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Hookup Spots
  • Tolney Lane and Castlegate Newark, just like my mother and aunt with their ponies on Aaron Price's field at the bottom of Tolney Lane on the right.
  • Tuxford
  • Kings Park Aah!
  • Stay away from skatepark!horrible place
  • Rugby CLub's always a good un, specially if someones looking for a bang from Rochead
  • Skate park !!
  • I heard most lads are of there head on drugs and own most sti s from sharing partnerds
  • Youth club near bus station
  • KFC on Saturday
  • Town centre cafes such as kiwi
  • White Hart Yard
  • sex mates in retford
  • Kings Park
  • Litten tree for a coffee
  • Kings Park!!!
  • where are all theses sluts then?? any u sluts out there fancy a shag?
  • Mushroom place is where they all still meet. crazy saddos where are their parents?
  • da real boys hang round wher da can be seen at 50p bench or summit rollin afat joint oreven bongs ask any1.
  • da real boys hang round wher da can be seen at 50p bench or summit rollin afat joint oreven bongs ask any1.
  • da real boys hang round wher da can be seen at 50p bench or summit rollin afat joint oreven bongs ask any1.
  • da real boys hang round wher da can be seen at 50p bench or summit rollin afat joint oreven bongs ask any1.
  • Retford is nowt like all dat shit i live here n der aint nowt wrong with me we aint all little slags yh we do go 2 twn n skatepark but we aint lookin 4 a shag all the time lol!!!!
  • To old to be hooking up but i used to hang round in ordsall on the clumber pub wall cos there was no where else to go or nothing to do, retford lacks excitment and kids need entertaining.
  • The best place to meet up as to be the mushroom, and no it is not always full of tarts
  • kings park m8 hehe dam ryt its a playground!! deffo where u can play around wiv a few birds :P
  • Spital Hill Shops , nothing like the smell of stale chips and sick
  • Mushroom is where the preganant slags go yerrr
  • You can find Luke Fagan every fri and sat night aroud 11pm out side charcoal grill with kebab in hand, tanked up on stella, on the look out for the fattest thing in a skirt. Watch our fatties he'll pleasure you for all of 30seconds!!
  • RETFORD is jus one big huk up spot . specialy kings park and da mushy.
  • rat from new zealand where yor best mates called davo n your birds a good "sheila" sends luv back 2 retty n misses avin a pin outside halfords. still drinkin still smokin seen the world n markam moore roundabout is still centre of universe took alot of crap acid as a kid
  • rat again. nowt wrong with retty girls just a few dodgy fake tans
  • I remember the day...of the makes me shiver. Skate park for me.
  • Everyweres a hook up spot in reto, every1s almost friendley,i culd name da easy ppl that wuld shag owt dats goin if dats wat u want!if u want sum1 ta shoot ya load in theres Hazel who will shag anythin but dnt get ya hopes up cause shes propa wank in bed n she smells dwn there!make sure u bag it up n all cause she prob gt every thing!gd luck!
  • slags r us meet in the vine, hannah maunders has to be at the top of the list, closely followed by her on of bitches the brown sisters, not 4getting stacy pillque, what a mupet.
  • Down the side of the River by the park, always some 12yr old girls walkin across the river lookin for some lads
  • Don't mess with the chav clowns outside Ordsall Co-op.
  • Retford Skate park of course, except when its invaded by little cunts thinking they can steal things and start fights, Mr Howe and keeling, bloody gits.
  • The corner at the bus stop, or the newcastle if you wana get laid and high!!! The sportcentre is good to have a laugh - and get fit...
  • nowt rong wiv retford just a shit hole , kings park in da summer drinkin white lightening and smoking richmond superkings , as you get older its good old hallcroft where uv moved on to drinking lambrini and then u move up 2 the town stage waiting for all of the dogga crew to cum out (all unda 18) , n den sip on vodka n sleep at ur m8s house cuz there mum is softer than urs gud old retford night ...
  • The Broadstone pub nowadays. In the market square. The mushroom is gone now, oh what a shame where will the sad chav's go?
  • little ally way near esso on london road, or opposite dave's in town. amen.
  • erm Goosy park if ur part of the ordsall chavs mushroom if ur jus a chav or a lil slag, erm cant fink of ne more if ur a true skater not a wannabe get to skate park amzazin place!!
  • there all shite! lincoln where is all happening!! go there instead!!
  • The iron bridge. For all those who lived up near the sporto, perfect to meet there then head into town
  • 'We' would always meet in Kings Park
  • Check out thrumpton for all the dirtyest little ho's about, they'll do anythin!
  • Mushroom, total 'meet up' place!!
  • It's well known the mushroom is a place for slags who end up pregnant by 16 and boys who take advantage of this so why don't the police do anything? Not to mention the drugs! Retford is becoming a seriously unpleasant place to live. It's a wonder why people stay! (ps- please don't stereotype all girls in Retford as slags, some of us have degrees and proper educations.)
  • we are not all like that some girls put us other girls to shame not all of us wanna get layed
  • The Skatepark...where I met my skater boyfriend
  • there is the skatepark thats a good laugh but dont litter and get in the way,the shroom for the chavs , somerfield for the boy racers ,retford is not to bad , jsut dont let any body push u around there all talk
  • The market place
  • good hook up spot is near halifax bank or summerfield car park but avoid the sweaties they bite!!!
  • okay so retford is full of "hook-up spots". The mushroom"crew" rnt a bad lot if u get 2 kno em but its u lot that make em like they r. they do all know this site exists n thats why they hurl abuse @ u, its a 2-way thing u kno!
  • Retford kicks ass n not all the birds are slappers.Get ur sen up dogga on friday nites. STAY AWAY FROM HOLLY.G. IN THE OLD SUN SHES A RITE MESS!
  • Retford is a good place to hang about and yeh some slappers that think thier the best do go there but their not all slappers, where else can u go in retford and not be calles a slapper anyway.
  • Im thinkin Kings park, bt newhere in Retto!
  • i live in retford and i'm not a slag, the people down the mushroom are but you shouldn't tar all the lasses here with the same brush, were not all junkie slappez who sit in town with a bottle of cider or lambrini trying to get a shag!!
  • anywhere in town centre
  • mushroom 4 a slappa or fat slags *cough* karlie Britalia cafe kitchen ms duncan will b happy 2 service ne1!! outside skool gates @ eddies
  • all d stuf ere iz true! ne where in town basicly....
  • beeleys wall a good spot 4 the birds
  • kick it up in tha shed where we got tha room on fire. smokin!
  • Well i think Retford is full of diks! All the Teenagers, the ones who go to retford oaks, they all need a good beating!
  • good hookup spots are in the mushroom in the town where we all hang out and take take the piss out of passers by and people if u wanna go for A SHAG a good place is really anywhere in kings park or in the bushes and the top of the hill near the band stand
  • Well theres the shroom were theres this fat slag whoshouts fings at us when we sk8 but aslong as u have a cr8 of starburg there all yours
  • retford e2e bad boy crew comin through!! there is nowt wrong wid spittle hill its bangin.. yesyes youth
  • i hang at the mushroom,im not a slag,i must admit we all look dodgy sat in there but theres nowt else to do,i dont go down there to pull.
  • When back in Retford over the summer, I usually can rely on the Old Sun - seems to always be full of familiar faces.
  • cannon square benches is where all the 'top' tottie hangs around- well as top as we get in retford anyway!!!
  • The bus station, Kings Park with some diamond white and most importantly the market square on the stalls trying too look cool.
  • Under the bridge near King Edwards School it was the place for all the smokers at the school to have a smoke!!!
  • How wbout the corner of the roundabout on the bench where you always see the wannabe muckys chatting up the lads who whizz past on their MO-PEDS! or at the poor excuse for a fair twice a year in carolgate car park where all the little tarts prance around in 5 inch heels an 3 inch skirts!!!
  • Just looked at the hook up spot info and, sad to say, it's all true! Help me out of this hole!!
  • outside the charcoal grill at abowt 11 oclock on a saturday nite!!!!! magic!!
  • out side ordsall coop
  • at the mushroom bus stop for any lad who is too scared to get a girl of his own age you can find a nice little girlfriend. benches outside charcoal grill.
  • gotta be in the telephone box in town when its dark; nice shag in there
  • er kings park is where drunk little kids go for a quick shag
  • The Mushroom for tramps, King's Park if it's sunny, Spital Hill if you wanna get you're head kicked in by a load of townies
  • The mushroom where all the mingin slappers hang out and in the winter they mulitply
  • anywhere in retford its a slappers town .harper
  • band stand is where you can drink your cider without your parents seeing, hallcroft park and shop is a great pulling spot for 15 year old girls but its still a dump!
  • Round the back of that church near the Old Sun, always tarts there!
  • garage road park is a hook up place
  • If you want a slaggy 12 year old townie... Try anywhere.
  • A must!!......canal bridge by the Elizebethan high good for finding a slapper but excellent for taking them when you have hooked up!!
  • full of crack heads, dumb shits and rapist not much else
  • anywere in retty is a hook up point if ya got the bottle wayyyy!
  • Behind the bike-sheds at Elizabethan Lower site - great for a quickie.
  • everywhere!!!!but mainly in town!and that stuff bout the rounabouts not true coz i used to hang round there!but i go in town now!!!
  • Absolutely anywhere on the known 'circuit'(ie. through the market square, down London road, through Ordsall, down Hospital road, round North Road roundabout and back to the market square) This is the route taken by all the boy-racers who cruise in their shit-heap sheds that they call cars. Any girl under 16 can get picked up and taken to Maccy D's at Markham Moor roundabout or park up at Rabbits for a shag.
  • The roundabout or the mushroom (always slags in the mushroom)
  • well looking at retford from an oldies point of view 37 the market squere was the place to be seen girlie in one hand motorbike in the other and then some guy at the local council thought mm a bloody big mushroom bus stop will bugger that up for them which lead to a chain reaction , you cant park there you cant do that or this , cars going past shops o no thats not on now is it we ll pave the road and get people to walk . young people now no wonder theres gangs there putting there views forward so stop and take note of what they have to say stop telling them what to do and retford would be a better place . there you go i thank you . xruss3i.
  • come to the roundabout if your fit and young yoll get a shag
  • Well there iz town centre were lil jippo whoares go 4 a quick shag wiv 50 year olds GIRLS IN RETFORD DO IT ALL
  • Anywhere and everywhere in Retford, but watch out for the mushroom, some rough old kids hang about there. Theyve got first dibs on the phonebox by the way. Dont cross 'em.
  • Da Bandstand, Bacons, Da Bowls green, Da Ramp, Under Da park bridge, Lizzies coz it woz DAD, Da corner shop outside Lizzies, Round ya mums house, Rockhouse, Da park in general, Betties chip shop, Superdrug, Back 2 your house to sample a bit more of your mum, Anywhere in Hallcroft.
  • sat on the market stalls or hanging outside co-op hoping you might see a lad you know from school who has managed to get a bottle of thunderbird off his big brother.
  • the wreck shelters
  • just about anywhere in retford is a hook up point. why is it u cant walk past a group of 13yr old girls without them shout "hey up sexy!" get a life u slappaz!
  • this is the funniestthing i have seen on the net! i used to live in retford but moved to nottingham ab out 3 years ago and its all true its a total dosshole no prospects whatsoever if i had to do work expieriance there it would have been hard to chose from all twenty shops the place is a dump except for a nice house i used to live in on grove coach road. cheers, mate Ralph
  • Hmmm. A spot in Retford which *isn't* full of syringes and broken glass. Erm, there isn't one really.
  • Wanna get laid, Visit the oval park (Ordsall) Wanna get killed, Mugged, Gang Raped or meet the smack heads? Visit the subway (its right by my house, Lucky me!)
  • Skateboard ramp. Benches near Wilkos. The Mushroom (bus stop in market square)
  • If you are a townie - Retford is the place for you. Hook up spots GALORE! Why not try the lucious green flower beds of King's Park! Or the busted disabled toilets! Prime totty spots for boys and girls must include outside the Elizabethan High School gates where any selfrespecting 24yr old clubber can pick up a nice blonde 15yr old. Nice. Careful not to get arrested (you chimps).
  • The hill above the bandstand in King's Park
  • The Bus stop in Ordsall, You can talk the 'man on the streets', Smoo.
  • Market square (famous for very young slappers to be looking for some action from some complete dolers)
  • Great to read that kids still hang around the town to snog etc. Do the cops still move the kids on from doorway to doorway like they did in the mid 60's?
  • If you like 12 year old birds go into the Market Square every week night and have a chat to the little slappers.
  • The market square for those great winter evenings wondering why anyone would stay in this god awful town
  • On any night,drunks can be philosophical at these places,skateboard ramp,tennis club and finally on the North Road roundabout
  • Cannon Square, the place where dreams are made!
  • band stand in king's park
  • Kids seem to hang round the market square looking for a fight/snog/taxi home

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