!
  • the Britannia Inn Dungeness (THE ONLY INN IN DUNGENESS) others would like to be but sorry they are not !! changed hands a couple of years ago...great food master of beer so the real ales are second to none...the owner has got rid of the idiots and now has a great restuarant and pub...
  • We come down to Dungeness every year. Britannia Inn in Dungeness is the best pub I have ever been. They are serving excellent fresh fish and great beers. I would recommend every tourist not to miss it. If you can't find the place, here is the hint. It is located near the old light house and the train station.
  • captain howies new romney the new pub/bar which attracts lots of low life and since its opened there has been lot of broken glass loud noise from people shouting after hours and londoners looking for fights.londoners suck they should go back to london and suck on home polution to mess up their heads some more.
  • yer cinque ports is the best place to go, Taz is funny looks like howard from the halifax advert...
  • plough..did wrk there...wouldt advise it..haha
  • The Captain Howey has been transformed. It is like no other pub on the Marsh. The Brown Brothers (Builders) have taken it over, with your man Bob and his wife Chris from the Ship in charge of it. The Prince of Wales is starting to go downhill, but The Warren is picking up good trade - lovely place!
  • Try the Cinque Port Arms good food good company what more can you say.Previous entries do not apply.This has now been taken over by Kevin and Tanya.This is a pub with good food not to be missed.I have often eaten there and I am still living.Go on give it a try,Dont be shy
  • plough Pub on st marys rd where i used to live
  • yeah bernie and deb are back
  • If you like a proper pub that serves proper beer (probably cheapest in town), and there's always a chance of either a good laugh or a serious conversation - The Prince of Wales; but don't bother if you're a brainless immature idiot, druggie waster, THIEF, or a gobby arsehole - you'll just spoil it for the rest.
  • so bernie and deb have gone from the cinque ports,(please come back) this new bloke has not said hello to anyone yet and his misses reminds me of lynn, you know the drunk one a few ears back that only came down stairs to cash the till up at the end of the night, and for the bar maid SMILE BABE IT WONT KILL YOU<,
  • The Prince of Wales is a great pub. had some bad times but now back on track.
  • Ship inn in romney, well, those two miserable cunts have still not left yet, sexual favours must be going on with the area manager,
  • what the hell has happend to the seahorse, saggy boob kate is back great but who the fuck is all the little flids that have come with her, they are so gay and cant drink, come on kate tell them to fuck off and drink there shandy esle where, dirty little cunts
  • the plough just dopwn the road from where i used to live on st marys rd
  • WEll on the leavin night of school me n my mates tried 2 get inot the ship but were refused cos sum of them look under 18 :'( we ended up pissed at the pavilion lol
  • The Seahorse lives again. Kate is back The littleaggresive fellow and is tribe have gone. t Last !
  • yeah the two moody bitch daugters have gone from the cinque ports, we can all go in there without beening slagged down.
  • At last a landlord willing to make a go of the cinque ports, thank god that last twat has gone.
  • Just to let you all know that the Cinque Ports Arms is under new management and Bernie,deborah and ray are more than happy to serve you providing you are of age. We do a excellent a la carte menu every evening except sunday and lunchtime meals are value for money. Check out our Sunday Roast soon.By the way our waitress's are not the landlord's daughter's and are happy to serve you. see you all soon.
  • The ship inn in romney is a ming-hole! Daughter of landlords is far from pleasant and looks sulky and too young to be in a pub. Bar staff seem entirely pissed off the whole time, reluctantly serving and often getting stressed and making mistakes, the disco, well...what can i say! Good DJ, good music, shame about the atmosphere, in a pub like that who'd wanna dance! Used to be ok but now would think twice about entering. In danger of becoming "a pub for the older generation" I can think of many other pubs taking note of healthy competition now oppurtunity arises such as New Inn and Cinque Ports, keep up the good work!
  • the ship is not a very good pub if you are looking for a bad atmosphere then go there!!! it hasn't got good owners!!
  • New landlord at the cinque ports, sorry to chris and lin go, good to see someone else going with them! good luck to the new tennets.
  • the seahorse is getting full of little flids who think they can drink with the best of them
  • For very a quiet night on your own go to the Sea-Horse, guaranteed 7 days a week. Millenium new years packed an incredable 14 people at midnight!, top stuff.
  • Prince of Wales - Good Beer - Good Crack (that is for half intelligent people)
  • New romney is pants all the pubs are full of old gits who moan they dont get served first, and then moan again if you sit on there chair, the new inn smells of wee,(i think the dog pissed on the carpet) and they are supposed to be re-opening there kitchen after it got condemend, what a joke, they haven't done anything to do it up.
  • I live near the Plough ...good food ,BIG log fire
  • The Prince of Wales is ok but it smells wierd.
  • Different pub each night, go to the wrong pub on the wrong night and you'll be on your own.
  • only venture to the Cap' Howey if your a squaddie or are going to see 'Big Sky' play.
  • The Cinque Ports Pub is the best place for good food although the chef is Kind of Crazy!!!!!
  • The New Inn on a Thursday nite has one of the bed DJ's in Kent if not the whole world playing there. Some of you local's might know D.J. Dave Wimble, who when he is not working in the Caribbean likes to come back home and entertain us local's with his 'Tequila' disco.
  • Well it has to be either the Jolly Fisherman or the Captain Howey!
  • The only 'real' pub is the Prince of Wales, serving a great pint of Burtons and lovely cheese on Sunday's. Also, The Plough is pretty good and the Broadacre Hotel serves a good pint of real ale.
  • Well the Cinque Ports Arms has definitely changed now that Terry & Tina have gone, had a meal there served up by the most miserable waitress Iíve ever come a crossed (apparently the landlords daughter) and it was not up to much either, used to be a brilliant place to meet, eat and have a chat, seems the new landlord is not up to it. The best thing about the place is of a lunchtime when Jeffís behind the bar (pretty dry sense of humour) and good for a laugh, as for the evenings the bar staff are not up to much except for theirselves so try the front door turn right and keep going till you get to the New Inn (could do with a new carpet and bar stools) but has a good atmosphere, as long as Celticís Winning. (Sorry Jock). Further down just past the garage thereís the Ship Hotel, I recommend the food and it also has a pleasant atmosphere. (Well-done Karen).
  • The Seahorse was the place for a long time -hail Sue and Jeff.Taken over by a northern man who hated all the customers.He grew a beard.
  • New Inn's improved since the Messenger's got turfed out. Andy the landlord will happily play old punk records if you ask him nicely! Worth the occasional visit back to Romney just for that
  • The Captain Howey Hotel & pub,offers you good food, great beer,with staff that make you feel welcome. Big kev's karoke every thursday,plus entertainment most weekends.We look forward to seeing customers old and new.
  • Diabolical really! The Plough is quite cool now it has new owners. Although quite expensive.
  • The Cinque Ports Arms is a good place to eat in New Romney It's small but very friendly, and you don't get ripped off
  • The Prince of Wales is quite a small joint but is quite good. It has a jukebox, piano and pool table.
    The Prince Of Wales seems to let anyone have a drink. It's a little too small but then again everything about New Romney is a little too small.
  • The Seahorse in, wait for it, LITTLEstone is OK I suppose.
  • The New Inn is OK, but a bit tacky as it's often full of 'Locals'. It always has a good disco/party on New Years Eve and is the place to be on New Years Eve.
  • The Plough sells good beer and reasonable pub grub type food. It is cosy in the winter as it has two big fires.

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