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  • that alley behind halifax always a good shagging spot when you have had too many had a leak in there the other nite womens knickers condoms whats happening to romford im 35 some youth gettin is leg over whilst the police wander around the front halifax i was pissed just havin wee dont need see that on way home whats the street cleaners think about this
  • Any alley your from romford, if you are between the ages of 15-21 its most likely where you conceived your baby.
  • "Cult" The big open area near the Cult Classics skate shop is where all the Cult Kids hang out, you can normally find about 50 of us there on a good day, but there's over 80 of us altogether, just come down and ask around.
  • best place was hanging out at MCDONALDS getting find for loitering....ha.ha.ha.
  • trax bar will be re-opening shortly. strictly over 21's chav's and hooped earings not welcome. strickt dress code, see you soon we'll be back.
  • Upminster Park for SURE!
  • What the **** are you doing? I live in Harold Hill. I though it was bad until I found out that 25, yes, 25 white youths kicked the shit out of 4 asian guys....mob mentality? And yet no one knows...ironic, after ww2 that we should have so much violence and let no one should know of it. THIS IS FUCKED UP!!!! I know what you're thinking, can't be a white women writing this, we're too stupid...well, you're wrong. If the yound don't learn now then we'll have to deal with adults talking like retards...(though they are not, apparently that is cool).
  • ford and firkin opposite woolworths, or moon and stars for a cheap drink
  • romford subways was actually pretty funny on the saturdays when me and all me mates used to go down there and set off smoke bombs on the roundabouts causing really big pile ups and loads ov traffic
  • Romford station. Avoiding the pidgeon crap from above
  • outside the public loo opposite mk1 in romford, great place to meet in the middle of the centre and someone always needs the bog b4 we get going.
  • The war memorial on the main road is v. popular at the moment, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, although it is mainly people that know each other from school/ college. If like to get completely pissed and watch fights between rudies and everyone else, go there. Also, outside the station is a main meeting/ hanging out point for many people. In the arcade in the market by Rage.
  • the off licsence at crow lane
  • Finally the dolphin has been demolished!!! they are building some huge 12 storey thing with an asda how kool is that!!
  • the chippy next door to the morland arms
  • Rafaels Park
  • Any park within the romford area serves as a hookup spot. David attenburgh should do a study on the mating habits of chavs in romford parks. sort of like meercats, but with burberry caps and some of dads stellas.
  • colli row inn
  • The best place to hook up is at Romford Station
  • Like on the bridge near lodge park, 'now wat im sayin
  • Chess Club , this place r0xxx000rs!
  • Budgen's in Collier Row-Obviously! Or Alldays, Favorite Chickn, Pinewoods, or anywhere else on the Estate!
  • Bowling is a great place (for the under 16s)after uv got rat-arsed in the brewery car park, that of course is b4 u get kicked out by the pretend "bouncers"!
  • The shops for the girls, but not at night... not with so many random drunk people spilling out of bars and clubs. The rocks just outside McDonalds at the top of the liberty are nice to sit on.
  • MusicTek (The Tek Live Music Venue) offers under 18's nights every wednesday. I'm the owner, Dave Wright, and you can check me out at
  • Around the Brury place, loads of teenagers hang around there.
  • The air raid shelters on the corner of Mawney Park by the A12
  • Skatepark ROM is proberly one of the best parks in the uk, complete with bowls, ramps, half-pipes, banks, rollings, verts, grind boxes and rails. It is open to skateboarders, BMXers and inline skates. It is open every day and has two sessions: 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. Skatepark ROM is located on Rainham road, next to the Cardrome.Each session is 5 and all day is 9. Come and check it out!
  • Any of those little pavillions in Central Park. We had a rave there on the last day of school, just before we sat our GCSEs. The pavillions are cool to dance on top of, and you get a really good view in case the cops turn up. plus there's handy toilets nearby, coz you're bound to get completely rat-arsed.
  • out side the west ham shop
  • Cootons Park, the roughest filth park in romford
  • Liberty II
  • Most blatently 7/11's, then b2 then Budgens is the place where collier row boys and girls meet. The other great place is Lawns Park, great for meeting everyone you know and dont. Brilliant for 13-18 year olds. Its been the time of our young lives. Otherwise its the market or any shops in collier row or romford.
  • The best place must be Liberty 2's. There is always groups of youngsters around there giving the large to all people with half a brain. Other places include Mcdonalds on the high street and the Market. Romford Youngsters have always had no where to gather after 7:00.
  • at the moment the collier row cru hang about outside budgens(7/11)
  • well for under 14s hooked on fags try sunday nights down the ice rink
  • In the 15 and 16 century the place to not hang out was Gallows corner.If you hang out there for too long you use to die and the birds would eat you.
  • From about 67 to 72 the place the Romford Boys use to meet was either Ashford Remand Centre or Borstel.After this it could be any number of places like the Scrubs or even Chelmsford.Actually some of the guys from then still hang around these places,sort of a second home,maybe even a first and only home,well at least you fill wanted!!You just try leaving without being asked.
  • The hallowed spot as i remember was Central Park in Harold Hill where we used to get people to buy us lots of alcohol and get drunk
  • In the Harold Wood area, the kids used to hang around outside the off licence in Oak Road (this was in the late 80's and early/mid 90's). Living a few doors away from there, and thus too close to parental eyes, I was unable to partake in this teenage pleasure. A few years ago the kids got moved on because the old folks home opposite kept complaining. Don't know where the current crop go, but I would guess the park.
  • The hallowed spot use to be the cafe in Stones as Debanams was known till they got fed up with us unscrewing the salt lid and waiting for the next user.
  • Liberty 2 - always good for a laugh if your 11-13 and think its great to get chased by butch security guards!
  • The bench outside maccy d's in liberty's, plenty of little girls trying to pull blokes in cars, the sad thing is, the blokes do get pulled!!
  • the wheatsheaf on the brentwood road a place where you can get wankered in an exciting atmosphere you can have a great time playing cards on a sunday lunch roast potatoes on the bar ,dead pigeons available from the local hunter,if you do get bored you can always play the barra for a tenner at pool and when you beat him he sulks and then say, thanks for your dough he is small has a short army hair cut smokes old holburn his other aliases are barry, wheelbarrow, little steve, funny hair parting man, he has speech impedament, wears jogging bottoms and a varirety of four t shirts, when you are there and you hear the cry jackos here put your fags in your pocket, "FAG ALERT" the govnor there is ok with people sleeping in the pub during the day,
  • The water fountain in the center of Romford .Late 70's Were skinheads and punks would try and out blast each over with there mobile radios (wog boxes) but we can't call them that now.its still there but it's been filled in now after the council got feed up of kids putting fairy liguid in the water. boy you shuold have seen them bubbles.

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