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Hookup Spots
  • bmth square
  • You'r complete article on Poole is years out of date and needs a complete update.Some of the pubs and restaurants have gone, and even the old town market has been the job centre/dole office for years.
  • Go to the field next to st Georges field if u wana play footie. theres always sum1 down there.
  • Dancing in Dorset Every Monday night, at 7:45PM the doors open to the Woodlands Hall, Trades and Labour Club, 485 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole allowing this Exciting Modern Latino Jive Experience to Launch into life. From the moment you enter, it soon becomes obvious why this outstanding evening is voted one of the best nights out on the south coast. The nostalgic venue boasts a beautifully sprung Dance floor, integral bar and a great stage that gives a fantastic view of all the entertaining classes. Every Tuesday night at 7:40pm the doors open to the Royal British Legion, 593 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth. This great venue gives a more personal, warm and friendly atmosphere. With its regular appearances of leading UK instructors, licensed bar and smooth dance floor, it gives you all “The THING” Fun you’ve grown to expect. Line: 07968 393977 Email: Web:
  • Springdale park sometimes, in Broadstone
  • Skaters: Baiter and Roosmore skate parks. Townies: The usal Concret buss station and malls. The better kids (Skaters, grundgers, goths and normies) go to Bournemouth. Townies are wankers who hang round there gippo esates with cider thinking they are kids of the time. They go to Tower Park Lesure Complex and skaters hang round tesco car park.
  • Sea view in Parkstone,Parrs Plantation in Oakdale,Outside KFC in Parkstone, Branksome Rec,dont go there though if ur not local u WILL BE MUGGED!Its well ruff
  • a cool place is penn hill near brankesome woods some really fit ones are there on friday nights or at the carpark opposite(under 18)
  • the public toilets, great for meeting chaps!!! and theres a handy chemist shop within 500 yards to purchase any thing that you might need...
  • The beach! so good you won't want to go pubbing or clubbing
  • Poole quay is great for bikers in the summertime, loads of parking, loads of bikes, especially tuesdays. Come down and say hi! even the rain is friendly!
  • A reader writes... I would just like to say having visited several of your tourist reports that they are in the main, badly written sad depictions by sad people who do not respect the opportunities and beauty around them. I would caution any tourist authority or individual responsible for a tourist function to take any part. The concept is excellent, but the pratice is flawed by lack of regulation, which will allow any late night freak with a modem to submit his or her pathetic, unwarranted views. Yours sadly, a sad resident of Poole.
  • At the top of Tower Park- alcohol available from M+W or Tescos for young revellers. Meshers can also sometimes be found in Poole Park on summer evenings
  • Shore Road, Sandbanks. Whitecliff Rec. Branksome Woods.
  • The Oakdale Petrol Garage, next door to the old Oakdale School. Particularly favoured by under 18`s although you do find a few taking drugs and alcohol. Many of the youths of Oakdale find this area an attraction due to the lack of things to do in Oakdale, Poole.
  • The roundabout up by Rockley Caravan Park.Great for seasonal Totty spotting(under 18s mainly)
  • The area already mentioned is known as The Toast-rack due to the shape of the parking area. Another teenage haunt is Broadstone Wreck, a must for drunken fumbles in the dark.
  • Broadstone Broadway - try sitting on the wall outside the Church, it helps if you have a naff old car with wide wheels parked nearby.

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