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The Best Things
  • Wonderful new gallery cafe at the end of the high street, loplop, very original.
  • summers in poole
  • The Quay - esp. Tues eve in summer- 2-3 thousand bikers desending on it , annoying the locals - carn't beat it - spoiler; the marshalls ,who believe they've attained the status of god for the evening
  • The beaches (when you can near them), lots of shops including indoor shopping when the weather is not so good, the listed buildings, the museums, the quay, the High Street, being so close to the sea, the beautiful countryside, the wonderful harbour, the people are friendly, there is always somewhere to go at night for a great evening, feeling safe at night, (unlike in Bournemouth), the parks and facilities, ample parking for cars, the schools are great, it's a wonderful place to live.
  • Cheap booze from local supermarkets and corner shops
  • The chain link ferry across the harbour mouth at Poole is NOT the only operational one in the country, there is another one that operates between East & West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. It has been doing so for as long as I can remember. Also, you can't find a much more beautiful spot for a holiday than the Isle of Wight. That's because it seperated from England eons ago & stayed natural.
  • sitting having a beer by Poole quay.the people tend to be friendlier than in nearby Bournemouth.Proper pubs
  • baiter point,old town and high street,poole park
  • Tuesdays Bike Nights all summer on the Quay Wednesdays Speedway nights at the stadium Thursday Fireworks in July and September on the Quay ... August on the Beach Friday - special car nights on the Quay - different sorts each weeks inc red open tops first fri - minis 2nd Fri - beetles and combis 3rd Fri etc everything really about living in Poole
  • The best thing about Poole is that I escaped from it. I pity the people who are left.
  • the beach, especially my beach hut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bournemouth, the bigger town is next door. Skaters live here and crime aint that bad as otehr areas but not as low as other parts as Dorset.
  • the suburbs (exept the council estates) seem to be safe and have only a small amound of townies. the toilets seem ok and buses arnt 2 bad. there is a good community spiret in most of poole.
  • the quay, the floating bridge, which as some goon has suggested 'is the only one in the country'...its not, the first steam chain ferry service was built at dartmouth in 1831, then followed by 15 other services built throughout the uk from plymouth to glasgow..........ok, ok, only 7 locations survive today but pooles is only a baby as it was not opened until 1925...the others are at torpoint (plymouth) where three huge chain ferries cross the tamar, cowes, dartmouth, king harry near truro, reedham in norfolk and over the lake at windermere. those that have closed were at saltash in cornwall, penarth near cardiff, walney island near barrow in furness, 3 on the clyde near glasgow, another in blyth in nothumberland, felixstowe and southwod in suffolk, portsmouth harbour and woolston in southampton. oh, by the way, there around 160 more floating bridges (chain & cable ferries) elsewhere in the world, including australia, canada, usa, sweden, la la la...bore bore bore.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. anyway, so yeah, the sandbanks floating bridge is brilliant but not unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Skate boarding spots and the quay
  • The Sweet and fudge shop opposite Poole Tourist Information, that was where I bought River Cottage Jam from. They sell homemade fudge and tons of sweets.
  • Poole is a town of contrasts. Parts of it are despised because of its 60s thoughtless architecture whilst other areas are the finest living areas in the entire country but at a high price tag. Poole is worth living in because what Poole does not provide, Bournemouth and the Dorset countryside do. Poole/Bournemouth/Christchurch/Ferndown/Wimborne are treated as one city by the local residents. That's 15 miles of unbroken sandy beaches. If you haven't visited this area then do so.
  • The natural beauty. Where else in UK do you find so much in one county?
  • Going by car to Bournemouth - escaping for a GREAT night out.
  • New yacht haven down at Poole Quay has started .... and it won't be long before the portacabin hut apology for a berthing office disappears too ... they've demolished the old Poole Harbour Commissioners building on the Quay ... and going to bring the Guildhall back to use as Poole Pottery Museum and Tea Rooms ... and they're going to revamp the Arts Centre ... and open 2 new Hotels .. Holiday Inn Express (90 rooms Nov ist 2000) and Premier Lodge (126 rooms May 2001)
  • New High Speed Ferry to Cherburg in 2001 ... almost halving the crossing time ...
  • The harbour is now the worlds biggest natural one following those Aussies building all over theirs.
  • The beaches, the people, the pubs and the close proximity of Bournemouth.
  • Fantastically beautiful beaches and harbour. Bournemouth's older (750 years plus versus 150 years)classier, quieter and nicer neighbour.
  • Being the birthplace of British Airways is nothing to be proud of - i've flown with them at least 8 times to and from South Africa and not once have I said that was a great flight!" Virgin next time for me, thats for sure!
  • Living in a Holiday resort all Year round
  • The Beach. Windsurf babes at Sandbanks. The harbour.
  • The views of the inner harbour match that of any sight on the whole planet, the best places to appreciate it are either around the top of Evening Hill on the road to Sandbanks, Constitution Hill which is a view point at a place often refered to a "Sea View" and has a pub of that name opposite. Anywhere on the North-Eastern side of the Purbeck hills gives a view across the harbour towards Poole and is a beautiful area in it's own right. Crossing the mouth of the harbour on the chain ferry and walking along Studland beach, round the point (beware nudists may be seen in this area)and onto the small village of Studland. The walk is probably about 2 miles and you can get refreshed either in the sea, in the cafe or in the pub before returning.
  • The choice of eating places , the ferry to France,loads of pub quizzes. Great beaches good views.
  • Thursday night Jazz on the quay during the summer. second largest natural harbour in the world, with an average depth of three quarters of an inch!!! and the birth place of British Airways (formerly BOAC) The old town still remains authentic in many ways. World championship indie cars built in Poole at Penske Racing. Home of the SBS Special Boat Service. The only operational 'Chain Link' ferry in the country, even better now it's bigger!
  • Sandbanks beach is amazing and the view from Evening Hill over the harbour is wicked.
  • Corfe castle, Sandbanks,
  • Beautiful looking place.
  • Poole Harbour: Excellent for windsurfing, one of the best, if not the best place for it in the country! Large, shallow, open, calm waters. Poole Harbour Board Sailing for all your windsurfing needs
  • Tower Park which has the following attractions:
    • Ice trax
      Bad news: Ice Trax (Tower Park) has closed [8.96], meaning that the nearest skating rink is now in Basingstoke!
    • Calanders restaurant
    • Ten Pin Bowling
    • Pizza Hut
    • Quazer
    • Splash down
    • The Venue Night Club
    • Drive Thru Burger King
    • Midland Bank
    • Tesco
    • A boat trip to Brownsea Island for the day is excellent although a little expensive.
  • the beach in the summer at shre road by the catamarans fantastic!!!!

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