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Hookup Spots
  • Ross is a dump.....where do kids hang about?? rounf the tool shop or the pool club. get a room
  • Skate park car park is great for burning rubber and siocialising (if your a boy racer)
  • The skate park is a great place for all us boyracers to meet up. From 8pm til whenever,this place is our spot to burn some rubber and show off our metal. Just don't understand why the filth....urm....sorry,police always move us on. It's not as if we are causing harm to people as its well away from town and old people.It's better than me racing round town doing 60mph with my N Trance cd belting out the tunes.
  • stay away. inbred chav-hole. no one here ever speaks to you. its so unfriendly. they dont like outsiders here
  • I recently visited Ross and found my way to the Stag pub.A proper pub. We had a delightful time, it was friendly, full of interesting characters and we were made to feel very welcome. Definately on my list to visit next time we are in town.
  • those things sed bout the dumass crew are not true we are not calle the dumass crew cos that is a gay name, btw all the older skaters hsave turned into a group of posers......fucking retards
  • Market house is where all the yobs lie.
  • Follow the smell of stale urine and you will stumble upon the infamous Market Place. Home to comedians such as the late and well loved Barry, Butane Baller and a whole host of other characters. There is infact a museum in the top of the market, but unless you are very brave and willing to remove the heap of skag addicts and pissheads out of the doorway, it's not for you.
  • Market place, Brandon, School
  • the corner of kyrle street outside the amazing jacquelines!
  • The Prospect in the top of the churchyard is a fabulous spot for youths to meet and pass around bottles of archers and cheap cider they bought from Spar just round the corner.
  • Rather sadly, ross rowing club.
  • Those who were too strange for the market place, and there were many used to stink up the Prospect.
  • Most people hang around outside the Man of Ross pub at night or if they can't get served in a pub they hang out in the market square asking old folk like me to go in the shop to buy them some fags.
  • Down by the river, known as "pebble beach" simply because of the fact that there is pebbles near water. This is where we all went we were twelve to get drunk, because it's far away from the town and the road, so the police couldn't get there and the grass was so long as to hide beer bottles.
  • The hallowed spot for underage drinking in this town is the market place,when i was a small boy i looked forward to my 14th birthday and the chance to actually climb the hallowed steps into the ancient hall and be presented on a diamond encrusted pillow,my very first can of strongbow by doobo the town ladies man.
  • Market House, at the top of broad street. Happy days....

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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