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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Sarah Beany was born in Reading, went to Luckley-Oakfield School in Wokingham.
  • George Clooney now has a house in sonning
  • I once went to a party hosted by Ian Paice, former Deep purple drummer. I was not surprised at all about the goings-on, very ROCK'N'ROLL! Neil Webb, mentioned above, went to my school, Theale Green, near Reading, a few years before I went there though.
  • Irwin Sparks, singer in The Hoosiers, went to Waingels in Woodley
  • Arthur Negus (early Antiques Roadshow expert)
  • Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslet,
  • kate winslet
  • Kate Winslet. Ew.
  • Elize Du Toit or however it's spelt (Izzy with the big knockers from Hollyoaks), used to live in Wokingham.
  • John Sykes. Best known for his stints with hard rock outfits Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake, guitarist John Sykes was born July 29, 1959 in Reading, England. He began playing music at 14, and joined the group Streetfighter in 1980; a stint with Badlands followed before Sykes joined the Tygers of Pan Tang, where he released a critically acclaimed smash-hit album. He's an unsung hero of the electric guitar. He knew one of my cousins, who funnily enough was also in the same year as Ricky Gervais at Ashmead. It's a mad world innit?
  • Lenny Henry and Dawn French - out Spencer's Wood way.
  • Neil Webb can be spotted in ASDA in Tilehurst often wears his England Tracksuit!
  • kate winslet the man who makes red bull lives in caversham by the river (well he has house there)
  • For definite, Lenny Henry and Dawn French live nearby, Tarrant went to Caversham Primary, Uri Geller lives in Sonning (and used to support ReadingFC until he was refused free entry for him and his family to a CHARITY match), Miss Cilla Black is courting with RFC chairman John Madejski, both have been seen wandering around Pangbourne... I think Timmy Mallet lives nearby too.
  • Kate Winslet, Chris Tarrant, Kenneth Branagh
  • Daniel Bliss - who went to Denefield. He was in the first series of Teachers and The Bill
  • Are we a town of Luvvies?Jacqueline Bissett actress who appeared in Bullett with steve Mcqueen came from Caversham.Kenneth Brannagh went to Ashmead other famous actors include Kate Winslett and Martin Shaw from the Professionals.But the most famous was Felix Bowness of Hi-De-Hi fame
  • TCTC
  • Arthur Askey went to Reading School. Jacqueline Bissett (wooden film actress) was born in Reading and her dad was a GP, called funnily enough Dr. Bissett. He used to be a mate of mine's doctor and was bloody good I've been told. Also, Alma Cogan was from Reading, her family ran a tailor's that used to be where O'Neill's pub is now, behind M&S. I saw Vince Hill in Reading a few weeks back, he lives in Shiplake as does ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore. Jon Sykes (ex-guitarist with Whitesnake) was also born in Reading and I believe his Mum still lives on the Beansheaf Estate and he visits her regularly.
  • Uri Gellar lives in Sonning Court, Sonning
  • Mike Grigsby - documentary maker for granada and carlton
  • I went to school in Tilehurst (Highlands) with Mike Oldfield and Sally Oldfield (they lived in Elm Park Avenue), Minette Walters (nee Jebb). Twiggy (Lesley Hornby) had some connection with Reading, her mum lived here I think.
  • I went to primary school (St Mary's) with Kate Winslet, and her sister Anna, who I think is also mildly famous now. I kissed one of them in the wendy house once. I like to think it was Kate.
  • Throwin eggs at Glen Hoddle, always a gud past-time 4 saints supporters!
  • chriss tarrant and antony from blue
  • Lenny henry and Dawn French. Chris tarrant used to live in swainstone road.
  • kate winslet sam mendes -both avoiding reading like the plague now?
  • Well The Cooper Temple Clause went to The Forest School in Winnersh, and isn't that just lovely? They do all have sex hair. That's right. They can often be spotted en masse at the Turtle, although I reckon Ben Gauntry is in there the most according to my statistics... he's freakishly tall - I wanted to thank the a lot a lot for their music but they seemed a lil' unapproachable, I suppose that's fair enough - who'd want a load of young girls going off on one when the band's off duty eh? They have also been seen in wheelies. Um .....I met someone from the Libertines' cousin once in that t shirt prining place, does that count?
  • kate winslet and sam mendes..
  • Ayrton Senna, or whatever his name was, lived in Reading. We threw Oscar Wilde in Reading prison for being a bummer! I saw Elvis wearing a Beatles T-shirt the other day...what's that all about.
  • A few that haven't been mentioned. Jenny Hanley - The fit one from Magpie and sister of disgraced tory MP Jeremy Hanley. She used to run the Crown Inn in Playhatch I don't know if she still does but I saw her at the Tesco's Petrol station the other day. Gordon Greenidge - West Indian cricketer, faced with the choice of playing test cricket for England or the West Indies probaly made the right desicion. Stacy Keach - American actor and coke head another famous inmate of Reading Gaol. Lawrie Snachez - Footballer, most famous for scoring the winning goal for Wimbledon in the 1988. I think he used to own Oscar's on guns street. Jane Austen - Novelist went to school in the Old Abbey arch by the Forbury. Spent her lunch breaks in the Forbury with cider drinking misfits scaring old ladies. Screaming Lord Sutch - Lived and died in Woodley. Rebecca Cook - Swimmer won a few medals at last year's commonwealth games.
  • george michael lives in goring. its a small place. uri geller lives in sonning. the day when michael jackson came for his wedding was hellish. I JUST WANTED TO GET TO CAVERSHAM.
  • Apparently (read this in a magazine) the bird who plays or played "Lisa Mitchell-Fowler" whatever her name was, was born in Reading.
  • i swear i keep seeing becca from hollyoaks in reading.not that i watch hollyoaks. ever.
  • Rumoured that the steel-bending-spoon gnarler, Uri Geller lived in Reading.
  • People keep telling me that Ghandi lived in Castle Street whilst doing a degree.
  • oh there lots of famous ppl in 4bury here r most of them kermit bubbles fang jason all the old 4bury lot r v well knowen am well know as well as the northern girl who hangs around wiv um the old 4bury lot n gets drunk n like hurting ppl
  • Kate Winslet used to live in Tilehurst, west Reading
  • James Lydyeard used to live here, if anyone knows where he is, can u inform him i have had his child and he owes a lot of benefits.
  • Chris Tarrant host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was born in Reading and went to school there. Also a bloke who appeared in Z Cars used to live (maybe he still does) on the Shinfield Rise Estate and used to pop into Mr Crusty for his farmhouse loaf. Then there's Chad Shepperd famous for staring in ads such as Quavers and appearing in Casualty (I think) as well London's Burning but perhaps best known for throwing up in the end of year assembly at Maiden Erleigh School!!!!
  • Kate Winslet, Richard Burns (Some bloke that won the world rally championship) Oscar Wilde( the gay writer who was in reading Jail) and Ayrton Senna (Formula 1 racing driver killed while racing)
  • The Dooleys a band of the 60's or 70's i think live in Reading never heard any of there music but they do live in Reading and Kenneth Branagh and Robbie i dunno his last name but he was my Holiday rep when i went skiing in Feburary and he goes to Reading University and is the best singer of "i love you baby" i have ever heard GO ROBBIE YOUR GONNA BE FAMOUS
  • Dave James, author of West Australian historical book 'Climb When Ready', lived in Reading - although he's barely known by anybody in Western Australia, let alone remembered by anybody in Reading!
  • Lenny Henry & Dawn French live in Spencer's Wood, and Paul & Helen from the shite that was Big Brother2
  • Kate winslet, Paul clarke, John altman, the old guy who is the dad of the doctor in eastenders, Mrs West primary school teacher at Thameside how nasty and scarey was that welsh woman!
  • The Sports Presenter, (Steve Ryder) his mum lives in Emmer Green! I used to wash her hair when training to be a Hair Consultant. I thought you might like to add this to your Celebrity list.
  • Paul Daniels????
  • Naturally we're all very proud of Big Brother's Paul Clarke who has advertised Reading as a home of Mockney F**kwits.
  • big brothers paul (yes its true people like that can now be classed as celebs. grr. oh and me and my mum are famous in the area cos we're a bit weird-look out for a purple haired woman and a tall thin pale freakshow (thats me) dressed in every colour of the rainbow.
  • Garthy out of Birds of a Feather lives locally. Paul Clarke (house mate off Big brother). Famed for his mockney accent, tall stories and tepid romance with Welsh blonde Helen. Paul is so typical of a middle class Reading lad it's hillarious - he lives with his parents in a 5 bedroom house in Earley, he's on a huge salary but is actaully quite thick, he went to a former poly where he was remembered for tucking his jumper into his jeans(and no doubt read something like BSc Bird Table design) and his main interest in life is going on a death-bender with his mates. That all sounds quite bitchy which is a shame because I actually quite like Paul. Chris Tarrent - he is the son of a former managing director of Huntley and Palmer. Made his name in Tiswas and frolicked with Prince Edwards missus. Lovely lovely Kate Winslett. Parents live in the Oxford Road and she is sometimes spotted in Waitrose. Referred to in local press as "Our Kate". Neil Webb of Manchester United and England fame in the 80s came from Reading.
  • Bryan Adams dad was in the services & was based at the Brock Barracks they lived in a house off Hardwick Road Tilehurst this was in the early seventies
  • Barry Lamb the lead singer with the Insane Picnic spent his most prolific years in Reading '85 - '89. The underground cult heroes recorded their album "The Purple Orgasm" during this period as well as "Magistrates and Saints". He is now a preacher in London and has just written a book entitled "The spirit is thrilling but the Church is weak". He apparently lived in Sherman road and worked at the old B & Q store for a while !
  • Ricky Gervais is from Reading, isn't he?
  • Current celebrity resident is Detta Regan. She is the Youth & Community worker at the Silverdale Centre in Earley and is currently European Woman of the Year because of her work with young people and for her part in the Palestinian - Israeli Peace Process
  • chris tarrant les rythmes digitales' jacques lu cont
  • Elvis does like in Reading it's true. However he abandoned his jumpsuit and has taken to wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of himself on (self advertising i suppose). His memory has also failed over time and he can only recall about the first three lines to any song. He also carries with him two cans of lager at all times.
  • George Bernard Shaw was in Reading nic!
  • John Altman - "Nasty" Nick Cotton from EastEnders was born in Reading, which may explain an awful lot. King Henry I - established Reading Abbey, and liked it so much he was buried there. The only trouble was, they've since "lost" the body, which is a tad embarrassing for the town.
  • Prog Rock band Twelth Night from the early 1980's. Never trendy by anyones standards, but I saw them at the Festival in 1983 and thought they were good. Oh yes and that bloody awful family in the 1970's fly on the wall documentary of the same name
  • An ex-member of Boney M used to live in Emmer Green. I can't remember her name, but my mum used to know her well and says she's very nice. Also the likes of Punky Paul and Beverly down the Turtle, good people to get pissed with. Finally, and some readers will disagree with this one, but Army Dave was a character, God rest his soul.
  • Titanic's Kate Winslet - she got out while the going was good. Reading is still sinking...
  • Cathy Taylor -Miss Autocue- lived in Earley and attended Bulmershe School. Her highly intelligent brother was in my class. Cathy improved her interpersonal skills working on the food tills of M&S in Reading. The smell of chlorine was overwhelming.
  • When I was a student in Reading Kate Winslet used to work in the Deli oposite St Mary's Butts. She must have eaten well because she was pretty plump back then. In fact we used to go to the Deli just to chat up the other girl who worked there. She was gorgeous. Whatever happened to her?
  • The boys from the Chemical Brothers started playing with music in a terraced house just off Pell Street, my mate left their band cos he thought they weren't going anywhere ! hahahahaha GUTTED !
  • Ayrton Senna and Brian Adams used to live here as do the likes of Lenny Henry. Billy Connolly used to live near Bugs Bottom. David Coverdale of Whitesnake was born in Reading and most of Deep Purple live nearby. Kenneth Brannagh and Kate Winslet are from Reading. Clive Sinclair went to school in Reading. Simone Jacobs the former Olympic Athlete is from Reading AS is Cathy Smallwood, the British 200 metres record holder. I also believe that the World Junior Power lifting champion lives in Tilehurst but I don't know his name.
  • i aint met any1 yet
  • Deon Burton the footballer (Tilehurst) Mike Oldfield Janet Reger (used to live in that crumbling old Italian villa on the Tilehurst Road) Ayrton Senna (lived in The Potteries Estate when driving for Williams - there is now an Ayrton Senna Close nearby. It has speedbumps.) Lenny Henry and Dawn French now live in Shinfield Nigel Starmer-Smith (rugby commentator) in Emmer Green Uri Geller (spoonbender and freeloader) in Sonning
  • No one I can think of. That Danny from the purple turtle seemed to fancy himself as a bit of a star, though he always struck me as being a bit of a nob.
  • Marianne Faithful
  • Elvis. He still lives there. I saw him outside Mr Cod once.
  • Apparently, Bryan Adams was actually born in Reading, but his parents moved to Canada shortly after. Can anyone shed any further light on this, or did I just imagine it?
  • Felix Bowness, the diminutive ex - jockey from HI - De - HI
  • Oscar Wilde, a sometime 'resident' of Reading Gaol, during his fudgepacking days.
  • Kate Winslet used to live off the Oxford Road
  • Elvis & White witch of Purley.
  • The Revolutionary Dub Warriors live/lived on London Road.
  • Well Lenny Henry and Dawn Frenchs children used to go to Chiltern Nursery along the Peppard Road, and you can some times see Lenny doing his daily jog up that road with a big army rucksack full of I don't know what but it looks pretty heavy.
  • Okay - Emma Thompson, Kenneth Brannagh and Kate Winslett. Not that Reading deserves such levels of acclaim... but the place can lead to some fame and fortune after all!
  • ME! Well... maybe I'm not famous now... but I will be. I'm starting to do quite well on the stand-up comedy front. Apparently I'm the only stand-up from the place (dunno if that's accurate though) I've been on TV before and I'm listed in TimeOut magazine quite a bit. So... put that on your page if you will. How's that for confidence? All the best. James Barker aka Jimbo.

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