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Cheap Food
  • mcdiiiiis fam get dat bare mcflirry shisha pens behind dat Weston favvvel ennit
  • Tamarind is dirty because omz,curry farts in all the currys
  • Lazeez is the best on 39 barrack road has the best food and is quite a nice place #bigupthekhans
  • Chicken Mac
  • Star of India ain't nice taste disgusting. Papa luogi stibks
  • sainsburys
  • Saffron Indian Restaurant on Catillian Street. Wednesday night fixed price menu. Starter, main, rice or bread, one vegetable side dish and coffee for £8.95. 2 quid surcharge for saefood dishes. Food well above average quality.
  • I went to The Moon on the Square Tuesday night ("Grill Night"), and had 8oz fillet steak, chips, mushroom, tomato, peas, then pancakes with maple syrup and ice-cream and a glass of red wine for £7.58. Beat that.
  • The circle cafe at the Jesus centre on Abington Square is great food at sensible prices
  • The Golden Kitchen and the Rice Bowl, both on Wellingborough Road. Best fish and chips and takeaway food for miles around.
  • You can get a ceap (and delicious!!!!) veggie meal at the Northampton Labour Club every wednesday on George Street. £3 for a 2-course meal (not bad hey????)
  • Ali babas do a mars bar battered and deep fried for 1!!!!!
  • Stay away from daves kebab house, his pizzas are just fucking cheese, none of the beef or onion I ordered.
  • Avoid the burger van that parks up outside the Soundhaus on Saturday nights. At all costs. Less hardy souls haven't escaped scot-free after a mere vomiting fit. Without going into detail, stays in hospital have been in order. You have been warned. Jenny's Restaurant on Abington Street offers great comfort food - you know the drill, egg, bacon, beans and what have ya.
  • none this town is crap everything seems overpriced and is shite. Don't you just love Northampton?
  • Mac D's if you wanna get fat.
  • pumpernickels opposite debenhams
  • The Golden Kitchen, Wok-U-Like, Westone Fisheries, Albert Ramsbottoms, all fab. Avoid the Anchor Fish Bar like the plague.
  • Aroma (sol central)do a wonderful all you can eat Kantonese buffet. The only place for great curry is the Balti King behind the chronicle and echo (near the soundhaus.) Other than this the Charles Bradlaugh by the Chronicle adn Echo does really classy pub food.
  • Ramsbottoms on Abbey Street, Golden Kitchen on Welly road
  • jennys restaurant, mcdonalds, pizza hut etc.
  • definetly Pizza Hut. the best by far, gorgeous pizza all day everyday. great quality at reasonable prices.
  • In the early 1960's up by the old Emporium Arcade, there was a fish-n-chippie we called 'Killer' Morgan's, where we spent our school dinner money ---
  • best kebab in town has to be the Istanbul welly rd. Buddies. Imran for a curry. Aroma for a chinese. my house. NOT THE BLACKTHORN CHIPPY.
  • Millions of pizza takeway places, couple of Up All Night's, ur mandatory Maccy D's, Burger King and KFC. There's a great restaurant called Mongolian Feast which has a reely nice atmosphere. Buddies and Sophia's are also pretty cool. Nice indian restaurant called Star Of India, that's the best indian. And down the road from that there's a Jamaican restaurant called Dunns River which is yummy yummy yummy. Kettering road's full of kebab places too.
  • Got to be Northampton's Best Kebab House...served me for 3 long years as a student in Northampton. 1/2 pounder and chips recommended!
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken is always reliable and damn tasty too. Albert Ramsbottom's (near enough opposite on Abington St) does a great cod and chips that'll set you back just a couple of quid.
  • The Balti King - cheap A* curries, has no booze licence so its bring your own (BONUS!) Behind the "Chronicle and Echo" Take a gang of mates and have a cheap boozy curry. Buddies American Diner - converted old chapel in to American food extrabaganza, try to survigve the Buddies Big boy (1/2 lb burger with fries and coleslaw + half rack or BBQ Ribs) and a Mars in the stars sundae to finish - you fat git!
  • Rice Bowl on the welli road cheep as fuck and the best chink ull ever have
  • The best place for a take away is the Istanbul Chef.
  • take your fucking pick, its all shit
  • Milleniums do the best burgers by far, and now theres 2 of them making it so much easier to stumble into one after a boozy night out!
  • The Bilash on Welly Rd, fantastic food at really reasonable prices. The Mem Saab, more upmarket curry house with well-designed layout and a less traditional curry-house menu. Pricey but worth it.
  • bella pasta in six fields can't be beat *thumbs up*
  • The best fish and chip shop in Northampton at the moment I think is Richard's chip shop in St.Leonard's Road, either that or eat at home!
  • sixfields - tgi fridays, frankie & bennies, bella pasta, mcdonalds, burger king. by toys r us theres a pizza hut
  • mcdonalds, kfc off lisence near hsbc
  • Buddy's or Joe's Diner. For a well posh night out, visit SacreBleu. Expensive but the best food in Northampton without a doubt.
  • Pachanga, out by station, new bar/rest meditterranean food. Definate must
  • The Bilash & Mem Saab on Wellingborough Rd are outstanding if you like Indian food. Mem Saab is more of a designery place, really nice decor and well laid out. Metro on Wellingborough Rd, also excellent with a really gorgeous brown haired waitress. She's about 5 foot tall and stunning. You really must see for yourself. Papa Cino's, good Italian food, nice atmosphere. Buddies / Joe's Diner / The Blue Plate Cafe - all owned by the same people and within 5 mins walsk of each other. Excellent food and good staff. They give HUGE portions so don't make the mistake of having a sandwich at 5pm to keep you going if you're planning on going there later that night.
  • Papa Cino's (Dychurch lane) - v.good italian Joe's Diner (off Abington Street) - good american Buddies - (Dychurch lane)
  • The Cromwell (off The Drapery) does a good slab of fried bread with your coronary on a plate.
  • Jennys Restaurant Rocks
  • Some great places to chose from. Buddies is an American diner type place, with a whole buncha crazy crap on the walls, but amazing food. For take aways, Kebab King down the Welly Road is a king amongst men. Especially the guy who works there who calls you "boss".
  • Buddys, behind Abingdon street, near the Fish - great size and value american food. really entertaing, and the jelly beans with the bill make the trip home nicer!
  • Aroma in Sol Central. :) Fantastic Chinese BUFFET -all you can eat for a very healthy price and its all great!!
  • sophias on bridge street, star of india - fantastic, aroma in sol central and the ginanbiaz on welly road
  • The Westonia Chippy on Wellingborough Road does a great hot meal, especially on a freezing winter's day when you can enjoy your chips whilst sitting on the low wall outside the Trumpet pub...simple pleasures.
  • Weatherspoons pubs do good cheap food, or if you like chinese, the new one in boothville.
  • Food is good, I AM FAT
  • Westone Fish Bar on Wellingborough Road (Weston Favell end)and the Kingsley Fish Bar are excellent, if you're closer to town it's the Golden Kitchen on Welly Road or don't bother!
  • The Kingsley Fish Bar. Yum yum! Their curry sauce must be tasted to be believed!
  • pumpernickles sells the best rolls in the world a little pricey but very yummy.
  • bradlaugh does the daddy of nachos with salsa and cheese
  • The Sunrise on Kingsley Park Terrace. Dunkley's in cogenhoe and there a posh one near the theatre that is lovely but pricey.Jackets is good for Jacket potatoes that's near the fish in that road that leads from abington street to st gile's street.
  • if your in the mood for an american restauran then we got budys in the town center and tgi fridays over at sixfields. there are loads of chinese and indian take aways/restaurants in the townbut if your up for something posh and orental go to the jade at the pavillion on the racecourse, the food is wonderfull!!!!!!
  • great fish and chips. shops in kingsthorpe specialy the one down near the king david in kingsthorpe.
  • mamma mias, perfect chciken, and the busy bee, on abington square/end of welly road..the magnificiaent three!
  • Best Restaurants: Papa Cino's, Maharaja (you HAVE to go here!), Prince of Bengal are damned good too. Oh, and Luigi's on Welly Road - best Italian food and hospitality this side of Italy.
  • Good take aways on the Welly road
  • burger king muhahahaha!!!!
  • McDonalds. The Harvester at Hopping Hill used to be the best restaurant this world had ever known until it closed down. Fryin' Brian's chip kiosk on the markety square is grand, great chips, and the Istanbul takeaway on the Welly road (near Co-op) does the best doner kebabs and chips and chilli sauce that has ever been seen in the time of man.
  • Town Frier is expensive. The chippy on Featherbed Lane is good. On Sundays, you're stuck with mcdonalds (indigestion central)
  • The Golden Fry on St. Andrew's street is really good - cheap and good quality fish & chips. Westonia is really expensive and greasy. Tesco's restaurant at WFC is also rubbish.
  • Mongolian Feast never fails. Head to Old Orleans at Sixfields for some impressive cocktails and alligator steak. Food at Lloyds during the day is very good, ditto the Bradlaugh. Moon on the Square do some fine Saturday deals. Best central chip shop will be in College Street, if it's still there. It's famous for it!
  • Best chippy: The Golden Fry in St Andrew's St Worst chippy: Hong Kong, Blackthorn Boringest food: McDonalds - inhabited by a load of label-loving trendies.
  • Fish and chip shops forever!
  • Papa Cino's, TGI Fridays and Bella Pasta over at Sixfields and Jade Oriental Pavillion if you're feeling posh.
  • Chippy van by the Grosvenor centre
  • Papa Cino's, check out the staff....Adam Smith was a fine cook! But he has left and now works for Millets! What a waste1
  • Excellent Mongolian restaurant in the town centre - you choose your ingredients, herbs and spices and they cook it for you on a huge hotplate. You can go back for as many bowls-full as you can manage and the beer's cheap there too.
  • Dont eat, buy sausage rolls from Tesco's or summit.
  • this year, we are mourning the burning of Buddies, the best American Diner in town. However the sistr restaurant Joes remains open, if not quite as good in terms of atmosphere and food. Papa Cinos Italian is nice if a bit more pricey than ur usual pasta house( try Bella pasta up at Sixfields for a cheaper alt.). Also at sixfields are two new joints, TGI's and Old Orleans. The former can be expensive but its reputation precedes it and the latter provides dood food with a southern stylee.For one of the nicest and possibly poshest meals in town, you have to try Luigis Vineyard on the Derngate. Pricey Haute cuisine and deserts to die for are served here and a 10 pre theatre menu is available for those who cannot bear to look at the A La carte prices!!!
  • Picture on the Kettering Road and The Charles Bradlaugh next to the Chronicle and Echo both do food and they serve it fairly late as well!
  • Northampton is definitely getting better, with TGI fridays coming to Sixfields, and with all these 'sophisticated' bar/cafs popping up everywhere, i.e Metros and Lloyds no.1 . On a visit to N'pton, a trip to Sixfields is a must.....if you can decide where to eat....ranging from McDonalds/Burger King, a Boots sandwich or something better like an Italian at Bella Pasta, or even something from a 'cheesy' waiter@ TGIs! After that you can dance the night away(till 1 anyway!) at western Northamptons no. 1 hotspot Chevys.........if you like that kinda thing.....if not take a taxi to Chicagos on the mkt square......but remember to get pissed first as the prices are ridiculous, but hey...themusic's good and not a 15yr old in sight!!!
  • loads at six feilds
  • Loads of Chinese/Indian on the Welly Road, as well as pizza places. Good food out at Sixfields, and classy restaurants near Derngate.
  • Mama mia's
  • The ocean fish bar next to the cock. You will be asked by the woman in there if you want your chips open or wapped (spelling correct). Finest kebab in kingsthorpe- honest.
  • The Hung Lang, oppostite Thorntons Park, does a lovely Chicken curry with pried rise and their chicken balls are gorgeous.
  • An absolute MUST when visiting Northampton are its two premier kebab takeaways "Up all night" and "Burger Joint", Gold street. Chile sauce a must. Donut place and hot dog stall in the market. Avoid the vomit outside "Flames" kebab take-away.
  • The Westonia takeaway on the Wellingborough Road (up by Weston Favell) serves the best chips for miles around.
  • The restaurant, Metros, is really nice, it was an old church but now is a really modern and cool restaurant - not cheap though, it's a good place to go when someone else is paying.
  • Buddy's - Great burgers & Tex Mex - huge portions - reasonable prices.

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