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  • The Nags Head, Russell Street - Probably the best pub in Reading for those that like real-ale, cider and no loud music.
  • Friar Street. There are quite a few drinking establishments there. Some with younger clientele than others. The Weatherspoons (there are two - The Hope Tap, and The Monks' Retreat) tend to have either ancient clientele or very young looking ones. Therefore the average age of their customers tends to be above drinking age, but only because of the hordes of octegenarians also drinking in the same establishment...
  • the oak tree or pond house
  • Sahara Bar in Gun Street is amazing if you want to avoid all the chain pubs and go for a classy drink. Bar tenders really know their stuff and cocktails are yummy if a bit pricey. Good selection of beers, including Belgian.
  • The Lyndhurst - a fantastic local's local
  • The Rising Sun has always been a top night out if you're into moshing etc. Lot better than it was when I was at school, hee-hee!
  • The turtle, pavlov's. The brewery tap down castle st is ok for a chilled out beverage... but the landlords a t**t. Had good bar staff over the summer.
  • The Spread Eagle.
  • purple turtle for posing at night meeting mates by day
  • Hop Leaf, Hobgoblin, Allied Arms
  • Hop Leaf, Hobgoblin, Allied Arms
  • The Hobgoblin. No matter what age. The only pub that doesn't need a bouncer when the Madjeski stadium is turning out.
  • the allied arms - my friend owns it. it's prrrrrroper bo.
  • There is an excellent range of pubs in Reading. There are the usual wetherspoons which offer excellent real ale and quite good cheap food. We also have most of the other chains, which despite people slagging them off all the time usually offer clean fairly pleasant surroundings, apart from maybe a Saturday evening. There are a lot of other good quality places too, one of these being a Fullers pub opposite the Apex Plaza that has a good choice of beer and an Italian Restaurant on the 1st floor. On Broad Street next to Costa there is a pub that has a wide variety of beer, I think it's called the Hobgoblin.
  • The Harvester in Tilehurst is kl, with a fit bar man 2 i mite add!
  • go to oxford- the turl, the goose, bar riza
  • The Allied Arms is a lovely pub in the heart of Reading with a good atmosphere and great people to hang out with. Also my friend owns it. If you're reading this Simon: I love you!
  • The Great Expections is gud...serves MANY fresh faced people! (so i've heard!)
  • on Friday 28th Feb it will be the Roebuck in Earley ( for the Funky Monks - a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band, and damn good are they too! Its also my local pub and is a great little place... Near the 3 Tonnes on Wokingham Road, its not a pub you'd pass normally. Its on a residential st off St Peters Road, on Auckland road. No cover charge or anything... they will be playing in central Reading in March (details to follow) but they will expidite your hard earned (or claimed!) dosh for that one I'm afraid...
  • on Friday 28th Feb it will be the Roebuck in Earley ( for the Funky Monks - a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band, and damn good are they too! Its also my local pub and is a great little place... Near the 3 Tonnes on Wokingham Road, its not a pub you'd pass normally. Its on a residential st off St Peters Road, on Auckland road. No cover charge or anything... they will be playing in central Reading in March (details to follow) but they will expidite your hard earned (or claimed!) dosh for that one I'm afraid...
  • Revolution on Station Road. This is what Reading has been needing for such a long time. Excellent music, classy surroundings and an extensive selection of booze. What more do you need?
  • The Roebuck - oxford road, near purley, has some gd bands play there often too.
  • Engineers arms and the Whitley tavern.
  • Bar Four is good, they do food and you can get served easily before eight.
  • turtle. pav's. the cheapo witherspoone's.. proverbial.
  • The Dove in Reading is now a gay bar and is still the best pub in Reading
  • close em
  • The Butler in Chatham Street is foul. The landlord is rude, the toilets are filthy, the beer is over priced and they don't refridgerate their coke. Enough reasons to avoid it.
  • Pubs in reading.. well they aren' all that much to rave about. But the University Halls of Residence of Wantage Hall probably has a better atmosphere, cheaper drinks and nicer customers than most of them! Its just off Upper Redlands Road. Small, but homely. Otherwise, you can go to the Its A Scream Pubs which are kinda fun. For less student-type places... dream on all the other pubs are full of old men, and the clubs are full of underage pikey. Unless you';re a student, Reading is pants.
  • me fav local as a poor student is the upin arms by cemetry junction, big comfy leather armchairs n good music n pool tables wot more cud u ask for
  • The new bar 'Revolution' is pretty good. Okay, okay, I know it's a chain bar, but the sofas are comfy, the other patrons look good, no one vomits on your shoes (don't ask) and they have many different flavours of vodka. Towards the back is a mini dancefloor, but I've yet to see someone use it fo that purpose. The drinks ain't cheap, but not too expensive either (1.50 per shot of vodka). Worth going to if you want to shout 'Salute' and down your 15th shot of a forgotten flavour of vodka whilst viewing the plethora of eye candy.
  • i dont know if the boars head is still there but if it is then after 15 years that ive not been there i hope all you stinking skin head knobs have died off.Reading wisne tae bad it wis jist the folk that spoilt it. the pubs were great arbourfield tracky 17 years old and every pub in the toon wis glad tae take yir dosh
  • the nob at christchurch green. student filled. v. cheap. the baron in caversham cheap. don't go near the chequers in woodley. in town.. er.. bar casa is supposed to be good but there is a bus stop right outside so a poor view. turtle. forum.
  • Chciago's - buy one get on free every night between 5pmand 9pm expect for weekends when its 5 - 11
  • Mango, just opened next to Pavlovs Dog. No dress code most weekdays, and free food! Not the place if you're a hardcore grunger though, but if you don't mind a change... No toddlers either, meaning you can get ruined in peace.
  • There are now about a million pubs in Reading (when I used to live there, there were only about 3). Most seem to be of the huge nationwide chain variety, and include the word Firkin. However, I understand that recently (as of June 2002) an old alternative (rock, goth) type place has re-opened in the Butter Market (that's down past the back of M&S, before you get to the Forbury) - it's opposite the post office. I just can't remember the name (was it something like Chequers before?) Maybe someone can remind me.
  • The Fruit Bat on Erleigh Road is a great pub. Say hi to Sat and Andy, the managers of the place. over 10 (cheap) beers on tap, last count, great chill-out place, not brewery owned. Pool table, free curry monday night, and friendly staff. GREAT!
  • The Hop Leaf Southampton St. (5 minutes walk from the chainpubs in the town centre) A Hop Back Brewery Pub which serves the finest Real Ales in Reading. Their own "Best" is very tasty too. No food, top quality, reasonably priced, beer only.
  • Chain Pub hell!! Brannigans is the worst (you're not coming in with those shoes/trousers/haircut/expression - yet it's full of scum!). Bar Med is almost as bad. The Walkabout is good for cradle-snatching. The square's good for hearing damage. The Litten tree's good if you fancy a fight. The best chain pubs are probably Pitcher & Piano and O'Niells (but avoid the club upstairs which is full of Kev's). If you like something a bit more individual try Pavlov's (tho' still a chain!) or the Turtle.
  • Rising sun. Goths, Moshers, Freaks need i say more. friendly crowd and great bar men and ladys.
  • New pub dat is wikked is the Honeypot, featuring readings finest honeyz in all their glory if you don`t mind paying over the odds for beer (whats new?). And see they even got it in the right location at the end of friar street - so all the beer boys can actually say the`ve seen a naked lady. Failing that just go to brannigans (any night) theres usually some "ladies" with less clothes on than the honeypot anyhow..
  • you dont need a pub when you can go to forbury gardens
  • Pavlov's Dog
  • The bull in stanford dingley serves min... has a fresh faced crowd...
  • The Hope Tap (cheap alcohol - by Readings standards). The Purple Turtle open till 2am most nights, no youngens tho (strict bouncers), good atmosphere TIP PLEASE we need the extra money!!. (where i work) rocks... different music coming and going.. Rock, hiphop, dance, drumnbass, chillout. theres a garden for all those that cant hack it and a downstairs for the hardcore fans that like music with bass!
  • Very 'fresh faced' crowds in The Firkin, and practically everywhere else. The Purple Turtle smells funny, and the Rising Sun is populated by Goths and perverts. Take your pick.
  • For daytime sunshine drinking, you can't beat Pipers Island for it's location. Friar Street and the Oracle are full of new pubs that are always packed in the evening. Fuelled by Stella and Smirnoff Ice, this is the place for the single to head and, from the stories I hear, people do alright for themselves in the pulling department. Tends to be quite a young scene but there's enough single 20, 30 and 40 somethings to stop it being a typical small-town demographic in the town's drinking establishments. Pubs I like include the Crown on Caversham Bridge, The back of Beyond, Pipers and the Purple Turtle. I went through a phase of going to Po Na Na but I can't recommend it as it's expensive. Also I was head butted by a complete stranger in there which broke my nose. I'm married now so I tend to like quiz night at my local ;-)
  • Alcohol consumption in Reading is being made a preserve of the (twatish) office working culture. No ben sherman, no smart black shiney shoes, no service. Also: no all male parties, no hats, no polo shirts, no music or only 80's music, no long skirts, no baggy trouser, no blue jeans, no jeans, etc.......
  • The Hop - v. strange landlord and lady which just adds to the charm of the place. Serves people over 18 too!
  • Where are the Irish pubs?? O'Neils so isnt an irish pub and is a perfect example of the hideous chain pubs here.
  • The Rising Sun - possibly the only alternative place left in Reading. Tuesday nigths is jazz, wednesday is rock, thursday is goth, friday and the weekend are generally rock stuff. Don't go in the toilets, though.
  • New-look Roebuck alias the Beethovens Oxford Road Tilehurst. Reading and Tilehurst are invited to join us to launch our new look at the Roebucks Horror Evening on Friday 13th April 2001.
  • Reading pubs are not very good really (Iam the master of the understatement).
  • Theme pubs galore. All of which are unbearable. Purple Turtle used to be good - is now full of gobshites.
  • After 10 years I'm finally bored of the Turtle. Face facts, if you're a discerning drinker, what are you doing in Reading Town centre nowadays?
  • Too many soulless chain pubs for sad hilfiger wearing twats or tossers from the pru talking very loudly about their day job
  • Can I just say that the guy who ran the Bull and Chequers in the early 90s (Mark..) was an absolute git? Someone lamped him once and everyone in the pub was in general agreement that he deserved it. In the 80s they built a conservatory extention to add a bit of class (glass?) to the place. Why do people even bother with such things in Woodley?
  • They might consider in the year 3000 to build a big dome over the whole of Reading town centre - featuring a total "drinking experience"....
  • The Queens Head aka The Nob Girls - This is certainly a place to look for the best in Reading men. This pub is full of fit students, cultured academics and fresh faced wine trade proffessionals. The drinks are great and cheap and the garden has sofa's(although they do smell a bit).
  • Avoid Friar Street like the pox, that is unless you happen to be a Ben Sherman Shirted Wanker. Crash Helmets & Full body armour are advisable between 11pm & midnight
  • Sadly the town Centre is now full of Wanker magnets so avoid most of the pubs on Friar St. There are now about 60 pubs within half a mile of the town hall soyou are spoilt for choice. THe Firkin pubs are reasonably good, if expensicve as is the Hobgoblin on Broad St. The Purple Turtle is OK but not as good as the old one. 3Bs is OK as are the 3 Weatherspoons pubs, The Monks Retreat and Hope Tap on Friar St although they are usually packed and the Back OF Beyond on Kings Rd which is usually deserted.
  • Boars head was good but now its crap as none of my mates get served there.Hope tap is cheap, but a crap atmosphere. go to Victoria wine and go to the park!
  • Allied Arms - a truly old fashioned boozer in these days of theme pubs and naff names. Proper juke box, proper beer, proper people. Next to Pizza Express in St Marys Butts. Much maligned around town but unfairly so. Particulaly popular in summer for the only proper beer garden in town.
  • Lots of pappy souless chains, if this isn't your thing the best bets are the Hobgoblin in town, the Hook & Tackle or the Fez & Firkin.
  • The butler wasn't too bad for a quite pint of cider and a cigar, other than that the pubs in Reading had a tendency to be full of absolute tossers.
  • Back Of Beyond is quiet but cheap, flyer does good karaoke on tuesdays
  • Pubs in Reading are NOT worth the visit, can't wear trainers, absolutely packed, stupidly loud & bad music and generally full of 16-18yr old idiots. I should know lived there all my life. Harvey Floorbangers aint to bad, bit more laid back than all the other places.
  • Bar Excellence is now the Pitcher and Piano. Majority of town centre pubs seem to cater for dressed up teens with music so loud that you can hear the person next to you.
  • Lime green untucked shirts, slicked back hair, emerging paunch, big buckled shoes, top lip rides up your teeth? Think you're a bit tasty and secretly reckon you could take the smallest bouncer? Sound like you? Get yourself down to Yates's, Newt and Cucumber or The Square (spot the difference?) and mutter begrudging acknowledgments at similar types that you stub your fags out with on Sunday mornings before football and carry on making me laugh and despair. Go on mah san! Nice one.
  • Yates. The nicest pub/saloon in Reading in my opinion. You can sit outside and there is a BAR outside, how cool is that. You can have cakes with your mean as well. The Fez. Aother nice pub. A little walk though. If your a Reading Uni Student its not too far to walk though. Quite a nice atmosphere though.
  • The Purple Turtle, always busy after 11:30 but can be quite nice. Open after 11 every day. Pierre Victoire. Open late on Fridays and Saturday nights. Friday is Jam night. Only one draft beer which is Kronenborg 1664 but a good variety of bottles. The BBBs, the place for people who work at the IB to congregate but you also get a lot of students. Cool atmosphere.
  • The Poacher, The Seven Red Roses, The Culpepper Mill -- all in Lower Earley The Jolly Anglers, The Fisherman's Cottage, and The Dove -- On the Kennet Canal
  • Lots of bad although the good are arriving swiftly. Be prepared to where your shoes. Thinking of dressing as a tramp with a collar and shoes - they would have to let me in, eh?
  • Their is an excellent litte oak beamed pub called the Allied Arms, right in the centre of town in the area called the butts, opposite the market. In the summer there is a sun trap beer garden that gets quite busy. All sorts of people go in there, so everyone should go and spend some money in there. Especially seen as my dad owns it !
  • Bar Excellence offers cool surroundings, friendly bouncers and isn't packed with kids.
  • New pub opened up called The Square (near Yates' and the Newt) Not much to shout about except don't go there if you are can see the beer behind the bar, you can see other people drinking the beer that has come from behind the bar but i want to know...when will i ever get served a bloody drink!!! If anyone is looking for a bar job, please apply as they need more staff!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gay pubs: The Wynford (mostly male), Kings Road, next to Kwik Fit or The Granby (mostly female), Cemetery Juunction
  • The Hop Leaf, Southampton Street. Apparently a brew pub, owned by Hop Back brewery. Bar Billiards and nice Summer Lightning. Oh yes, and Pickled eggs.
  • Modern, new pub "The Squares", very trendy 'clubby' pub with a huge rotating TV screen being the central focus of the pub. Bit of a possers pub I think and at 2.40 a pint you've gotta be rich to get pissed. Go for the drinks on special if you can. Pretty cool, worth a visit.
  • Purple Turtle
  • The Lyndhurst Arms - Watlington Street. Friendly pub, good selection of beers. Popular with students. Can get a bit smokey
  • The Hope Tap is a fairly new Weatherspoons Pub the opposite end of Friar Street to the town hall. The Newt and Cucumber, near the town hall, is increasingly popular, but you need good vision to cope with the neon lights at night. More traditional are The Horn, St. Mary's Butts, diagonally opposite Alleycat's, and the Courage club on Castle Hill, the Brewery Tap (I think). All average prices, worth a visit on a pub crawl night. Should mention the out-of-town Rendezvous, the footy club bar. Could close soon, but worth a visit. Very friendly - on Tilehurst Road.
  • I never thought I'd say this but there's a really nice wine bar on Friar St called Bar Excellence. Very courtious door staff as well. Blimey.
  • The Three Guineas, Old Railway Station, Station Hill.
    Good food, handy for British Rail (back door opens onto Platform 4), nice to sit outside in summer)
    The Monk's Retreat, Friar Street.
    Good range of beers, large no smoking area
    The Hobgoblin, Broad Street.
    Friendly, with a very good range of real ales (many of which I've never heard of). If they are serving a beer called Reck'Em, cancel your plans for the following morning & start drinking.
    Rat and Parrot
    Operates a dress code during the day & some evenings. Used to be The Coopers in Market Place.
    Scruffy Murphys
    An Irish theme pub, God help us! Used to be the Railway Tavern on Greyfriars Road.
    The Butler
    Good local Fuller's pub.
    Jack of Both Sides (Cemetry Junction)
    Rough. Rougher than rough. Bloody nasty. Don't, whatever you do, go in here if you're a student. Your body will not thank you for it.
    Favourite drinking spot for the pre-club crowd. Reasonable food.
    The Malthouse.
    Tacky, no atmosphere but it has got a large screen sports TV...
    The Old Society, Friar Street.
    New and usurping Muswells for clubbers. Bouncers can be a bit picky.
    The College Arms.
    Out of town centre and very popular with students. Good range of beers and food is OK.
    Small but friendly with (tiny) club downstairs on weekends.
    Iguana Bar, above Iguana Cafe.
    Relaxed atmosphere with occasional live DJs. 'Alternative' people love this place.
    The place to be if you're a hip happening student-type. Lots of guest beers.
    Mellows, Caversham.
    Young school/student crowd and live DJS.
    The Boars Head, Friar Street.
    Recently gaudily refurbished. Has a reputation for being a little violent from it's past incarnation but seems OK now.
    The Purple Turtle.
    Opens late to 2am, most days, no entry fee. May I emphasise how good the Purple Turtle is. It stocks beers from all over the world (bloody strong ones too) and has the best juke box in Reading -- I haven't heard of one that can equal its variety in music. Grungy types abound (along with loads of student nurses for some reason).
    Check out the new [6.96], improved Purple Turtle, it's on Gun street, near Alleycats, and now features two bars, open till 4 am!! and boasts more than one toilet!!! The old Turtle will still be open till they knock it down. :(
    Turks Head, on London Road
    Good student hangout.
    New Flyer & Firkin (opposite station in old ICL social club building).
    Huge barn but with atmosphere, reasonable beer, and one real cider (yes, flat so you can
    Rising Sun.
    Re-vamped yet again (Oh for the oak panelled days ). Now sports a Tut & Shive badge and has possibly the most bizarre interior you'll find in a Southern County-town that once held Oscar Wilde in its prison. (Play spot the rhino with your friends)
    The Dove
    Down by the canal, off Orts Road (one of the best)
    Yates' Wine Lodge, Friar Street
    The old Post Office building refurbished in impressive quantities of wood and cast iron, but there the fun ends. A door policy that oscillates from "erratic" to "threatening" in a very short space of time. Assuming you can successfully run the gauntlet of doorstaff (5 this last Saturday), you then have to contend with a roaming pack of "in-house" security (we counted a further 7 - although we didn't stay long enough to carry out an exhaustive survey). Best avoided like the plague, another glowing example of choice, but no choice, as the aim seems to be to ape the Firkin, which apes the Old Society, which apes the Monk's Retreat, only more so.
  • Many good pubs 5 minutes walk+ out of the centre.
  • I just moved back to Canada from Reading, and I miss it already, what I miss you might ask, well, the people for one. I met a lot of interesting people at the pubs, and I still keep in touch with them. I'm curious as to why you don't list the "Wynford Arms" pub in your list of pubs. The people there have amazing attitudes towards life in general and a great outlook on what's hot and not in Reading. They welcomed me into their world, (amazing for the English to do) and loved me for who I am.
  • Edwards. New and grossly decorated (rather nice really!). Cerise is dominant colour with some mad artwork on the wall. Has a bit of a street bistro feel to it. Food limited but good. As it's new, they're still trying. No trainers; smart jeans is kool.

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