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The Worst Things
  • Wallisdown and the surrounding estates. What a dump!
  • The squalid bus station and that ugly Dolphin centre. Poole is boring and theres nothing to do either.
  • No decent shops in the high street any more. There's a handful of banks, too many mobile phone shops and a load of charity / pound shops. Also now - a load of empty shops. Better off going to Bournemouth or Castlepoint! Poole will always be the poor relation to Bournemouth. Full of chavs and deadbeats.
  • No decent shops in the high street any more. There's a handful of banks, too many mobile phone shops and a load of charity / pound shops. Also now - a load of empty shops. Better off going to Bournemouth or Castlepoint! Poole will always be the poor relation to Bournemouth. Full of chavs and deadbeats.
  • The barely-literate morons who write on these pages.
  • Gease Shit at Poole Park !!
  • pikeys and chavs
  • CCTV everywhere to put a stop to all the fun stuff...
  • Being so close to Bournemouth! It's a dangerous place to be at night.
  • Those born in poole especially those over 45, they are stuck up, out of touch and would defend poole even if it was responsible for the dropping of the nutron bomb.
  • Waiting for some intelligence to come out of council staff's mouths, you will have a long wait. Getting to the CAB in Lagland street in the early hours to be ahead of the queue, only to find some bastard who got there 2 hours before you.
  • The only problem with going to the Isle of Wight is that one almost has to use the "Fast-cat" fery service from Portsmouth to Ryde, & that's the pits. It has got to be one of the most miserable, disgusting ferries I've ever had the misfortune to use. Can't they clean it once in a while?
  • Beginning to be ruined by mr Carr.Turlin Moor estate,
  • new developments on quay,art sculpture crap iron on quay,new kids xmas grotto in dolphin centre cheap and trashy
  • Moany old people who can't stand change
  • Polle Quay used to be a great place in the summer with hundreds if not thousands of friendly drinkers outside of the two main pubs. The police admitted that there was hardly any trouble. Unfortunately a combination of police and council who resisted all earlier attempts to bring in competition and greedy breweries/landlords who wanted to keep it all to themselves stopped new pubs opening while nearby Bournemouth opened new pubs. Competition is good! By the time new pubs were allowed it was too late. Poole Quay died. Now the streets are full of drunken louts at night. The decent people generally go elsewhwere. And that monstrosity they built on the Quay (brown envelopes must have changed hands). And one of the developers ran away presumably with suitcases full of money. Has he been found yet? The council has made some appalling decisions in the past. They are obsessed with having palm trees on a traffic-free Quay. Can't do anything sensible though. Bunch of wankers who have destroyed everything good about the town.
  • Townies and Cackers. Cackers are more scummy than Townies. For anyone who doesn't know, Townies are teenagers who wear clothing such as Nike and Adidas. Cackers also wear these clothes but have their collars up and their trousers tucked into their socks. Female cackers have short skirts and are also known as tarts. If you see many herds of Cackii you are probably in a rough part of town. Sadly, many Townies and Cackers have been choosing to buy clothes from skate/surf/water sports shops in general (Just Add Water, Animal, Roxy etc.) I say stick to your own shops!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Townies. Need I say more? OK, the kids who go to Rossmore Communtiy Sports College who still think it is called Kemp- Welch School but started the school after 2001 after the school changed its name. And the kids who called Bourne Estate and Trinidad Estate "Rough" they should go to Redbridge in Southampton, that is bad! The town has snobby parents who think smoking in the Rossmore Communtiy College toilets is bad and would never think there kids would take drugs so send the to another "Better School"
  • the poor colection of people who masquerade as musicians aka poole borough band lets face it they are bad and sad sad sad
  • townies out side the bus station. townies at tower park. gipos from bourne estate.
  • parking
  • Cackers.
  • The worst thing in Poole just has to be the giant blue tin opener on the quay at the end of the High Street. The platforms and seats around it are very useful for looking in the opposite direction of the afore-mentioned "sculpture".
  • I've visited Poole quite a few times as a freind of mine moved down there a couple of years ago. Now compared to where I live it's paradise believe me. What really amuses me though is these middle class 'skatie' kids who think they are rock hard gangsters. Like the comment on here 'dont end up in Poole on a friday's dangerous' Please lads dont make me laugh. I've walked the streets of Poole at night, alone, many times and I've been more scared watching the Teletubbies. True there are gangs of kids with attitudes and overinflated egos, who for some reason appear to think Poole has been twinned with South Central L.A. Why I dunno maybe they've listened to too much hip hop. Whatever the reason dont let yourself be scared or put of. They are harmless, little kids 'playing' at being gangsters. In the real world they'd never cut it, outside of Poole they would be eaten alive in a day. Where I live I doubt they'd even make it off the train. Poole is a nice place but 'hard' it aint..not by a long shot.
  • The High Street at nite,so many yobs and thugs about,dont go there on your own.I got beaten up,police took an hour to arrive
  • The sculpture on the quay and the bus station.
  • Ending up in Poole on a Friday night! Very sad and dangerous.
  • The miserable gits who moan at every proposed change ... 5 sad geezers spend there life writing to the Echo No Yacht Haven / No to the Pottery Scheme / No to Weaterspoons / No to Yates / No to Motorbikes on the Quay on Tuesdays / No to noisy fireworks on Thursdays / no to people enjoying themselves .. wot they dont get is that they like it the way it is ... but if folk like them had run the town .., it would still be an old gas works down the Quay and a good night out would be going down the Legion ...
  • There isn't a decent club.
  • 'Naturalised' locals who, having discovered the beauty of the place and 'settled', want to 'pull up the drawbridge' and keep everyone else out!
  • Boone's hardware store has stopped selling machetes.
  • Tourists. Hoards of Pissed-up wankers invading the pubs in the summer.
  • Rockley Sands - sad sad sad.
  • That Tesco at Tower Park is rubbish!
  • Holiday traffic - sunny days and the beach is out unless you get up at the crack of dawn. Lack of any type of "cafe culture" in the pedestrianised High Street after 5:30, especially for a town with "proud links" with France.
  • The locals dress sense.What must the French think when they come over for day trips.Disgusting Fish and Chips unless you "Know".Too many poll tax dodger homeless beggars .Constantly being stopped for "A Survey" by Scientologists
  • The loss of Saddler Yachts, Lack of decent gigs in the Art Centre, grockles in the summer, local's seem trapped in the summer. The best beach in the area at Sandbanks and Shore Road, Too busy and unreachable if you're a 'Local'
  • Gypos everywhere, especially the Dolphin Centre.
  • NO ROCK BARS! All the people are too desperatley trendy
  • House and flat prices are extremely high, a 2 bedroomed flat on the horbour will cost between 200-450 thousand quid !!
  • Tourists (during the summer).
  • Kid of messy here and there (and everywhere....)
  • Small Town Centre
  • Poole is a complete shithole. That's all there is to tell.
  • Dodgy people.
  • Pubs along the sea front can be a bit rough.
  • ugly cross bred mutations

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