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The Worst Things
  • Piff the magic dragon did the Reading festival and Francis got booed off stage
  • the mock tudor 30's barn houses in Whitley. The butchers opposite failed in hygeine ratings due to numeroud vermin and rat droppings amongst the stock....lovely.
  • Reading is one of the two worst places to live in Berkshire (the other being ‘Slough’). Why? Because Slough and Reading are the only two towns in Berkshire run by Labour Party Councils. Like Slough, Reading is socially, morally and economically deprived with poor public services (i.e. poor schools, health services, housing and public safety), high crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, too many chavs, beggers, and shoddy council houses that accommodate feckless parents and their degenerate kids.
  • William Sorenson
  • It's not just the "yobs", adults are the most rude and selfish b'stards I've ever met. A soulless town full of thicky right wing daily mail readers.
  • ALL THE JUNKIEES COME TO ROMFORD ILL SHOW YOU SOME WEED CHARLIE AND WE DRIVE SMART CARS ALSO NOT MOPEDS THIEFS GENERAL IDIOTS READING ATTRACTS I HAVE NEW GOLF R AND IT FLYS READING DOES HAVE SOME NICE GIRLS AS DOES BASINGSTOKE DOWN ROAD DONT SIT IN CAR SMOKING WITH STEAMEY WINDOWS THAMES VALLEY POLICE R TWATS I THOUGHT ESSEX WAS BAD WE HAVE QUIET PLACES WE DO IT when i lived in slough it was hell hole back in 1990 imagine it know reading got lot foreigners too they move furter out from london generally reading aint bad any nice dogging sites let us know keep your speed down round 1 way system mines a 59reg golf r
  • Cold, rainy, sad, boring town! Everything's a franchise, bars and venues lack character and close way too early, public transportation's a joke. Locals and students alike are retarded and the weather is horrible year-round. This town sucks donkey arse, avoid it at all costs.
  • The begging - 7 different ones in the 5 minute walk from the station to my works The traffic system is so bad. Always got queues. The automated voice at the railway we says "I am sorry for the delay" - it's a computer how can it be sorry? The cyclists who think they rule the footpaths around the Oracle
  • dee road estate,coley and amersham rd estate and all them freeks in south reading you all know the areas!
  • discos and the swans at Caversham Bridge attacking
  • My lack of memories of certain graveyards
  • The Traffic. Do not go near Redaing at Rush Hour
  • The bad mans and rude gyals in Whitley that act like they r soo ghetto like they from Hackney or St.Pauls yet they are small town yokuls and they ain't hard. They plasticy, artificial feel to the town, it's just overly commercial, it has history yet the council deprives it of it's character with tings like the orifice. Most ppl in reading r genuinely friendly though, even some in Whitley and it ain't stuck up or snobbish, ppl tend to mix fairly well but a bit miserable ofen.
  • whitley
  • smelly alley , union streets reel name . smells liek sh*t
  • The creeping influence of London on everything...
  • expensive!
  • expensive!
  • WHITLEY!! A ROTTON PART OF READING, al the bleeping students who think they dress so original and the skag scene, also the pubs to avoid IE, chigagos, yates etc, ie, a dress code pub, buts loads of relaxed places you can af a puff and a dab!!
  • There are a lot of townies who seem to think they live in Brixton rather than Berkshire. Try walking around the town on a Saturday!! People moan too much about the town & can't seem to see that they live in a pleasant (if a bit busy) area of the country.
  • The buses... sometimes early, late, unreliable... sort it out! But the buses r gettin better, the 17 1's are brand spankin new!
  • The way the council like to destroy all the history and build luxury flats. And decide to build the Oracle on the riverside and didnt actually think about the fact the river floods.
  • Brannigans
  • The bloke who stands in Broad Street with a huge wooden cross, accosting passers by with Scripture. He is also seen in the Forbury Gardens, where he tries to woo the Goths over to Christ.
  • WHITLEY is def the worst place in Reading. Not nice 2 drive through in daytime (apart from doing 200mph), NOT the place 2 b after dark unless u want to be mugged, murdered etc. Bus drivers should b paid danger money on that route.
  • chewing gum covered streets. worst one way road system in uk
  • And I quote: Ayrton Senna, or whatever his name was, lived in Reading Reply: It's not often that I read something this ignorant! Ayrton Senna when he tragically died in 1994 was arguably the most famous sports person in the world ...adored by millions, regarded as a living legend! He didn't actually live in Reading but in nearby Tilehurst! Getting facts wrong is one thing ...being ignorant on such a scale as to glibbly doubt his (rather world famous) name is frankly quite sad! Regards MAF
  • Townies, pikees, chavs etc. they think they rule and start fights for the smallest things, i got started on for 2 quid, how bloody pointless?! Reading has bocome complete crap since they have taken up a lot of the decent hang outs. the government should just kick every chav out of the country. it would be so much better.
  • Kevs and those muppets that try and mug people
  • The pikeys, the council, the non-skater attitude, the ruddies, the lack of bands playing, the crap radio stations, the non-rock sound, the lack of indie rock...need i go on??
  • everything the oracle security men that dont like us sitting around in the oracle!
  • everything else in coley
  • ALL the brownheads.
  • -rent is very expensive!
  • the police are on high patrol dnt rly stop anything, including drinking and fighting but apart from that its lovely
  • trendies as they complain about you being in the town and the oracle but then decide to come to the forbury where we tuck ourselves away!!!! u can have the town but dont kick us outta the forbury!
  • Getting barred
  • KILLER CAVERSHAM SWANS!! the lergest colony in the UK and out to get us all.
  • Reading people can become lazy i've found. If you want to go to London you have to motivate other people to come with you. Alot of people don't see outside of the Reading parimiter and I think it's a draw back.
  • the retard on the bus. woodley precinct. intimidating 13yr old pikeys. the excess of dead birds.
  • ITS BORING!!!!!!!
  • the way in
  • chiltern egders saddos
  • Reading Buses charging fares for dogs - what petty minded, mean spirited, grasping accountant brain thought that one up?
  • townies they r so like ANGRY i dunno wutz wrong with them but theyre always like starin n walkin around in their ugly tracky pants n HARLEM hoodies its disgusting
  • woodley. whitley. winnersh. or the 3 Ws.
  • The worst thing about this town is the people. the majority of them are low life scum,
  • The Oracle
  • The rainy days
  • Why is Reading so shite?? I have been out of the country for a year and a half am suprised at how little is on offer for any self respecting music lover. Before I left, things looked promising with The Breaks and OOpps at the Boxing Club, Cryonix at the Tropicana, Checkpoint Charlie at the After Dark, WAC at the RBH and Junkchun 10. Now I have been greeted back to my home town with sea of chain pubs serving small town minded, beer boys who loving nothing better than a few pints of stella, and a punch up. Where's all the underground music gone? Bring back the Holy Rumes!!!
  • Living in Reading during the festival (unless you're going, which is OK). Mainly because you can't move either on foot or in a vehicle. Trying to get into the Sainsbury's in town on any Saturday (or when the festival is on).
  • um all the lil mini mosher n the pikie the mini moshers coz they puk every where but then u can nick there money ectetc n the pikie coz they try n nick stuff off u N the PIGS
  • The traffic in Reading is AWFUL. There's a perfectly good bus service around Reading, and trains arriving from everywhere. But for some reason people think they have some sort of right to drive their cars and put chemicals into the air that cause asthma and cancer.
  • the trendies! there really really REALLY get on my nerves!!
  • All of whitley they should just drop a nuke bomb on that area and WIPE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!
  • If you go into the 1930's slum called Whitley, all the big mommas will come out of their slums and attack you with rolling pins - very scary.
  • Don't even bother picking up your Fish and chips in Whitley with your scooter if you want ten whitley kids under 14 to jump you and grab your possesions off you. They carry knives at the age of seven here. It is a warp back to the 19th century here only difference is they wear trainers.Bad location to move into stay were you are, Moss side is safer/Nicer place.
  • All the bloody whingey, whiney people. For all those who have only lived in Reading or nearby......try Luton, Bury Park, or Manchester, Moss-Side.
  • This is the town of no imagination - Practically everything is part of a chain. The town should be sponsered by GAP for God's sake. Plus cost of living is ridiculous and there seem to be strange rules of pulling that no outsider can master!
  • townys!!!! they're everywhere!!! they walk around like they own the place and its sooo annoying. They even have the cheek 2 walk thru forbury gardens! They're loud mouth kids with huge attitude problems...we h8 them!
  • townies. everywhee i go, every single person stares at me. not just stereotypical townies, everyone-people in hoodies, little kids..they need some lessons in manners. i may dress rather oddly, but its not neccassary!!
  • hang-over
  • Too many yobs walking around....
  • Pikeys
  • The sooner somebody napalms Forbury Gardens and The Rising Scum the better. They give the alternative community a bad name, with the 15-year old slags and 24 year old skag pushers.
  • grubby public school kids who try & blag cigarettes if you walk though their devil worshipping domain that is the forbury gardens. Random Scouse beggers who demand food money as you're tucking into your Burger King walking along Friar Street on a Friday night/that every time you ignore beggers you get a sarcastic 'have a nice day you mean b**tard' even though they're the 10th person on the street who's asked you. Taxis and their ridiculous prices. Take a normal fare add the extras for time of night etc. then they multiply it by the number of drinks they think you've had and add on as much as they think they can get off you. Then they expect a tip despite the fact they havent spoken a word to you-merely grunted when you told them your destination-except when they make you tell them exactly how to get there when all you want to do is pass out, because they've only been here 2 days. 18 quid to Tilehurst last saturday-bargain!
  • the traffic
  • wherever you go,whatever you do-AVOID the hexham estate in whitley because you'll get mugged by the poor people(no offence)!
  • as you are walking down nice old shinfield road DO NOT turn right into the slum called whitley.
  • my uncles mate got shot by asian youths on northumberland avenue in the middle of crimeland (whitley)
  • it sucks
  • Trendies everywhere. People honking at women in skirts if you're walking down Caversham Road. Few alternative shops. Expensive beer. Little to do for entertainment value. House prices are phenomenal, too.
  • The traffic situation is very poor, particularly since they routed all traffic along a narrow road called Sidmouth Street and opened the Oracle with woefully inadequate access. It all needs a radical rethink....and some investment! Minicabs are more expensive here than anywhere I've ever been and you *have* to use them as the bus company is so undermanned and is always cancelling services. There are too many bullshitters who are obsessed with money and salaries and they seem to be crowding out the hippies and freaky people of Reading. Sport and leisure facilities pale compared to much smaller towns like Guildford and Basingstoke. Drinking facilities are superior, though. The football team is consistently disappointing.
  • drop a bomb on whitley.
  • Meeting yet another gobshite
  • Town centre after 8pm. Dead. Boring. Full of dodgy-looking teens with apparently limited amounts of intelligence. A place to avoid.
  • I was born and raised in Reading,and it is the place that shaped my imagination.I'm both gratefull,but a little disturb by this gift.The town to me is a place of commercial myopia,and non-vision.We will always be third divion.Our buildings are commercial,our nightlife is commercial,our trainers are commercial;what i'm trying to say is that we're commercial!Basically i'd rather live in Amsterdam,or Bristol.
  • too many little people.
  • The river is pathetically small and theres no coastline (obviously) How are you supposed to chill by the sea?
  • The council?
  • The fact that it thinks it's so big and cosmopolitan. All the pubs are now shit bars, semi-clubs. You have to queue for an hour to get into some (unless you know the tricks of the trade). Full of stupid people getting too drunk too quickly and leaving pavement art all over the place.
  • The puplic transport sucks, 90p from town to the end of the Oxford Road, it takes 45 mins 2 walk, or 1 hour on the bus!
  • gobbing and chewing gum on the floor
  • The subway next to Reading station, if you want to see 14 year old pikies injecting themselves then its the place for.
  • lack of diversity
  • An increase in drunken arseholism on Weekends. Will the residents of Bracknell, Newbury, Basingstoke and Newbury please get pissed, get into fights and throw up in their own crappy towns please.
  • JD Wetherspoons and their evil empire, Reading folk who've never been anywhere else in the world and think the world starts at Theale and ends in Twyford
  • It just needs a little bit more identity really. New bars and restuarants open all the time, but they're always 'chains' spotting a great 'B1 market' opportunity. Personally I'd like to come back and open a Parisian style bar/bistrot selling demis, cheap but good wine and good value French food. Anyone willing to invest in my project?
  • Gibb House.
  • Whitley - lets invite the French Over for some ICBM testing ! Friar Street Pubs - & tosser patrons
  • It's bloody expensive to live there the road system is a joke. Being the the only decent town for fifty miles it attracts all forms of lowlife at the weekend so the town centre can be an unpleasant place to be on a Saturday night. Whitley has more than its fair share of ignorant people with small genitalia and large chips on their shoulders, who thing they are hard but wouldn't last five minutes in somewhere like Leeds, Salford, Toxteth or anywhere with genuine problems.
  • could there be anymore police???
  • Getting chucked off of some good sk8 area and that Wokingham still dosn't have a f***in sk8park
  • Cultureless unfriendly desert filled with mobile 'phones and Tommy Hilfiger wearing morons
  • Reading must have the most cynical whinging population in England ! They spent squillions on the Oracle centre and people still complained about it. If the council handed out fifty pound notes in the middle of Broad Street the Evening Post would get whining letters from somebody who missed out because they were in Friar Street, and someone who got the fifty notes but really wanted 85p for the bus.
  • Townies! Can't move for cheap YSL shirts and fake Armani jeans. Whitley is a shanty town by any other name - don't go there for ANY reason!
  • Multitude of Whitley rude boys
  • Quality of Readings football at the moment.
  • Buses all stop around 11pm. Western end of the Oxford Road.
  • Tommy Burns (Reading FC manager), Lower Earley.
  • The traffic system. It's crap.
  • The IDR is without doubt the WORST thing about Reading... anyone who believes it's an advantage to knock down houses to build the equivalent of the M25 through the centre of a county town needs therapy, to try living near it and suffering illegally high levels of pollution caused by it or failing that to be locked up with Steven Norris... As to alternative means of getting across Reading can I suggest two wheels (much quicker and more environmentally friendly) or failing that to WALK
    The IDR has recently become even worse with the introduction of (count them) 18 sets of traffic lights in two junctions on it. It now leads to the A33 relief road which has affectionately become known as the A33 grief road. It's a dual carriageway which spits you out on a single-lane mini-roundabout equiped junction with the busiest superstore business park in Reading. Miles of stationary traffic have replaced what used to be quite a free-running route.
  • Worst thing is fat attitudes, especially from security guards.
  • Same as any where in England: the pubs close too early and the bus service stops at eleven.
  • There is no decent architecture and the town planners have got the traffic control all wrong - witness the IDR.
  • The road system. It's been rumoured (unofficially of course) that the official line from the town council is to "discourage the use of all motor vehicles from the streets of Reading." They seem to be going about it the correct way: the roundabout at the bottom of Castle Hill which was never a real problem has become an accident and congestion black spot since the council "improved" it by putting 12 (yes 12!) sets of traffic lights on it.
  • Worst thing, it's in the south and near London so house prices are enormous, as are beer prices. Most other prices are too, come to think about it. I know its only money, but the point is its my money.
  • Prices; getting about i.e. traffic; bad pubs and clubs; lots of sad weirdos about; bouncers have an attitude in most of the glamour pubs - so be aware!
  • The one way traffic system.
  • Traffic at Cemetary Junction.
  • Even though you swear blind you won't, you end up every single weekend in the same place , wearing the same clothes, talking to the same people about the same things and eventually end up utterly insane
  • Doddgy Irish pubs which in general raise/threaten for cash (glorious cause or something)and delight in physical violance to non plastic paddies.(Reading term for son of Irishman that has never seen Ireland let alone been there.) If any Irish pub Known that is in the least bit charming please respond.
  • The IDR. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to cycle around it in rush hour.
  • A new chain-pub every 2 weeks!
  • Public Transport. Don't even venture out of the door around 8 oclock in the morning or 3 oclock in the arvo, for that is when the hugh faringdon beasts are unleased from their cages onto the unsuspecting citizens of Reading. Do not travel from Caversham or Whitley or Tilehurst to southcote at any point stated above. It is advised you lock your doors and stay in dorrs, keeping all domestic pets indoors, think firework night.
  • The one-way (nightmare) traffic system
  • Occassional violence, but this is decreasing.
  • A Depressing town, full of SAD,..SAD people! Just take a look around, everyone walks around with their head down and most locals look absolutely miserable, dejected and SAD!..........AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM?

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