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The Worst Things
  • The pikeys that seem to inhabit our town. So many of them. Chavs/townies also. Hundreds of them. Our school has been taken over by them.
  • The chip shop really sucks - i would not eat the fish if it were free
  • Kevs shouting "GOTH!" just because you are carrying a skateboard
  • the fcat there are 5 speed cameras down a mile long stretch of road. The prevelant if not huge factor of the pikie. The genral feeling that the town is devoid of any character at all.
  • pikies in the summer.
  • old people. everywhere. town is officially dead at 11:45pm
  • I moved to sandhurst about 12 years ago when it was quiet a pleasant place, unfortunately in those 12 years the place has taken a turn for the worse. I grew up here as a kid here and managed to occupy my time with fun kid things, unlike the kids now days who all insist on hanging round the local alldays or the skateboard ramp hurling abuse at anyone who is in shouting distance. Can anyone tell me how and why all of these fast-food shops have sprung up, we cant need them all.
  • Ok,ok,ok, so Sandhurst was bad enough before. Before what I hear you ask? Before UK Bulldog (dedicated email name) moved here. He made North Wales look tatty. He made Farnham look scruffy. He even made crummy Warminster look crummier. Now he's emigrated to bloody Sandhurst. If it wasn't bad enough that the Queen pops up here from time to time. Now we've got him to look at. And you'll all look at him when he picks you up from the pub Friday and Saturday nights in his cab!!!!!!!!!! God bless us all.
  • The Mushroom Farm is a little pungent when the East Wind is rising.
  • A Local Taxi Service called Owlsmoor Taxis will give you the worst customer service you have ever ever ever encountered. Service Without a Smile
  • In-fill housing developments. The queue on the Crowthorne bypass at 8:30 (on the way to big brother town Bracknell) . Being between the M3 & M4...
  • Idiotic traffic schemes.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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