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  • The wheat sheaf .. What a rundown dump, the barman is totally soleless with no personality and its full of kids on more than alcohol with nowhere-else to go!! Avoid it... It's very sad..
  • Although not a skater, I stumbled on your site and noticed that The Wheatsheaf was mentioned as being grotty. This certainly was the case but it has recently been taken over and has had a complete refurbish. I think your readers will be happy with the result. If not, feel free to speak to Joel, the manager, about what changes you would like to see.
  • Re The Haycutter Pub. Two Changes of landlord over the last two years but still not the pub it used to be (or should be )
  • There's 6 pubs in the Oxted area. Old Oxted is the best place to go, with 4 of the 6 pubs: going up the hill, there's The Wheatsheaf, The Crown, The George and The Old Bell. The Wheatsheaf is pretty grimy, and has a horrible beer garden, although it is the only pub in Oxted with a pool table. I'd say it's the worst pub out of the 6. The Crown is one of the nicest - it has two seperate bars, upstairs and downstairs, and a huge, attractive beer garden. It has Sky TV downstairs. Definitely the best in summer. The George is one of the best as well, along with the Crown. It has a seperate resteraunt section, and a pretty outdoor seating area completely built out of wood. The Old Bell is the largest pub - good to get a meal in, not so much to just get a drink. Even on Saturday nights, it tends to be mainly groups or couples having meals. Bear in mind, The Crown is technically for Over 20's and the Old Bell for over 21's at the bar (although in practise both pubs tend to serve 18 year olds if they look respectable and like they won't cause any trouble). The Bell has a free car park. The Oxted Inn is the only pub on the Station Roads - it's a Wetherspoons chain, so it's cheap, but soulless and frequented by people who look underage. The Bull is over in Limpsfield, and is a decent pub, with a large screen and Sky TV. It also has a free car park.
  • the wheatsheaf inn is the best in service and a nice bozer with friendly faces and laura is alway there 2 help!
  • The Bull is the worst pub in the world - great building and location spoilt by loud TV showing 3rd division football with punters you would expect
  • No, pub ever served a minor, jks three times as many as the world ppolulation
  • four good pubs in old oxted - particularly the george and the crown also the Oxted Inn - a Wetherspoons pub which has a lot of pikies
  • Well there is the Oxted Inn. A Typical weatherspoons and no atmostphere whatsoever, however its good for a swift half before moving on to Old Oxted (a 2 mile crawl or taxi) where you will find The Bell (young pub and Resteraunt), The George (Gentlemans Pub) , The Weatsheaf with a TV for footie, and the Crown which is probably the best. Go the other way and you will find the Bull in Limpsfield which is also half decent.
  • The Bull on Limpsfield High Street has a rather attractive menu - but only at lunch times and definitely watch out for the monthly Karaoke!!
  • You mentioned four pubs in Old Oxted - what happened to the Wheatsheaf? ( Grotty I know but it is still there and I suppose still being used for profit!!
  • I'd vote for the George (Old Oxted) - good beer, good food (in separate restaurant section) - they even have Sky TV now. New Wetherspoon's (next to station) is worth a mention, if only for its prices - it's very popular with just 18s as several of the Old Oxted pubs have a 21 or over policy. And for when summer comes round again, the Beer Garden in the Crown is hard to beat - it's large, green, with climbing frames for the kids and French boules for anyone who wants to play
  • What about the Bull in nearby Limpsfield High Street?
  • The Crown in Old Oxted is the best pub in town with a garden. Ideal for parents and kids alike. Good value BBQ on a Sunday - Top selection of Real Ales
  • Old Oxted provides a street of four pubs most of which serve excellent food. Go to the Bell for a good night and the Crown (as featured on TV) is haunted.
  • The best pub in Oxted is The George, it was originally a scaggy pub, since turned free-house. Serves great food and beer.

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