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Hookup Spots
  • A few people seem to hang around the benches to the left of the pier, eating chips from Tony's. Can't say I blame them, they're tidy chips!
  • ALLY park, belle vue park, info shop, old pens
  • ally park is defenatly the place to meet a pond to piss in when your drinking in the bandstand with the possie garanteed to be interutted by the police
  • The cliff-tops. Beside that tree. That beautiful tree.
  • Shiver me gimbers
  • Any where, aslong as we can do what we want without being disturbed. townies rule ali park, and most of the town....the BBC!! thats how it should be!
  • ererrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..gimbers...but theres a guy there with a weird hat who's called c*cklick. dont speak to him. he's evil.
  • FROM DA GIMBA LOCALS...the spot is where hardcore sk8rs hang... we dont want all you little doomers and fake punks coming down, causing shit and running round with your pussy mo'hawk.. go find ya own place to be PUSSY's ..If you sk8, and you aint afraid of 360flipping da ledge, come down......if you cant do it, you better be able to run....
  • victoria square,ally park, old multi story and fields down by cosmeston
  • hehehe...sitting on the railings outside westbourne comp. and vicky park, ally park and gimbers.
  • usually i just go down ali park and recently ive started going down gimbers ps skata wiv the goatee, hi!!!
  • victoria square, where all the skaters and all the people who arnt townies are, well exept for a couple who just hang round all day with their sad girlfriends, sitting on the steps and smoking, but they arent any hassle.
  • the bench in belle vue- oh yeah and the steps by the slide down by the billy banks
  • Gimbers is good even if you are old enough to get in to clubs
  • ali park
  • The bridge on westbourne road near James' house. The cliff tops-A fabulous adventure playground and another, most excellent golf course. A good place to go kite buggying when there aren't too many golfers around.
  • Skaters hang at Gimbers all the time.
  • The church yard is a great place to chill in the summer.
  • There is a challenging, golf course where a warm welcome awaits visitors. Fabulous views across the Bristol Channel and the birthplace of the world famous Stableford scoring system. A memorial to this effect stands outside the clubhouse. Any golf enthusiast should not miss visiting the club and viewing the extensive display of memorabilia. Croeso i bawb!!
  • The shelter/house thingy in the kymin park by my house
  • The 'herme' bench - bench outside the Barclays bank on Windsor Road
  • The Esplanade. Victorian pier. Ice cream and pizza stalls. Cafes, restaurants, bars etc., amusement centre.
  • The beach around a man made fire.
  • Spent 16 years trying to get out of Penarth - spent next 16 saving to come back on holidays?? Why??? It's a fine line between pleasure & pain. Jess - Downunder. My spot was sitting on the steps of Pegs (The Com)you know used to be a night club on the pier. Now a snooker club but may have gone tits up by now.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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