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  • The Sloop, Poole with food served from 8am - 9pm to include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great Sunday Carvery. Entertainment most evenings, sports tv, large car park and oasis garden
  • Your be lucky
  • Outside of Poole towards Corfe Mullen is the Coventry Arms: great beer and food and importantly it's NO SMOKING - which is brilliant. I am so sick of stinking of other people's smoke.
  • The coop, in Oakdale
  • A correction to your mention of the KIng Charles pub on Poole Quay. The pub is now under new management and has been severely clean up. No more bouncers, no more 'Yoof', no more head-banging music, just a good old English pub serving great local ales and good home made cooking. Carl and Michelle are gradually returning the King Charles to it's former glory. The carpets are clean and the furniture and fitting are gradually being restored. The old Monastery section with it's great atmosphere is to become a functions room, restaurant. Worth a revisit. One of the best and oldest traditional pubs in Poole.
  • lord wimborne pub always popular and good atmosphere
  • Don't bother. The pubs on the Quay had it all but greed and mis-management destroyed it. Now it is dead. I mean really dead.
  • If you want a decent steak,you wont find one better than in the Oakdale Pub, cooked by the landlord Con,you dont just get steak,it comes with chips,peas,onions,mushrooms and tomato,all for one price. The beer is good too,the Oakdale also has a large beer garden with kids swings,climbing frames etc and a five a side football pitch,the garden is well cared for by the landlady and is full of flowers in the summer and makes a great place to spend an evening.
  • The king Charles is a great pub to be in it does nice food and a good range of alcohol i dont see what everyones problem with it is
  • The newly opened Globe Cafe on the High Street has quickly become the best place to be on a weekend, decent crowd no underage, and great atmosphere.
  • i dont not agree with the comment about the king charles pub being the place for under age drinkers, also saying that you 'think' the bouncers pass things around is quite ludicrous. i feel that the new owners (not named as dave and sandra) have done well for the pub since they have taken over at christmas.
  • The King Charlie may have a reputation for serving underage drinkers. But no longer. New Landlord and Lady will stand no nonsense. So beware! If you want to drink there - make sure you have your ID! Otherwise now populate by the more mature discerning drinker.. ie ME!
  • Worst pub. The Shah . Have you seen the drinks prices ? Enough said.
  • The Oakdale pub,in Oakdale,nice friendly people inside,BEWARE of yobos that sometimes r outside
  • sandacres in sandbanks
  • The Bull and Butcher in whetstone has been a favourite of mine for quite some time, good for pool as it has about 8 tables including the famous L shaped table, as well as fruitys, which tend to be changed every few weeks for some reason. You can usually find at least a couple Waitrose staff in there on any given night.
  • just in case you're an underage idiot, i'm not telling you where i go,because i don't want you to ruin it! the silly kids usually go to the king charles
  • the central pub is all right if you get on with dave and sandra
  • The majority of pubs down Poole are rough due to the clientel of many consist of freaks, in-breds and mutants, some, like the Hogshead or "The Quay Pub" are deserted most of the time (good for a "quiet drink"!). Yates is good (beginning to get a little tatty now - refit soon!) and Monday nights are good for students due to the fact that the drinks offer lasts all night and the music is youth oriented (some guys playing house/hip-hop/breakbeats). Get down there!
  • Loads along the Quay, every other building is a pub.
  • the quay has lots - a clubby-type young pub (sailor), live music (nelson + slurping toad) and a family pub too(quay). there are smaller local ones on the quay too... Yates has become THE place to go in poole
  • The best pub in Poole is The Brew House, Good beer prices, pool tables and a juke box played loud. Avoid The George Hotel unless you are looking for a same sex partner!.
  • The Nightjar Pub is great after a day at Flaghead or Canford Cliffs.
  • Pubs at Ashley Cross, on the Road going towards Bournemouth / Sandbanks have a mixture of real ale and music. The Bermuda Triangle for ales and lagers, The Bricklayers Arms for ales but make sure you've loaded your wallet, both in Par Street. At the crossroads stands the Central, it has gigs upstairs which can go on a bit late !! Downside is that it is a Badger pub, 'nuff said. going the wrong way down the road towards Sandbanks from the crossroads, you come to the Britannia, it's a large Whitbread "sports" pub, with big screen football matches drawing a crowd.
  • Poole Quay is a headbangers delight especially on tuesday nights outside the Nelson when the Bikers come to town. The Nelson id the most popular,stone slabbbed floor and loud music. Crawl next door for the Jolly Sailor.If you have nothing to say its a great place to meet but decibel download leaves your ears ringing for days.The Portsmpoth Hoy is trying to jump on the teenybop market after being the lastWrinklies haven on the Quay(except for The Poole Arms which is fitonly for bag ladies).The Custom House tries with independent beers ,upmarket lagers and expensive potato crisps....1.50 a packet.Mind you they are the Salsa and Mesquite variety.A short stagger into the King Charles brings you into potentially the best pub but spoilt by poor decor and carpets that your feet stick to.It has bouncers on the door who spend all night snogging the young tourists.I think they also pass "things" around too.The Flying Boat is now called Murphys Irish Bar but if you can get past the bouncers there you still have to pass through a wall of noise to get to the bar. Tucked away just off the Quay are the rough locals pubs such as The Gas Tavern but nice people dont go there.However if you want to slum it there is always the BrewHouse where they actually brew their own beer.A missed tourism opportunity.Dirty,downmarket but cheap it attracts"characters",but don't look them in the eye! The Blue Boar is a locals secret.Find it opposite the Salvation Army.Good folk music, independent ales and adult crowds.Probably because the Landlord puts Fats Domino CDs on every time under 21s drift in.Clears them out before they can order a Hooch.Works better than bouncers
  • All the best pubs are out of the town centre, Ashley Cross is the best area with 4 very different pubs within 200 yards of each other. The Bermuda Triangle is the real ale lover's haven, it also serves German lagers for just under a mortgage a pint. The Quay is where most like to be seen and gets seriously crowded in summer and the landlords make sure they make their whole years salary in the summer month(s). What-ever you do, don't cross the lifting bridge looking for a good night out, the Hamworthy side of the bridge is worse than South-Central L.A. you've been warned !!!!
  • The Blue Boar isn't bad for grub and a lunchtime pint.
  • Plenty of decent pubs along the Quayside, bu tbe warned: Tuesday night is Biker Night!
  • Most pubs outside of the city center are quite good
  • There are some excellent pubs but not in the town centre - try driving towards the beach.

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