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Skateboarding Spots in Reading, Berkshire*

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Skateboarding Spots
  • little heath school(tilehust reading) steps next to tennis courts *bring wax* only on weekends as teachers on school days *hard to get in but there are three ways all jumping tall fence*
  • Twyford Rec
  • A good spot my friend and I found recently is behind Mazda garage on Portman Road, nice flat ground for practising tricks, unfortunately there are no features... good for .
  • wensley court
  • Losers again unfortunately
  • Sol Joel Skate Park
  • Steps by train station, 8 maybe? long run up good landing and a rail which could be done I reckon....Near kings road college theres a 14 set you can dsee from the road, loads of run up, landing onto wide pavement then busy road so be careful. ALso at same place there's a double set, dooable? I don't know....late night this would havce to vbe done the steps are part of a business so you'd get booted if you skated em during the day...and the roads are a bit busy too.... As for the skate park? 20minutes from town....and shite! crappy quarters to crappy volcano next to crappy box to crappy quarter. And an okay manual block. But who's gonna go to reading for a manual or 2? Never again!
  • theres some videos of dudes skating the readings spots at: the part with the steps is filmed just near forbury gardens-jsut go through an arch from the main statue,go left through a covered bit next to a carpark, and go right down ramp over the river.skate the ramp if your brave but you can easily lose your board to the river. most of the other parts can be reached by jsut walking through forbury to the main road-youl pass them on the way
  • some good sopts are underneath the hexagon ,theres some killer ramps right into the road but iv your okay you wont go into it.Its also right next to a carpark and the oracal loading bay so whatever you do ,dont go into the underground part-its full of cameras Forbury garden itselfs kinda hard to skate since they gravelled it but there are some nice spots to skate around it locals are alright(considering I am one) and iv never had anything but fun with the dudes who hang aroud there.
  • think down near CAversham where the fair goes near ther iver
  • Round the side of the oracle there is a kool 6 set, the ledges on the oracle riverside. you get chucked within minutes though. round back of riverside carpark there is the IDR. brilliant place to skate, ledges bout 1 1/2 ft high. top of station car park nice 8 set. o forbury is no longer a skatespot as they turned the paths to gravel.... but opposite forbury theres sum black ledges, the security chuck u afyter about 15 mins so some good skating in that time. alos go through the arch there and theres loadza steps unfortunately wiv skate protection onm them, but go down them and theres some smooth ground to do some flatland, go up round the corner and youll find a 5 6 or 7 set im not sure but not very good run up but worth a try. 2 set 3 set at prudential, caversham skatepark, not too good anymore as loadza chavs hang there now. at the other prudential by huntley and palmers theres a sic 9 set. and ontop of broad street roof theres a big sic ledge and sum very smmoth surfaced ground. skatepark to be opened at 'xmas 05'. underneath the reading magistrate court and council and hexagon there is sum big slope and sum small flatbanks under sum stairs. thats about it quite alot though. go skate..
  • there is s sic 9 set opposite queens rd car park, decent enough!
  • up by the woodley precinct there is a car-park next to waitrose. it has the best floor and curbs for cheap tricks and speed
  • forbury gardens, now having a 'lottery make over' so down to caversham
  • The graveyard is a good spot for skaters, but the IDR is brilliant. If ANYONE can noseslide the yellow bit by the oracle drive in car park and not get hit in the bollocks by a bike bar, i will buy them a pint.
  • seen sum ppl by the riverside by the oracle for skateboardin, they got escorted off the premises tho!
  • The skatepark is OK but about to get torn down (apparently). New one going up by Rivermead (ears open). Blocks outside forbury (get camera on before entering...ten mins max). Chatham street lump (those were the days). Long stairs at Rusts in Tilehurst (RIP Toms knee). Church End Lane Midi (dodgy area). Southcote mini (worse). Some spots in Office areas of south Reading.
  • the best is in the pipeline as far as i know wait n c, but a few ppl hang under the old bus depot...(station Road)
  • Don't go to cav park sk8 park, it sux!
  • The oracle, Hexagon, Broad st. mall Carpark (roof) sick little roof gap over a wall, waxed curbs, Forbury Gardens (across the road on the way to the station 4 set with a well low handrail, run-up bit gnarly though), The other side of the roundabout the police stations on there are some small metal rails, a four set and a flatbank. Top of the station carpark - big eight set, flat banks-downstairs - a four set and some waxed curbs. Old prudential-2set then three set, round the corner of the same building 2set gap to waxed ledge, new prudential-funny metal sculpture, fun to wallie off of!!!! oh yeah...wendys curb (sacred spot so you gotta find it yourselves).
  • Forbury seems to be about the only place to skate in Reading. The town center gets too croweded and there are a lot of busy roads. It can get pretty difficalt for begginers. Besides that it's genrally a pieceful atmousphere. It's must stop by for anyone who's stoping in Reading. Except for of course after 6. I userally stay in a group of people. Good for guy skaters, a little more difficalt for girl skaters since we always seem to get yelled at by the 16 year old kids that seem to have started hanging round there. Good place to go and skate in the day though :)
  • cav skate par, forbury just as long as the forbury faires aren't around
  • By the bingo hall there are some sick steps there are the littlens by cash converters and then the ones leading down n up from the bingo place. There are 8 going down and i think 11-12 going up. Look after your ankles when attempting these steps.
  • Hey there some new indoor park opening or already opened in the south reading leisure park! Dont know if it's any good, only thing on the web I found is to do with kids sessions there! Has quite a range of stuff I gather.
  • Round the back of the Broad Street Mall next to the toilets and the long steps is a curb behind which is a lovely 3ft drop to a very slight slope
  • caversham skatepark is the best place for moshers and skaters...
  • cavasham park. not great until you get pretty good on ramps up to 6 foot. underneath boiler room. 2 foot kickers, manual box grind box. below the hexagon. back of mecca bingo, mothercare care park for high ledges, broad street mall car park for ledges up to 5 ft. forbury for benches. prudential, 2 set and 3 set. (beware the river!) forbury 4 set + band stand 4 or 5 (can't remember.) hexagon ( big 6) flatbanks little 2ft ledges. creates.
  • Prospect park hill, by the mansion house is where I first bust my head, get down there on a saturday morning!
  • forbury gardens for skating or little ramp behind iceland nice two-step there if ur a maniac try NCP car park nice bocks of stairs for extreme people!
  • the forbury gardens gets and behind the library, if ur wanting a proper sk8 park the one in kings meadows is pretty good!
  • Caversham skate park its near the station and not as bad as it repped to be theres a cool group of skaters there on saturday who dont mind beginners and theres no trouble with trevs townies or whatever and a cool street sweeper comes to busk for a go on your skateboard.
  • IDR
  • Soel Joel skate park near the three tuns in early, 2 half pipes with a spine transfer and a 1/4 pipe funbox setup, brilliant place to sk8 or just chill with mates, and theres allways likely 2 be someone there.
  • The underground space by the bus depot near the bingo hall. Massive Curbs. Kendrick School Kurbs. The Red Banks opposite Huntly and Palmer Building next to river. The Skate Park is over the bridge from the train station towards caversham. It's on the right hand side after the bridge. The NCP car Park. I recommend going to London for a decent sk8
  • skate park in kings meadow and stairs outside cash converters. quality.
  • nxt 2 prudential building near forbury's there a 2 set 3 set with some waxed ledges and on the top off broad street car park !!!!!
  • hill at the end of elgar road is nice for downhill stuff...
  • the forbury,
  • forbury is ok but therez no half pipes or nethin like that its a nice atmosphere down there tho
  • skate park in caversham. outside cash converters. forbury.
  • get the train to martins heron get off walk up the hill next to you and you will find the baddest skate park that no one uses. hope is a slag.
  • not quite a sk8 spot as i am a bmxer but the police station has some gr8 slopes up to windows and ledges and walls varying from about a foot high to about 4 foot!!PERFECT!!
  • B-line NOT, that place stinks basicly wherever we stop and skate could be defined as a spot so wherever except Prudential the rivers a board swallowing machine.
  • Cav Skate Park - there are always loads of ppl there to give u tips and stuff. Quite a few ppl are down the dirt jumps on the hill.
  • in the police station carpark, underneath the hexagon. pretty much guaranteed to get busted, but worth it for the amusement!
  • well there are a couple of decent skate parks which are ok, like the one behind boiler room nr forbury gardens
  • Forbury gardens is a top sk8 place!
  • A few sk8ers hang down at forbury now but there's no rails or decent jumps- hardly a good place 2 display ur tricks! But it's good 2 just chill out down there.
  • Forbury Park and Sol Joel park (Earley Crossroads)
  • forbury or by the prudential buliding
  • Forbury Gardens and Abbey Ruins. Bear in mind, however, that nobody can *actually* skate.
  • Theres two skateparks; one in Early-Go UP Wokingham Road, straight on at the cross roads by the BP garage and its in the park on the left. A bit dilapidated though. The other is; down the road from the station to the big roundabout, head under the rail-bridge and straight on at the next roundabout, over the bridge (Thames) and its at the far end of the carpark on the right, its small but fairly popular, and theres some dirt jumps (in fluctuation progress) behind it for all your BMX and BSX needs (use the kicker on the big table on the first run in- you'll clear the downslope!)
  • Old bus depot is ok. forbury is where most people hang when they arent in the station!
  • Cash Converters steps. Ranging from 1 to 5.
  • See Bracknell entry. Much better facilities there.
  • Forbury gardens.
  • Well, there is the bandstand at the Forbury on Sunday afternoons, just ask for John Swain and you'll be well in. And the park on George street, has a skate ramp and BMX track.
  • Bingo Steps from 1-5 then 9. Forbury Gardens: manual rolls, steps, flat nice'n'open. Tesco car park: nice slidy curbs, smooth concrete, loads of space to cruise around. Never a bust. Car-park at back of Friar Street: well painted curbs both downhill and flat. Roundabout under flyover near bus depot: usually quarterpipe, bank and railslide. Steep banks across the road. Caversham Hotel: tiny handrails (2-3' high!). Could be a bust. Snake run banks across the road are usually a bust, but worth it. Station car-park: watch out for hassle from casuals. Long thin manual roll curb, bin lids rad for nose bump stuff. Railslides, waxed, downhill. Children's World: six 10' long manual rolls in a row. Wicks (Sunday only): rad walls about 2' high. Slidy.
  • Next to the car park under the civic centre at the base of the old ornamental waterfall. Mostly on saturdays after 4pm and all day Sundays. Very close to the police station, but no known busts.

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