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Hookup Spots
  • Wasif took over everything lol
  • The lack of racism in the streets
  • those damn jews
  • Tom Barfoot
  • sol central carpark
  • Len Goodman's bench
  • There is a lot of shitty scene kids that think they're fucking gods gift cough*Savannah Merrill*cough and they're fucking noisy annoying cunts, and the statue is now a grebby shit hole.
  • Radlands Plaza
  • Delapey Abby
  • Scott Hynes Aka Miltank's House
  • People who write these pointless shit are pathetic Twats
  • The new DNA statue up on Abbey street for skaters...and all the other grebs/goths/emos hang out right next to there aswell
  • Outside the Jade on the Racecourse
  • Hanging around anywhere in northampton !! You gotta be kidding , 11 year old chavs rule the the place. Better buy a baseball bat.
  • Go to mickeys garage down the back of the alley behind clarence avenue for a good smoke!
  • I personally like to hang around the high rise flats in spring boroughs and dodge the used needles, talk to local drug dealers and pimps, and laugh at all the crack head whores!
  • outisde spin-a-disc infested with ugly unbathed kids in ill-fitting clothes
  • St.Giles graveyard or Abby Park bandstand or the top of Abby St. Used to be Radlamds...RIP
  • My house boys-if you like. But only if you're a punk or skater. No seriously um... St'Giles graveyard if you want to get chatted up by fuckin dirty old buggers. I got chatted up by a Scottish bloke called Donald there, he told me I was gonna have sex with him there that night. Um... no I don't think so.I don't generally go for 60 year old winos who rub your cheek and tell you you're the most beautiful person in the world. But on a more serious note, outside spinadisc was good before it closed. Now the only place in town centre to hang out is on Abby St. or if you like greenery in Abby park. Beckets park is ok-what can I say this town is a shit hole...but hey were stuck here.
  • All the Grebs hang outside spin-a-disc a bunch of shit skaters try to show off and they spend there life there sad people. the bling bling rude bois like to hang outside HMV in the grovenor
  • HMV/ Townies- Though townies hang out outside, the staff at the store are pretty much all of an 'alternative' mindset.... into decent punk/experimental/ progressive & cool music & cinema. Just ask them... Chavs just love shopping centres- It's like moths around a lightbulb... unavoidable fact of life. Plus it's dry so they can hang around with their pushchairs..
  • The war memorial on Abington Square, whenever it's free of drunks and homeless nutters.
  • Top of abby Str rools, but too many townies around that were we all meet up, come on all new grebs goths skaters bmxers
  • Ok This Is Bang Outa Order. Who ever wrote this is doing it purely to cus down kids. First of all get the facts right. ''Greebos'' as they put it and other alternative people have been hanging up abby street since at least 1998. Thats why i'm now classed as old school. When we first went up there, there was no hassles we tidied up after ourselves and never caused problems. Its only been recently that theres been problems for us say in the last 2 years. Thats mainly newbies we think but hey who cares its started hence the fact all the old school don't go there anymore. No one wants the hassles or the troubles with it., Its changed since we've done it. This post seems mainly just to slag kids off and its wrong. Whoever wrote it Blaintently doesn't seem to understand all of this and is obviously an onlooker who just judges without knowledge, which quite frankly is pretty stupid, not too stupid how ever as some of the things written are kinda true. Not all the ''greebo's''. ''goths'' and alternatives look stupid, thats just that opinion and quite frankly none of them smell most of them are more hygenic than what;s been class as ''townies''. Yes another thing in that majorly long jack ass piece of crap written on the main hook up spot page, is the ''townies'' in ''. Why not the ''greebos'', ''goths'' & other ''types'' of people mention which by the way what the hell is a ''greaser'' if someone could kindly put this right and also somehow let me know the answers to these questions i would be grateful as it just seems to be a post which is majorly anti teenage and complete and utter guessing game typed bullshit. Thankx
  • Abbey Street
  • Outside spinadisc, where all the Grebs hangout!!
  • abinton street (look out for townies)
  • well, i meet up with my mates outside spinadisc every friday and saturday. fridays we go to The Roadmender after meeting up and saturdays we just meet up to go round town n stuff. its a cool place to hang cos we meet loads of people.
  • Like everyone's said, Abington Street outside Spinadisc for the alternative kiddies, outside HMV for the trendier intimidating kiddies, the graveyard for a conspicuous joint.
  • Just wanted to say in answer to the comments made about Big Noise. Perhaps the person who wrote the article could come up with some suggestions on how to make money to overhaul the building and buy 'decent equipment' when most people in Northampton are too tight to pay out any money for any service, without moaning and expecting everything for nothing. We are only surviving by the skin of our teeth because of rip off landlords and councils and people who steal from us. If you have any spare money perhaps you could throw it our way. Then we could decorate the place nicely and charge London rates to hire rooms with top of the range equipment. We are trying our best to provide a service. But hey, never mind our lease runs out in 4 years and then we will be gone, so that gives you enough time to get a new place up and running. Try it before slagging off.
  • Just wanted to say in answer to the comments made about Big Noise. Perhaps the person who wrote the article could come up with some suggestions on how to make money to overhaul the building and buy 'decent equipment' when most people in Northampton are too tight to pay out any money for any service, without moaning and expecting everything for nothing. We are only surviving by the skin of our teeth because of rip off landlords and councils and people who steal from us. If you have any spare money perhaps you could throw it our way. Then we could decorate the place nicely and charge London rates to hire rooms with top of the range equipment. We are trying our best to provide a service. But hey, never mind our lease runs out in 4 years and then we will be gone, so that gives you enough time to get a new place up and running. Try it before slagging off.
  • All along Abington Street, which is NOT called the frickin' 'High Street', as some people seem to think it is!
  • Outside the HSBC at the bottom of Abington St. Don't ask me why, it's just something we've always done.
  • new to skating n e 1 help where ppl hang out!
  • We all sit on a gravestone in St Giles graveyard, can't remember whose it is though... All the nu cru wannabees stand around outside Spin-a-tape and pretend they can skate.. The "old skool" people sit in the graveyard if it's sunny or we go shoppin - we have better things to do than stand around in the rain. If there's a gig at the Racehorse in summer, the garden's great for getting stoned, if you're into that sort of thing. My fresh faced friends like to stock up on White Lightning and go to the top floor of the multi-storey carpark on St Michael's road.
  • Loads of people hang around the graveyard...and at the top of Abington Street outside Spin-a-disc. Mainly greebos, goths, skaters and other alt. people.
  • The Black Rose is now closed down so aroundabouts Spinadisc is all the 'alternatives' seems to have left in life. Perhaps all those who like to hang out (and have no-where decent to go) could hang out at the entrance of the council buildings at St.Giles Square (or in that little courtyard area just inside the entrance) until the council find them somewhere of there own
  • abington street etc as mentioned before....possible fat ctas if you got the dosh
  • outside spinadisc or hmv depending on whether you're a twat or a twat
  • The steps outside neighbourhood
  • hsbc outside it
  • St Giles' Churchyard became a meeting point for grungers, greasers, goths, greebos and your basic ten-year-olds in Limp Bizkit hoodies sometime during 2001. The local residents complained and the local rag (which is so right-wing it makes Mein Kampf look like the work of a knee-jerk liberal) ran several stories about the noise and litter created by these human snotballs.
  • As it's been sed Abbington Street and the graveyard at St. Giles' are the places where every one is at some point in time!
  • if you're lookin to meet alternative people - top of abington street is still the place, if you're lookin for "townies" then it's HMV/Grovesnor centre. Skaters at radlands (funny that isn't it?!)
  • livin in northampton for ages i now know were alot of hang out spots are such as spin-a-disk market,factory farm park,grave yard top of abi street,top of the grovener near the glass lifts
  • Bus staion Grosvenor Centre Abington Street depending on your nationality
  • the new piazza out side all saints church... loads of benches to watch all the older drunk people fall over from
  • Abington Street -outside Spinadisc...or the st.Giles Street grave yard... how many skateboards can you fit in one tiny area..
  • meet 'alternative' people at the top half of abington street. Alternative people almost out number the townies at moment
  • The whole of Abington Street seems to have become a meeting point for greebos, or as they self-deludingly call themselves, 'new wave indie skatepunks'. They really smell BAD and look so stupid. Best to avoid Abington Street, especially at weekends...
  • hook up spots for alternatives used to be outside spinadisc but now, since everyone wears slipknowt hoodies, you can pick them up anywhere. as for anyone else, hang around on abington street and search for your friends desperately trying to avoid mad christians outside New Look trying to convince you you'll burn in hell.
  • The top of Abington street. easy place to spot peeps. and bribed parental type people can drop you off there.THE graveyard good place for seeing people you've met onece in a drunken state in the cookie racehorse soundhaus etc. theres also quite a lot a fit skaters who wander about the town PHWOAR!!
  • The SKATEPARK! full of townies at night
  • spinadisc, the graveyard near spinadisc, the black rose
  • mmmmmmmm............spin-a-disk.......if ur a trendy, then hmv it is!!!!
  • You will meet in or outside Spinadisc, and that's all there is to it.
  • Weston Favell Centre bus stops (best for if dropped off by car), bus station (best if going to Sixfields), the statue of an anvil in the middle of town (best if going shopping), all saints canopy (best if going shopping AND it's raining)
  • Just about every bus shelter is a home-from-home for dozens of junior trendies with their shiny (usually white or bilious yellow) sportswear and their cans of 12.5% volume Happy Shopper cooking lager.
  • The 'Kappa Slappers' and 'Da Rude Boys' loiter outside HMV in the Grosvenor Centre. For Grebs, Goths and those who pretend to be Grebs and Goths, it's Spinadisc on the far end of Abington Street. For everyone else, there's Morrelli's Cappucino bar, overlooking the Grosvenor centre. Also, the kiddie's playground at Beckett's Park is always fun for a bit of alone time in the evenings.
  • Best place on earth if you are alternative, gothic is Black Rose and Spinadisc, most make it outside Spinadisc. Trendies *spits* can go to HMV and look nervously at the Slipknot shirts at the back. Grunge kids (Ben, James and James) sit outside HMV or occaisionally make it onto the market.
  • Outside nearly every newsagent's, the sad bastards.
  • HMV, its where all the knobs hang out....quite literally
  • Loungue, dont go in white, you'll come out in brown, is Virtually the Northampon School for Boys Sixth Form on Saturdays, and the top floor is a no go unless you are into geting stabbed with broken bottles.
  • " Outside Spinadisc" has to be the ONLY place to meet up if you are into anyhting even slightly alternative. Otherwise, HMV seems to be popular among the Kappa crowd or if tramps are your thing then head for the steps of all saints church, which also doubles as a white lightning drinking spot on a saturday night, for thoso that are sooo "fresh faced" that even the lounge's dmissions policy would pose problems!!!!!
  • neto car park near radlands
  • Townies hang out near HMV on top floor of grosvenor centre. Grebos hang out near Spinadisc.
  • in the alleyway between mickey's news and the Irish center was the best place to drink 20/20, now you have to have the racehorse garden
  • Outside Spin-a-Disc, saturday St Giles churchyard, most days (dodge the wino).
  • Radlands.

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