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Arts, crafts and such
  • used to be puff n stuff down oxford rd
  • Fabric Land is good for cheap fabric and nice staff.. Sew Crafty in Maidenhead is better for trimmings buttons and better quality fabric. Staff are always helpful and full of ideas!
  • copy of the Bayeux Tapestry at the museum in the Town Hall
  • the jelly leg'd chicken hasn't closed down, just gone for a little walk across town. It is now in part of the museum of Reading plus has temporary exhibitions around town
  • RISC One World Shop, London Street. Fairtrade food aswell as ornaments and stuff from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc, etc
  • Gun street gallery has a good range of art materials. The museum in the town hall has a small art gallery. The galleries of London are only an hour away
  • jelly leg'd chicken arts, but i fink its closed down!
  • Again lemon Mirinda at the Indian furniture shop near to the Purple Turtle is Marvellow
  • not too much art worth seeing
  • jelly leggd chicken
  • art shop (called art shop' is good for the best of the best art supplies. however the works down Union sTREET does the same stuff at a different brand loads cheaper and in my opinion less posh and more localised. great people help u out and answer all questions. alternatively hobby craft does loadsa beads ribbons and paint all just 5minutes walk from the forbury gardens.
  • the art workers by the sony shop is a really good shop for quality artist materials even if it is relatively small
  • art worker has realy nice art supplies n stuff
  • chicken jelly leg'd something or other. i don't know.
  • Is Artworker still in Gun St? (Round the back of St Mary's Butts churchyard) That was always an excellent shop for all Art & Craft supplies.
  • The Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2ST. Cool palce for music, Salsa and poetry. Open mic poetry, bar, read your stuff, featured poets, SLAM champs and all on the 1st Thursday of every month 8.30pm.
  • The gun street gallery near the oracle in reading sells the BEST art supplies ever!
  • but is it art. cool shop in the broad street mall
  • Local arty crafty people display their gear at 'The Jelly Legged Chicken Gallery', this is inside the dredded Oracle.
  • Go to the Jelly Leggd'Art Gallery! Lot's a talented art work exhibited!
  • Global cafe, J kay got refused a meal there as he only had plastic.
  • In Reading - that's a joke. Try "The Poundland" in Friar street.
  • graffiti on 'Smelly Alley' aka Union Street - lots of paraphanalia for the drug connesieur
  • Harris Arcade between Station Road and Friar St is full of decent craft stalls.
  • The Best by far is the Jelly Leg'd Chicken on the riversidre in the oracle a reg. charity and with monthly exhibitions on the quirky side with some big name exhibitions too well worth a visit!!!!
  • Global Cafe on London Street - ethnic craft
  • Jelly leg chicken down the bottom of Broad Street is an innotative little gallery that always manages to exhibit a funky concoction of weird and wonderful paintings, sculptures, jewellery you name it - and the cafe downstairs is pretty dinky and plays great jazz music
  • Reading Museum, although it was alot better before the town planners inproved it.
  • Studio 62 Art Gallery 62 the High street, Wargrave. Original works of art by local artists. Craftspace at Studio 62, selling Silk-ceramics-jewellery-glass.... and much more.
  • Well there is Btz Bizzare in the Harris Arcade, which has lots of African art and kinda grungy clothes, that sort of thing and there is also the gun street art shop thingy, sells all sorts of paint brushes and arty stuff to make art with if you catch my drift, If you don't you'd better start swimming.

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