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Cheap Food
  • The Sloop, Poole serving fresh Homemade pub fayre with a modern twist within budget.
  • always go to the little places like moonlight cafe in winton banks (£2.95 for a english breakfast)
  • Wimpy what a shame thats gone NOT !!
  • Poole's Indian restuarants all serve the same old stuff. When are they going to get out of their safety zone and do something different. Moonlight in Broadstone is prob the best. In Bournemouth the Eye of the Tiger is hard to beat and so is the Bournemouth Tandoori
  • Macdonalds!!!
  • Oriel Cafe on the quay - best food in Poole by a country mile!
  • Ok so there is not a lot of choice in Poole ... just Custom House; Mansion House; Da Vincis; Oriel; Oyester Quay; Corkers ; Coast and a trillion more places on Poole Quay.... Christians; Hardys; Storm (best seafood in the world) ; Pizza Express; Alcatraz; La Plaza; John B's and trillions others on the High Street .... Isabels; Le Bateau ; La Brasserie and trillions more at Ashley cross .... Gossip; Jazz Cafe Fleur ; BH13 and Henrys and Cafe Shore and Fishy House (Salterns Hotel) and Penn down the posh part of town towards Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks - where there is Cafe Shaw ... oopps - dead give away Cafe Shore .... and Les Bouviers out towards Merley and 65 other places in Poole that are in the tourist offices Eat Out Guide
  • update: Don Quixotes tapas bar, in Poole Old Town Market has gone now; it's been replaced by a South African restaurant, which might be worth a try.
  • Tandoori Nights near Poole Quay and Frankie and Benny's Restaurant in Tower Park has extremely good food. Italian and American really.
  • The best restaurant in Poole has to be the one at the back of The Antelope. I've been there many times and all the food is wonderful . Decor is interesting and service excellent.
  • I found a brilliant food place - River Cottage Foods in Poole. Telephone 01202 684048. They sell locally and are good low sugar freaks
  • GONE TO THE DOGS! A Fast, Fun and fabulous night out. Poole Greyhound Racings popularity is growing all the time; with Greyhound Racing being this country’s second biggest spectator sport. Poole Greyhound attracts approximately 200,000 people per year – including couples, families and groups looking for an exciting and different night out. The Stadium has one of the best facilities in the country including track-side restaurant and betting facilities, a wonderful opportunity for you to experience racing at its best. At Poole Stadium, you can Wine and Dine in style, offering a 3-Cource Table d’hote restaurant meals, and there is no need to move from your table as friendly staff will place your bets, collect your winnings and ensure your evening is comfortable, also a carvery option is available. There is something for everyone at the stadium, you can just Turn up on any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday evening and have the choice of bars, Snack bar, Tote betting, Track-side view indoor or out doors, Free Parking on the night with disabled facilities. For any special offers, party deals or bookings Call 01202 677449
  • Sorry folks, but I have to say ALL the curry restaurants in Poole and Bournemouth are pretty poor. Has anyone ever eaten at Imran's or Saleems in Sparkbrook, Birmingham? Or maybe one of the many along Brick Lane, East London? There is no comparison. In Poole, they all whack on the food colouring, and the samey-tasting out-of-a-jar curry pastes - yuck!
  • The man who says that fish and chips are poor in poole should avoid buying his on the Quay.
  • An October 2000 update on the restaurant scene ... Cafe Shore is the new kool .. at Sandbanks and opened in Oct 2000 ... Penn Central is another 2000 opener and also v contemporary (nice job Nick/Mark) and Russell and Jo Tucker have just celebrated one year of La Plaza on Poole High Street... References to Fatty Arbuckles on this Board are out of date .. it closed earlier this year....
  • Three KFC's (no-one does better chicken), a few burger kings and macdonalds...and a wimpey on kingland crescent (the best milkshakes in poole)
  • Curry flavoured crisps in the Brewhouse pub.
  • There is a good cafe in the Old Town Market, where the food is good not flash, and the drinks come in MUGS.
  • Try Royal Laohore Karahi for excellent curries much cheaper than Rajasthan Guildhall Tavern Old Town Poole. Full of grannies but a great place for superb fresh local seafood/fish and v. cheap
  • For a town that struggles to escape the influences of west country poverty there is a remarkably good selection of eating places TOFFS.Try The Mansion House: best ambience and French/English cuisine in town in town.Strictly speaking its a hotel and dining club so you need to be a member or resident but nobody ever checks. Dont want to dress up? Quixotes in The Old Market is a fun Tapas bar.where if you spend enough(and its not expensive)and stay late enough, the Spanish proprietor lets you flamenco on the tables. Curry Fiends? The old Rajpoot used to be the best.Its now called the Rupali and plays second fiddle,or should I say Sitar,to Tandoori nights.The Prince of India next door is OK but its very small and your clothes smell of curry for days afterwards.These three are all within staggering distance of the Quay so if you want a drunk free restaurant you can try the Anarkali opposite the Civic Centre.Big minus,its the haunt of Bobbies from the local nick from over the road so keep off the Tiger Beer. Italian?Spoilt for choice.Try Da Vincis on the Quay but ladies,watch out for Nicola the Owner he's a real amourous latin hand kisser.Alcatraz gets a vote also but since it opened a couple of years ago standards have slipped. Chinky? Pooles restaurants change names more times than Lord Lucan.What was the "As you like it" is noe called Harbour Views.The food is consistently good but expensive.One consolation is that portion sizes have increased. Broke but Hungry? Try the chains.Fatty Arbuckles KFC etc. WARNING Poole has the best and worst fish and chips in Dorset.DO NOT try any from the Quay or High Street areas.Ask a local.I mean how can a seious chippy sell Doner Kebab?
  • a wealth of quality foods can be found along and around the quay area. Corkers restaurant still offers an excelent selection of sea food and at an affordable price. For the "curry louts and bum burners society" (new web page due soon)a good selection of takeaway and eat in venues exist, Imran's at the top of Sea Veiw really is 'top' takeaway and the service is excellent. Places to miss: Mcdonald's, Burger King and without doubt the worst ever .. the chip kiosk found on the quay!!!.
  • Rajastan: One of the top 100 curry houses in the UK - exceptional About 6 Tescos...
  • There are some nice restaurants on the sea front.

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