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  • Falcon and Carnival, Old town market....gone,gone,gone. Big Brother, 379 Ashley Rd Upper Parkstone 01202 731419. Longest running shop in Poole. Buy ,sell,swop,CDs, DVD's and Vinyl. Every sorta sound. Ska-punk,hip-hop,acid-folk,death metal,blues...etc Best selection of posters in area.
  • Red Rock, down the High Street
  • Any One rembere C&A's in the Arndale and 'Our Price'
  • HMV in the Dolphin Centre, MVC in Kingland Crescent
  • Falcon Records didn't close down cos of lack of customers. It was b'cos the dolphin centre wanted hmv in there and falcon had a clause in the lease that no other record shop could open in there except the existing ones so they increased the rent. Capitalism, you go figure MORON!
  • HMV in central Poole is good. For Classical go to Bournemouth Classic Compact in Westbourne - they really know their stuff!
  • Boiler-rooms Records have moved to the Quay end of the High Street Near Setchfields
  • Falcon Records has now closed down due to lack of customers + a takeover by morons....go figure. Our Price does have constant stock clearouts = bargains. HMV will soon be opening up in the Dolphin this space.
  • Carnival Records Ashley Road Parkstone Poole - Kick Ass Shop :)
  • The record shop in the old town market is very good, usual price of a CD album is 6, this is good quality second hand stuff, also there is a similar shop opposite burger king, this one is a little more expensive.
  • Falcon records do a good range of alternative, plus vinyl fo the djs out there
  • Boiler Room in the Old Town Market which sells 2nd hand records, c.ds. and videos.
  • There is a good second hand record shop in the Old Town Market, Poole High Street.
  • Big Brother Records, which is actually in Parkstone, a suberb to the east of the TOWN centre going towards Bournemouth, has a superb selection of new and second hand CD's and posters
  • Falcon Records in the Dolphin Centre stock a lot of underground / metal / otherwise alternative records

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Last updated: 2009-07-30

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