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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Hi, yes he`s ( seasick danny wilde! ) had his day. Had a few brill nights watching David Nicholson - 38 yrs.( He sings beautifully Michael Buble and The Rat pack as well as other contemporary and 60s- 90`s songs. Worth a look !
  • I agree, saw Seaside few weeks ago, what a difference a year makes since we were in Scarborough. Friends of ours couldn't even find him when he was on a break - he has a lot these days- to buy a Cd and a couple of tambourines for the wife and friends. Danny Danny Daanny - what have you done ? Bring back your fun nights and the Wildettes ! You were on fire then man! Love to see you back on form again.
  • Give Danny Wilde a miss these days, he`s well past it now. He`s sacked his wildettes, snubbed his regulars, and been advised by some young flirty tart to turn his gigs into Disco style, poor sod.
  • Jimmy Savilles old stomping ground
  • jimmy saville, charles laughton, ann bronnte,
  • Alan Ackbourne is Scarborough biggest export. Also Robert Palmer.
  • Ian Dack - celebrity labourer, biker and general angry beaver
  • Paul Sellars
  • WILLIS lol
  • Charles Laughton. "The Royal" outside scenes filmed here from South Cliff. Sir Alan Aykbourne lives here.
  • Paul 'WAK' Walker, Scarboroughs' finest plasterer and man about town!
  • the sitwells?
  • Oh My God!! How has this page got so long without one single mention of the world-famous Danny Wilde ("Seaside Danny Wilde, say Seaside Danny Wilde"), a truly jaw-dropping entertainer, who played every week for years to an amazing mixed audience of swooning grandmothers, and stag and hen night revellers in the Lord Nelson seafront pub. I believe he is still alive and well and playing in The Aberdeen.
  • jimmy saville - very scary man - once tried to kiss bigmarks missus in wackers - would have loved to have fixed it 4 her
  • jimmy saville!!
  • Charles Laughton Was Born and lived here
  • paul ingle,richard dunn{fought ali)
  • ANDY CHRYSSAFI of North Riding College, University College Scarborough and Hull University fame. Renowned lecturer, racconteur, donkey stroker,Chelsea supporter, kit car maker and the only man in the world who brushes his teeth with athlete's foot cream. A living legend amongst former students. The old Cypriot is now in retirement and it is a great loss to education.
  • big bazza izza, the best weed in the shire.
  • teri wiegal, anna nicole smith, jenna jameson, jo guest, kelly brook
  • obviously j. savville esq.
  • the most famous person i know is steve adamson he helps out with burniston football club!sorry him and all his mates!!!!! and that big guy who wears big orange fisherman trousers outside rendesvouz
  • Alan Ayckbourn is not a scarborian! He has lived in Scarborough a lot longer than most of our parents have been alive. He also manages to get people and money to come to Scabs that wouldn't bother otherwise. If you ever saw one of his plays you might just laugh, at the world and yourself.
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • Mark Richardson - formerly of little angels and skunk anansie now drumming with feeder - cool guy. Not so cool has to be Toby Jepson who unfortunately cameback to scarboro!!!!!
  • jim'll fix it! Hes a regular at Tuscanys, total perve.
  • Sir Jimmy Savile (Bless Him)
  • The Little Angels nineties Rock Band, Tony Hewitt(ex passenger of the current motor cycle sidecar world champion Steve Webster.)
  • yea batman lives here in his underground lare
  • It's ok, I've lived here eight years and still haven't seen Savile. It's reasonably safe.
  • jimmy savile
  • Alan Ayckbourn, lives in the old town. You can see his stuff at the SJT before it hits London and Broadway. Assorted C celebrities who frankly need shutting quietly away in special homes somewhere other than Scarborough.
  • 'Fred' the guy who runs around, sleeps in telephone boxes and the bench outside rendezvous. Famous.
  • Sir Jimmy Savale has a house here and Paul Ingle, local boxer.
  • Jimy Saville, Liz Dawn (Vera out of Coronation Street)
  • Sir Jimmy saville! wot a swordsman! watch out girls.
  • alan ayckbourn and that scary guy with white hair thats always on the telly but i cant remember his name
  • Paul Eade, author of "Scarborough Football Club" and other sports books.
  • That Nellie from Eastenders lives up my road, think she was paulines aunty. Think shes it, walks around with a face that says "look at me". Obviously Sir Sexy Jimmy. Often seen ogling the females on the South Beach. Des Barnes ex-corrie has been spotted here a few times.
  • Charles Laughton, who directed one of the best fillums ever - Night of the Hunter - existed in Scarborough for a while. "Living" in Scarborough is a contradiction in terms.
  • Rosie, the infamous mid town dancer, would dance to all buskers, and then strip, and then get arrested, now in a care home, well looked after I believe!
  • Sir James Saville, Paul Ingle, Fred Feast (Ex- Coronation St.), Harry Dunn (retired boxer).
  • Note, it wasn't Paul Ince that took Naseem to the 11th round, it was Paul INGLE. Ince is a footballer who wouldn't last one round with either!
  • Paul ingle of course,
  • Ben (Steal yer wife) Fry Jimmy Saville Robert Palmer
  • bloody Jimmy Saville and some Burt Bacharach look a likes... oh and a guy with the same hat as Badly Drawn Boy...
  • The twat who has been shouting final paperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! outside Brunswick for the last millenium. Jack Salt Quiz master in the Evening News who's photo hasn't been updated for about 30 years. Conspiracy theories are rife as to his welfare let alone his very existence.
  • james saville
  • The inventor with silly glasses and a curly tash lives here somewhere. He was always on kids telly in the late seventies. I think his name was Wilf Lunn, but I couldn't swear to it.
  • A Grumbleweed once lived on our street.
  • me, myself and i
  • For the person below who went on about Paul Ince (!), it's DARREN Foreman, dolt.
  • jimmy saville when on holiday
  • Mitch Cook, Jonathan Greening, James Jowsey, Tony Outhart (all Scarborians who play/played professional football, just in case you're puzzled).
  • Mark Brewer - fashion icon of late 80's Alex Lincoln - Media "Darling"
  • Although not residents we've had the cast of Little Voice (including Ewan McGregor) staying here while filming. I've also seen a few stars of Corrie, past and present.
  • The running woman. On Scalby Road, on Northway, everywhere. Peter Jaconelli and his mate Jimmy Saville. Steve Morley the secret genius of Scarborough.
  • Some dude called chickenlegs. he used to chase kids and he is really fast!! And some dude i have heard of called nicholson.
  • Jimmy Saville lives here (god help us)
  • geffory hogpaste
  • Peter Jaconelli we all know about the great work he did with the kids of scarborough don`t we?
  • Some pilchard has written on your page that Paul Ince took Prince Naseem to the 11th round! Well it was Paul Ingle axtually, a Scarborough resident. Fred Gee who played the barman in Corrie as well. (A Scarborough resident, not a boxer!) died recently though.
  • Tricolo's Italian restaurant has pics on the wall of all the top showbiz legends who have eaten there. Like DLT, Bernie Clifton and Little & Large
  • jimmy saville-lives in scarborough that woman who plays vera duckworth in coranation street. michael foreman-not so well known but more of a local hero. PAUL INCE- took nassem hamed to the 11th round.
  • Vera Duckworth has a summer place here. Jimmy Saville also lives here. Anne Bronte died here.
  • Roy Walker, host of ITV's 'Catchphrase' quiz show, once rented a flat in Granville Square, South Cliff, not too far from where I live, actually.
  • Alan Ayckbourn, renowned for being a Scarborian - although frequently syas how much he loathes the town. Jimmy Saville - is he STILL alive? Can't think of anyone else.
  • I'm afraid this only stretches to Sir Jimmy Saville, who loves the place. Oh, and Vera Duckworth has a holiday flat too.
  • Robert Palmer, nee Allan Palmer and Charles Laughton

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