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The Worst Things
  • I'm sorry but Potters Bar is the worst place ever - the whole town is made up of Village Idiots! I'm sure they are inbreads!! Except Little Heath thats where I used to live.
  • there's nothing for people who are in their 30's to do except drink, oldies have the Wyliotts, younguns have Elm court. WE Ain't got nuffink!!!!
  • One mile out of zone 6 and you pay almost 100 per month more than you would if you lived in Hadley Wood!
  • One mile out of zone 6 and you pay almost 100 per month more than you would if you lived in Hadley Wood!
  • knobend charva kids need a good kicking.
  • One of the worst things may be Hertsmere doesn't provide us with Christmas Lights in Potters Bar, but they don't provide the other towns either - Borehamwood's are paid for by Elstree Town Council, not Hertsmere. So would someone else like to treat P/B to some?
  • most of the residents dont know there arse from their elbow, suprisingly townlike with its proximaty to london
  • every thing there is nothing to do here
  • the people have changed since i moved here, not half as friendly as they were. the gangs of moronic kids that congregate outside the station/McDonalds get on my nerves a bit, what could be more boring for them to do than stand around potters bar station on a cold saturday night in january?????? it's a shame they haven't got anywhere better to go, they even come here from brookmans park. GOD how boring their lives must be!!
  • i suppose there are a few stuck up people around but where isnt there. its pretty boring for kids too but any thing u need is a few stops on the train (ten mins)
  • people leaving burger wrappers/cigarette butts on the memorial to the train crash victims..have some respect you creeps. lack of variety in the shops nowadays.20 years ago we had everthing a small town could need,now we have barbers/takeaways Tesco.. they promised no 24 hour shopping/no petrol station/etc etc. and lo and behold they went and did it, all to no complaint from the local councillors
  • Potters Bar only has two kinds of shop: Hairdressers and Restaurants - the place is full of them! Road Planning is abysmal. Only two roads N-S and Two E-W leads to horrendous hold ups at the traffic lights.
  • Potters Bar people who think they are Londoners!! Too many Arsenal supporters. This last comment is sort of linked to the first. The railway bridge down Darkes Lane, why have they painted it that blue colour, it looks awful, also whenever there's a slight chance of rain, it turns into a pond underneath, everyone gets stuck in their cars there!
  • Hertsmere Council not spending any money on xmas decorations for PB. Borehamwood have them, funny that, Hertsmere Council being based in Borehamwood...??????
  • gangs of teenagers,every bloody weekend,smashing shop windows why dont they f**k off somewhere else, lack of police at night time(they have to come from borehamwood) lack of any amenities i.e youth clubs,not much to do but visit pubs, far too many take-aways
  • There is very little for younger people to do in the area, so you get the annoying little freaks hanging around on street corners, by the station, etc. I really think there should be more for kids to do. I didn't grow up in Potters Bar but if I was a kid there, I think I'd have gone crazy.
  • There are no good clothes shops and no record stores.
  • Potters Bar is now a extension of Essex, which seems to have occurred since the buldng of the M25.
  • The fish shop
  • Insufficient space to list.
  • Miss O'carrolls house
  • "The railway station gang" They are a bunch of young teenagers who hang around the railway station, dressed in baggy clothes who spit, swear, and smoke a lot.
  • Too many old people (Far too many) Too many "Hard Lads" looking for fights
  • It's a bit nothingy really - too close to London, too much commuter town.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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