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Cheap Food
  • Nepalese place above Munchies near the Butter Market - 'eat as much as you like' offers very good
  • as above
  • sainsburys
  • PIERRES!! anyone will tell you the best baguettes around!!
  • The Garden of Gulab (Wokingham Road, near Palmer Park and next to the College Arms) is the greatest tandoori restaurant this side of actually going to India. Evidenced by the fact that even when it was being done up recently, the regular customers still came in droves.
  • Beijing Noodle House
  • Beijing Noodle House
  • night and day - it's proper bo!
  • The town has a lot of restaurants if you know where to look. Most of the pubs and bars serve good food as they do in the rest of the country. Pret on Broad Street does excellent sandwiches. The oracle riverside has a good selection such as the Slug and Lettuce Ma potters and Yellow River Cafe.
  • The hong hong opposite primark does the BEST chinese!
  • Nandos is amazin, nice chicken i reckon its da best
  • pizza hut
  • Mcdonalds,PFC,KFC,Burger king ,Greggs,Nandos,Pizza hut,Lickin Chicken,Burger van in the market.
  • nino's, the standard on caversham cod....Reading's hardly renowned for it's cuisine.
  • Greggs - yummy cheap fatty food
  • best place for food has got to b nandos in the town centre
  • cafe iguana does good vegan stuff, as does the kathmandu kitchen, whitley street....
  • jasmine on the oxford road is like the best chinese take away and the jewel in the crown on the oxford road dus a nice indian
  • standard tandoori on caversham road is gorgeous. ocean spray for quality fish and chips. hagi kebab van outside bulmershe court, gives you a kebab for a quid if you blag it well enough... ask is amazing for tiramisu. and nino's on market square smells amazing, and the waiters are lovely. never forgetting Mr Cod of course.
  • KFC KFC KFC!!!
  • Santa Fe, the chips are just fantastic, must be tasted. Kathmandu kitchen by the Whitley shops, best curry in Reading
  • Sweeny Todds pie shop on Castle Street (just down from Pavlovs Dog) is the nuts! You have to go there to fully appreciate your tastebuds.
  • 1.You can eat at L'Ortolan for much less tha 100 per head. 2. No. 5 is now San Marco's and very good. There is also a new Greek Restaurant over the road which is very popular- need to book some time ahead. 3. It would be helpful to have telephone numbers for all your restaurants.
  • One thing Reading is good at. lots of variety. Ben's Thai and a couple of the chinese places are v. good. Plus plenty of chain places for those with no imagination. for take away go to the little shed thing oppersite Pavlov's. Top food for pissed people plus you usually meet someone interesting in the queue.
  • Chicken f**kin lickin everwhere - how do they all make money? who cares?
  • The chips in 'Santa Fe' (Oracle, Riverside) have to be tasted to be appreciated. They are served sprinkled with some exotic spice that is also blended into the accompanying mayonaise dip - one plate is *never* enough.
  • the vegie place just outside the broad street mall is the only place that sells vegan food
  • Pavlov's Dog - Good cheap food
  • Southern Fried Chicken, stays open till 4am. Near the Hope Tap Pub and what used to be the Hooden in the hat??
  • the veggie one next to that murder-burger place, outside butts centre by the flower market
  • L'Otolan in Shinfield is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in the country. I can't confirm this as I haven't been able to afford it yet (costs well over 100 per head) and I have nothing to compare it with. For a posh meal at a slightly more affordable price, try The Castle in Hurst, the Riverside Restaurant or No. 5 in Caversham. For Sunday lunch, I like either the Crown at Playhatch ( or one of the Chef and Brewer pubs (Griffin at Caversham or the George at Loddon Bridge). Tilney Hall in Rotherwick is also quite swanky. Curry is good at the Standard, the Sardar Palace and the Bina.
  • The kebab van that's outside the union rocks! Generous proportions and friendly guys. A little unhygienic at times I suspect but as long as you drink loads of booze before hand, any germs should be killed. Besides, that's tomorrow mornings problem.
  • ok, my only comment. Nobody mentioned the Saffron yet, the best, absolutely best Indian restaurant I've ever been in. Food is consistently good every single time AND they'll home deliver. Bliss on a Friday night.
  • Cafe Bar does really nice food but is a tad expensive. Try it if youre feeling flush.
  • expensive. Yebabam Ye - open from 4pm to 4am
  • Caversham Tandoori takeaway. Worth a scorched ringpiece.
  • Beijing Noodle House in West Street. Not only for the great food but for the really rude waitress. Please don't learn any manners it wouldn't be as much fun going there otherwise!!
  • Anyone mentioned Sweeny + Todd? Why the f*** not? If there's one place that's an institution in this town then it's this Pie restaurant. Where else can you get Pigeon and Peach pies, and what other restaurant refuses to sell chips?
  • Fat women say all.
  • Pizza Express, Iguana, Topo Gigio is excellent if you like Italian & have a spare quid or fifty
  • Lots of decent restauarants and take aways on Prospect St in Caversham. The Hong Kong Noodle House is good for cheap chinese meals. Ye Babam Ye by Cemetry Junction used to be the best Kebab house in town but has gone downhill in recent years. Sweeney Todds Pie shop on Castle St is brilliant.
  • Near rileys pool hall is a nice (very Greek) kebab shop that does a good doner for 2:80 or summat.
  • Burger King at Reading Station. Great!!!
  • Kathmandu kitchen on Whitley Street is great - mega all you can eat buffet on Monday nights, friendly staff.
  • Doctor BEAKS!!!! Does the greatest chicken burger possible and also Marmara Kebab on Caversham Road, say hello to Chip Chip Man who works in there
  • Shabab in Southampton Street. Excellent kebabs, etc.
  • Shababs, Southampton Street do a great kebab-like thing called Chicken Shabab - naan bread instead of pitta.
  • Dolce Vito's and Topo Gigios. Two superb Italian restaurants upstairs in Kings Walks shopping arcade.
  • The Garden of Gulab - the pinnacle in eating experiences
  • Chronicles in Blagrave Street. Cellar wine bar / Bistro type place with candles in wine bottles, dim light and dark wood. Big portions of food, not too expensive, great service. Occasional foxy waitress if you like long curly hair and a smile. A touch on the 30-something side but a good place to go if you want to get away from the lime green shirt / 'alternative' crowd. (Does that make Chronicles an alternative venue?) Good for impressing a chick. Shows you've got sophistication.
  • Bella Napoli on Kings Road opposite Blackwells book shop. Simple Italian restaurant with nice, relaxed atmosphere. Plainly decorated. You'll be greeted by a Manuel type character with a dodgy moustache. If there's two or more blokes in your party then he'll call the biggest (fattest) one "big-a brother". Straightforward menu- never changes but what they do they do well. Fairly cheap and a good place to go mid-week if you fancy eating out but don't want to spend shedloads. Chronicles in Blagrave Street. It's a cellar bar / bistro. Very thirty-something with candles in wine bottles and not much light. It's got a small bar section and a good restaurant. They serve generous portions and you'll pay about 9-12 for a main course. The waitresses all wear black t-shirts, very polite and friendly and you'll get the occasional honey that works there.Packed at weekends. Not obvious to spot from the outside. Very chinos and polo t-shirts.
  • Curries: The Kukhuri on Gunn Street. Great all you can eat buffet on Sundays. Memories of Nepal. Surprise drinks at the management's discretion which means if you spend enough they'll give you big bottles of nepalese ale which is really nice, worth paying for in fact.
  • Hi, just to say that if you go to the new Chinese/Thai restaurant above what used to be the Great Expectations bar, eat a good meal. It was cold, at 7pm, the menu was good, but the rice portions were unbelievable! and I don't mean over the top, they were absolutely miniscule. The Yeoung Chow Fried rice for 4.90 was hardly enough for me, and I am a small eater. The meat dishes were OK, but having been to the Peking Palace, Caversham, the portions are smaller, though about 1.00 less. I prefer to pay for something decent!!! If Shanpan, you participate in this service, I do hope you take heed. You will be out of business very soon. Hong Hong, West St, also run by the people who run Peking Place, have no worries over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ben's bar & Thai Restaurant. On kennet canal opposite Prudential Colley's Supper Rooms -- Abolsolutely Fantastic.
  • pierre victoire restaurant, 10 st mary's butts fine fresh french fodder at superb value prices
  • "The George" does the best Sunday lunch
  • Sweenie Todds is a must (Castle Street). Sadar Indian Restaurant along the Kings Road (Cemetry Junction). Ben's Thai Restaurant; very cheap and really good, food it great - need to book (along the Kennet Canal side, opposite the Prudential).
  • Cafe Iguana does the best veggie food in town, although the Purple Turtle have also caught on and now have a good offering. For a more expensive culanary treat visit Colleys Supper Rooms on the London Road. Usually 7 courses for approx 25 (depending on time of year)
  • posh new restaurant called 'ASK' opened in the Butts, doesn't look TOO expensive but only appropriate for a special night out [ plus I wouldn't be suprised if the BUtts turned into a bit of a blood bath what with the competition from the neighbouring pizza exress] HOWEVER prize for the tastiest morcels after a heavy night out really have to go the indian in cemetry junction and the Perfect fry just opposite the station
  • No night is complete without a visit to the ubiquious Perfect Fry. Over the road from the station, does sumptious and bargainous chicken burgers which will satisfy anyone's post-pub cravings.(just go past the crap keabab shop and it's just round the corner)
  • Pretty much all the pubs in the town centre serve reasonable food. Old Society a tad expensive. Rat and Parrot to be avoided. Yates's and the Weatherspoons pubs can be relied on for decent grub at a reasonable price.
  • Sweeny Todd's, in St. Mary Butts, town centre. Famous for its homemade pies, excellent beer, very nice old place.
  • Standard Tandoori, Caversham Road. About 10 minutes walk out from centre, and often busy, but with good reason, the food is excellent.
  • The Sirdar Palace (I think - something Palace anyhow) Cemetery Junction (a mile or so out of town) Next door to a pub called the Jack of Both Sides. Good all round curry house.
  • Pizza Express, St. Mary Butts: The only *good* pizza chain, excellent pizzas.
  • Brets Hamburger Shop now sadly gone (sniff). Replaced by a balti & burger takeaway called the Spicy Kitchen, which should re-open in early November.
  • Bens Thai restaurant beside the canal
  • Cafe Iguana, St. Marys Butts. Strange, but good.
  • McDonalds, Burger King, various dodgy cafes and kebab vans
  • The Gorge Cafe by the Holiday Inn for some top greasy fry action.
  • Turtle (aka purple squirter)
  • The only place for late night drinking (though watch the triads from the Sargeant York over the road).
  • Little China, King's Road (at the Prudential building end).
  • A relatively new and very welcome Chinese restaurant for Reading. The food is excellent with a wide menu featuring some unusual dishes. The decor is a little strange what with the green 1970's "bistro" look chairs and checked table clothes but the rest is pretty authentic including waitresses in Cheong sams. By the way, they also do an excellent delivery take away service free on orders over £10 within a four mile radius.
  • The Gulshan is a great-food curry house. I recommend the Dahl Soup ('though its not called that on the menu).
  • Subway comes to Reading. Located in Friar Street almost oppersite McDonalds. Basicly healthy fast food, but tastes good.

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