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Demolish It Now Building in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire*

Places that need to be levelled

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Tottenham & Edmonton Estates should be razed to the ground, ugly neobrutalist style hovels are so 20th century, darling.
  • Maple House
  • Maple House
  • Tescos, they have killed all the small shops off and now have a monopoly stranglehold. I hate all this conglomerate crap. ):
  • MC DONALDS to be honest
  • The two flats either side of parkfields top entrance! makes the place look so council estate
  • that canada life maple house thing, it's way out of keeping with the rest of the town, Tesco's because they lied about everything they said they wouldn't do. the police station cause there's never any one in it anyway
  • canada life should get smashed down it just looks wrong also cranbourne industrial estate is a run down mess just because they are work places doesn't mean they have to be so bloody ugly do the designers think the working class don't appreciate aesthetics these places are too ugly plant some big trees or something at least
  • Canada Life has got to go!! - urghh. also, the hideous yellow building opposite Furzefield.
  • All churches & old peoples homes. Turn them into pubs!
  • those old 60's offices near cranborne parade,they look knackered
  • Sainsbury's. Its old and smells, and is on a slope so everyone's trolley won't stay still. And the staff are rude and not interested in you - I should know, I work there!!!
  • Bus Garage
  • Horrible yellow-fronted '60s monstrosities opposite the Fuzzyfield leisure centre.
  • Most of the old peoples home that have mushroomed in the "town". They're taking over!!!
  • British Gas one up by the High Street which Tescos have bought and plan to flatten this year to extend the store and add a petrol station. The one next to it is well out of place as well.
  • New railway station
  • Canada Life - amazing what a bankrupt planning authority will permit. Do they have an architect on staff? As zumwun zed, it doesn't fit. Also, the frontage of the building almost opposite, was (still is?) MFI. Talk about your desolate urban landscape.
  • King Charles The Martyr Church
  • British Gas place next to Tescos - they're demolishing it now!
  • Maps and Globes shop, it makes me sick to the pit of my stomache

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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