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Demolish It Now Building
  • Under the utmost faith....please demolish the Southcote towers! A haphazard array of 8 storey point blocks dominate the skyline. Many a coolllld damp flat houses the dodgy residents who may possibly be on speed. A lady once screamed from a red crumbling third storey balcony "get oooouuuuuut" (in reference to LEAVE this estate or else!)
  • The Hexagon
  • That horrible ugly one that has been vandalised lots already - King's Point? Right on the Kings Road gyratory. Has a car park on the bottom of it, and a face graffiti'd onto the windows on the side facing Reading Jail. That and Friars' Walk shopping centre (disused)
  • lyon square
  • rest of Reading
  • The Oracle - but only if they could rebuild the old Purple Turtle
  • The Old RG1's.
  • the ORACLE
  • I think a ban on demolition should be aimed at Reading borough council for a few years, to let English Heritage get a good look. My favourite thing about historical buildings in Reading is the back of the Oracle. It used to be Reading Tramways' building til they eliminated the trams too, and there was a big plaque stating so. It was agreed that this would be kept and built around to retain SOME HISTORY! However... some clever soul from the building firm who was unaware of this agreement noticed it still standing, thought he'd do somebody a job, and... oops! A replacement was built, a coverup was initiated and if you drive past (as you pretty much have to on a trip to this town) you can see the falsely aged plaque! I drove past the place every day at the time so it was pretty obvious what had happened...
  • the oracle!!
  • The Cheese Grater - why, oh why, oh why??
  • The Apex plaza
  • Chatham Street car park, which might i add is being knocked down right this minute!
  • The Metal Box building behind the Forbury Gardens.
  • Chatham street car park
  • civic centre n braod street mall
  • butts centre
  • The damn thing opposite the Thames Water building, the grey block.
  • The butts. It is complete an utter SHITE!
  • WHITLEY! nuke it dwestory it main it in every way!!! oh and the purdential bunch of bastards!
  • Ledgends
  • lee everetts house
  • READING GIRLS SCHOOL coz it is the ugliest buildin in the history of Reading.Pizza gogo coz they r all pervs.
  • Multi storey car park near Oxford Road
  • oracle
  • erm, any fancy hi tech one its all ghey really
  • not 1 building but im sure many people would love to see the back of whitly!!
  • Energis. It makes Reading Prison look like the Ramada.
  • The Matrix & Alfred Sutton School Building in the Alfred Sutton playing Field.
  • cheese grater. why why why. that's all i have to say.
  • chiltern edge they are looooooooooooooooooooooooosers
  • er... apex plaza.. dunno really.
  • knock down the matrix. and while you're at it madejski stadium too. pig sty
  • I'd like to see the alley between Our Price (V Shop) and Body shop demolished...oh wait,someone's already thought of that.
  • im sure one sports shop is enough for an entire town. demolish the other 700 please.
  • The new Oracle car park - it looks like a giant cheese grater.
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm non coz i love 4bury so much
  • Broad Street Mall.
  • Energis..urgh...I feel very sorry for the people who work there (or are being made redudndant there!!). It looks like it has sick building syndrome.
  • All of them.
  • This must be one of the ugliest town's in Britain. demolish it all. Now.
  • The Chatham Street car park (which is not actually on Chatham Street at all) has gradually had more and more of itself sectioned-off from public use, so that one entire wing of the hideously ugly structure is now completely out of use. The heavy duty steel braces holding up the ceiling in other, still used parts of the building do not inspire one with confidence...
  • JD Sports (townie central)
  • West street walkway, harris aracde, utopia, whitly, early, the subways near the station gross
  • Broad Street Mall
  • oracle, cos it'll take aload of trends with it
  • Utopia, RG1, Purple Turtle, St Marys Church (eyesore)
  • the whole town should be destroyed
  • all of the 30's and 50's council houses in whitley. theyr'e rough & diabolical.
  • the balconies on the hexham flats look like ironing boards!
  • a red brick slum called whitley & don't forget whitley wood & southcote.
  • oracle
  • The Broad Street Mall. A glowing representation of 60's architecture at its finest.
  • the coley flats, not a nice site.
  • everything in the TVP, destroy it all before it destroys you and don't say I didn't warn you! Oh yeah, the entire basingstoke road and everything on it (apart from safeways and B&Q) espeacially all that new stuff down by the motorway.
  • The new Prudential building. UGH! hideous monstrosity. Who is responsible for that thing?
  • The former Metal Box building dating from '74/'75. Now home to the Energis Corporation. Yes its sad but its had its day
  • Reading university has a building called "FURS". It was built in the 70's and looks like it's made by a twat with a lego kit and a dream. Please demolish it before it becomes too old and they make it a listed building.
  • The Oracle! and the Oracle car park which looks like the biggest Remmngton in the world.
  • The Oracle, the various chain pubs, the luxury flats that keep on turning up everywhere...
  • RG1's..god its bad, badder than bad, but still it pulls the punters..fair play!
  • Too many to choose from
  • The Oracle The Matrix
  • Apex plaza. What were they thinking of?
  • Gibb House
  • Energis ! DESTROY IT NOW !
  • I could happily live without Whitley and the Oracle is an eyesore. Most of the Office blocks in Reading are hideous especially the Energis buiding on Forbury Road.
  • that old grey thing opposite Forbury that u see if you go there by train from wokingham. its a feckin' disgrace!
  • This would have to be Chistia upstairs in Reading mall because of its fake DC's and batty townie clothes
  • Apex Plaza - vile pink edifice near the railway station
  • that pub in the train station was a bit of an eye sore I must say - though generally the architecture in Reading was like the town it's self - bland.
  • Hmmm... What can I say about the Oracle. Arty, if you like that sort of thing. Personally I think it lives up to it's nickname "The Orifice".
  • Demolish all of Whitley now - please God!
  • Council Offices
  • Chatham Street Carpark. Concrete monstrosity, must go, and the Level One club will fortunately go with it.
  • The Madejski Stadium
  • The Oracle even though they havn't finished it yet! A huge set of square building blocks. Plastered with a few red and white bricks is not good or new architecture. A child of five could come up with a better design.... with thier own building blocks.
  • That concrete monster between on the Forbury Road, next to the retail park.
  • After Dark in London Street. Oh, someone did it already and forgot to tell the punters. Second thoughts, don't do that. They'll all spread out into the rest of the town. See best things.
  • The ORIFICE "regional shopping/leisure experience?" what's that supposed to mean?
  • Eagle Star house on London road.
  • Along the Kings Road, going out of town on the left had side is a gross building. It is pure 80s and has mirrored purple windows - foul! My colleague says - "my work - along Kings Meadow!"
  • The worst thing about Reading is the fact that it is home to Prudential. everywhere you go, you hear Prudential mentioned....somebody knows somebody who works at Prudential. Reading should do itself a favour and get shot of the six or seven different Prudential offices- definately falls into the Demolish-it Now Buildings catagory. Hopefully by then i'll have another job and won't get flattened to much!!!!
  • THE ORACLE!!!!!!! I know it's not built yet, but I hate it. It's gonna ruin Reading.
  • St Mary's Butts Centre.
  • Foster Wheeler building opposite the train station, big shiny brown mirrored type of affair. also i used to work there and it was most unsatisfactory
  • All the Pru buildings (they're building another you know!)
  • Too many to mention!
  • The building I hate so much has to be Reading Station, opened in 1989 by HRH the queen it needs sorting out, It really is outdated, it has nasty pipe things holding up the ceiling and it just is a horrid building. I have no more to say, except Reading Borough Council, SORT IT!
  • There's just so much choice. I'll go for Broad Street Mall.
  • The Broad Street Mall. No matter what they do to try and update this shopping center, it will always look like something out of the 70's. There aren't even any shops in there worth visiting anyway. Flatten it and make room for more pubs !!!

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