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The Worst Things
  • stupid bird reserve trying to take over everything and stopping you doing fishing, riding bikes etc, can't walk freely around like you used to without some government quanqo poking their nose in or a jumped up birdy bod telling to get orf their land.don't people realise its taking over where you can go' bloody beaurocracy.
  • Bullsh*tters, they are everywhere in this town, in the cinque ports, in the new inn, in the ship, everywhere...
  • Please Please put a stop to under age kids riding around Greatstone on motorbikes and any other petrol powered contaptions. It is beginning to ruin our peaceful way of life.
  • The 'Look how hard I am' idiots.
  • The town council are pretty poor, the mayor is a only interested in getting her head in the paper, ask her to do something not being photographed by the herald and she wont turn up. get some young blood on the council, these old people just need to get lost..
  • The Pilot Inn!!!
  • school kids,londers who cause trouble and steal things.pikeys who need bashing. drug dealers,security officers who like to pick on people.the youths who hang out at the bush stop between 8-10 at night, the school kids who keep asking you for cigarettes or booze.
  • My ass
  • SOUTHLANDS! finally escaped from that sh*thole! ooo the techars...what dikheadss! dey were alwayz assulting ppl..grabbing them...could never control a class..especialy the language techers. used to jus lock them out the rooms and stuff. funny times.
  • The gobby youngsters who show and have no respect for people and property. I'd like to suggest National Service, but who wants crap like that in our Forces? There are some really decent youngsters as well, one might add. And NO, I'm not that old...!!!
  • moving away from me m8s
  • Not enough amenities,i.e., busses, a cinema or theatre, swimming pool.
  • Bill and Janis.....Right Fuuuking Weird,
  • Rude boys, girls with Argos Catalogue jewellery, earrings big enough for dolphins to jump through (you are soooo classy) The all pervading stench of fish and chips The pupils of Southlands school who think 'Fuck off you gay cunt' is suitable language to use on a public service bus (the number 12 from hell - avoid the school service at all costs).
  • Gobby youngsters who think they're beyond the Law. They shout abuse at all manner of people just for a laugh, and wear 'hoodies' so they won't get recognised. People's attitude are quickly changing towards them, and as much as the more mature population respect the police, the Law is not there to protect townsfolk from these prats. Don't be surprised if people start to dish out their own punishment on these yobs!
  • No 'network' railway station. The bus service to Ashford takes aeons. The A259 is very busy, although traffic may be the town's lifeblood - just look at what happened to poor old Brookland.
  • No Police in the town,- example heeloooooooo, im being robbed, "which town are you in madam" New romney can you help, "yes we will have a car with you by 2010"
  • The rude boys who think they're it and the moany old people be happy for once in your lives.
  • Just to correct something that appeared in the best things - Steve Holderness, that's wrong, he's a paedophile.
  • - Lydd - Ruder Lyddites - General Trendy ppl that go ''eugh greebo/goth/grunger" etc...get a hobby
  • the little cunts who keep breaking into cars, if i catch you i will put concrete boots on yer... little london fucking pikey scum....
  • th epathetic christmas display in the town, a five year old has more inagination than the old gits on the council.
  • forgetting my football kit and having to walk to the Water Tower to make a rubbing of the date on it.
  • Rude arrogant minority Southlands, sorry but you can't shake off the image!
  • Traffic in Station Road at school time. Allow 20 minutes to get from railway bridge to top of road at 8.30am. Traffic lights are confusing. Can you turn right from church road into station Road now?
  • London Scum bags who flash what pathetic amount of money they have, get lost
  • Romney has is starting to breed lairy ignorant twats who think they are hard but wouldn't last five minutes in somewhere like Leeds, Salford, Toxteth or anywhere that is genuinely rough.
  • The small-mindedness and the assumption amongst many Romeneyites that the world starts there and ends at Folkestone. Ever wondered why anyone with a half a brain leaves?
  • New Romney Council - what purpose so these people serve apart from boosting their own egos and doing sweet bugger all for anyone? (Perhaps this will get the site another mention in the local free papers as another of these self-serving second division freemasons whinge about "their town" being insulted)
  • Mr Cahill - the owner of Southlands school. He owns a country house in France but won't buy paper for the school. WHY????
  • The Bar maid at the Captain Howey is dosed up on Drugs and smells like an Ash Tray
  • * The local paper wasn't very keen on the Knowhere Guide's impression of New Romney !
  • Pikey Londoners
  • Drunken walks dodwn the Avenue
  • People think going to Ashford College is the main goal in life.
  • The lack of entertainment, especially for the young. The Headmaster of the secondary school, what a maniac!!!

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Last updated: 2008-03-16

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