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The Best Things
  • It seems a really nice place at first. In fact, I loved it, or so I thought...
  • The omega centre in Sommers town, Portsmouth. but people with brains don't seem to know about it!!! USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!
  • sea front ... chip shops all over the city
  • The Portsmouth World Naked Bike Ride .....
  • The weather. Portsmouth is one of the warmest cities in the UK, rarely gets snow & is also one of the sunniest places too. The beach, though pebbley, is great on a hot sunny day & there is sand exposed at low tide.
  • Tan Xpress in Cosham High Street. People have sex in the cubicles!!
  • Bookshops in Albert Road/Highland Road
  • The History of Portsmouth
  • sun, time, smiles, discounts
  • The music scene
  • Southsea in the summer has a lot of half dressed foreign students (well I noticed the girls)
  • Bustling, variety of people. Next to the sea, lots of grass! [The Common] General good natured atmosphere.
  • The Sea, Gunwharf Quays (the outlet stores are good and the range of restuarants is great), Southsea, The Beach (i know it's stoney but who cares whe the sun is beating down on you and the BBQ is on, Portsmouth Football Club (the ground may be rubbish and have some unfavourable elements but the atmospher is second to none)
  • Just like to say it's one of the best places I've ever been, it can wipe it arse with Bournemouth. It's flat (for cycling), friendly, Gunwharf Quays & Spinnaker are brilliant & can't wait to live there.
  • All roads that lead "OUT OF CITY"
  • The space in s,sea. u can do wateva the hell you want.
  • The Uni students
  • A city with a beach one side and rolling fields the other. More hours of sunshine per year than up north.
  • Me. Under Your Nose. Wiservice. Anything To Please. General waking up to diversity of music.
  • Southsea is pleasant looking
  • The Park near Commercial Road. the squirrels are so cute, and the little zoo thing is cool
  • Surfless. Portsmouths premier band
  • there arent any
  • Portsdown Hill in the evenings in summer is fantastic
  • Very little really... Southsea skatepark is a gem though
  • Mayfield Skool! It might have a bad rep but it's not all that bad, people just don't give it a chance! Ok there are a few peeps in there that need a slap but that's about 5 out of 1600 pupils and the good points out weigh the bad massivly!! GO MAYFIELD! WE LOVE U! Gunwharf, Commercial Road, The fair; a bit pathetic but part of the city, the beaches; ok so its not hawaii but who cares!, North End; the best section people say the shops arent vgood but i dont think that's the point it rocks! THE ACCENT I DONT CARE WHAT U SAY IT RULES! The football team go pompey! in the premiership! The pompey pride, we love eachother and will stand up 4 eachova... if we're not fightin eachova! I love u guys!
  • Corrupting European students by teaching them slang! Being so close to the isle of Wight
  • The Sea, The Pier,Funfair and Southsea Common
  • Pompey has an atmosphere, which you either love or hate. Parts of it are horrible, but parts of Southsea are quite Bohemian (for want of a better word). It certainly feels like somewhere. The landfill next to the motorway on the way into portmouth. Much more impressive than any stupid sail thing..
  • Women.
  • The Harbour, Ships, People, Promenade, Common, Gunwharf Quays, Hilsea Lines Defences, Solent Forts (you must visit), Castle Field when there is a free concert (absolutely top setting). Sadie King at 43 St R.........
  • Cumberland House. Visit it before the Council knock it down. The council look like their not spending a penny on it but it used to be a realy great natural history museum. The Beam Engine house in Eastney is great too, especially when its in steam (third sunday of each month ?)
  • The people The football team A city with a beach The Wedgewood Rooms The Wine Vaults on a rainy Saturday afternoon
  • Eastney nudist beach- a good view in more ways thatn one! Eastney CO-OP- I work here, and it cheap and cheerful (depends who's on till) Ferry port- booze cruise capital!!!!!! Me! Southsea common, the rock gardens & the rose gardens all great places for having fun especially the common
  • Southsea for bars clubs shops etc
  • Plenty of excellent pubs and other things to do leisure wise
  • Happy memories,
  • Taxi`s, Hovercraft to Ryde,.
  • The Sea and Sun
  • If you live in Southsea, the very best thing is the fact that you're within walking distance of shops, clubs pubs and nightlife, as well as the seafront. Portsmouth has a long and interesting history, filled with many different characters. There are masses of things to see and do here.
  • "Shouting game" in the Bateson Hall....does anyone remember there's a famous song "in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight" flying around at mid- night during the period of 1997-98??? people in Bateson LOVES to shout aloud at night...i think it is part of the "City Life"??!! The security guards based in Bateson Hall and Harry Law Hall.
  • The lovely sunshine and the gorgeous people that inhabit Portsmouth. The beach and the fun-fair. The 3-4 mile long promenade. The Pompey accent!

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