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  • the stephen joesheph theatre in scarborough centre the futurist cinema/ theatre, hollywood plaza north marine road
  • Hollywood plaza is the worst cinema that I've ever been to. Futurist theatre or Stephen Joseph theatre are much better.
  • if your in scarborough at the time theres a movie you can either be uncomfortable with snides throwing sh*t at you or go to york....
  • we have the holywood plaza and the futurist, both are pretty crap so ur better off goin to york or even brid which is slightly better
  • Hollywood Plaza on North Maurine Road in Scarborough. Futurist on the Beach on the Spa Side in Scarborough.
  • Arthur Turner on a Wurlitzer organ used to provide the interval entertainment at the hollywood he dead?
  • york
  • Hollywood Plaza and Futurist, great to sit behind chavs and annoy them.
  • The Plazza on North marine Road, Decent size but you'll need a bum transplant after a 3hr epic!!
  • Hollywood Plaza-North Marine Road.From what hear people have gotten flea bites from that place Place on the sea front- Freezing cold and drafty, nice big screen tho SJT- shows some films,worth checking out
  • the old odeeon was best herbie went bananas in 1977
  • Hollywood plaza - quite small but OK. Futurist - bigger, better - Good
  • Apparently the Futurist has the biggest screen in europe... I find this hard to believe...
  • its shit
  • futurest theatre is a proper bo building its hiyuge on the instid and the holly plasa
  • plaza- shit
  • The last time I saw a film in Scarborough was at the Futurist and they stopped it half way through for an inverval ... What's that all about then?
  • only two, and they're quite uncomfortable- new chairs please! (nice and cheap, though)
  • Holly Wood plaza On North Marine Road is just ok Localy know as the Holly wood flea pit but it's not THAT bad really! (actuly is nice) The futureist on the sea front is nice, as plenty of seats and not much leg room but has the largest screen outside on London! If can stand the drive goin to the WB cinema near york wont disapoint.
  • You must be JOKING. There is no good cinema in Scarborough. Just Flea pits, but the big chains reckon there is not enough trade to justify a good multiscreen. THE NEAREST IS IN YORK FOR GODS SAKE. How good a catchment area do they want!
  • anywhere but the dump plaza, CLEAN IT UP!!!
  • way! The cinemas in Scarborough are crap- they have small screens, they're cold, expensive, the 'surround sound' is not 'surround'. Even Pickering has a better cinema!
  • futrist has a new screen, but pissed off people on first eva showing, with a massive line down middle of the screen. 30 grand well spent.
  • We dot have a decent cinema theres only like 2 which are both cr**!!! hollywood plaza is tiny and the stephen joseph is in a theatre so is at limited times there was the futurist but it got shut down
  • Hollywood plaza is cramped and it stinks o' piss. futurist is good but gettin the shit knocked outta it
  • we have cinema last time i went was bout 5years ago and they had more or less fallen down then so i wud h8 2 c the state they r in now
  • Hollywood plaza is OK but if you can get to York go there
  • scarboro needs a proper cinema - have they stopped cuttin subtitles off at the futurist yet?
  • Go to Clifton Moor - York.
  • Holly Wood Plaza, a good spot for locals Stephen Joseph Theatre, small cheap good screen clean good seats a nice place: Not a townie in sight!
  • When I first saw the cinema on North Marine Road I actually though that it was an old cinema that had been long since closed down. Absolutely disgusting. The Futurist is not much better. Very rare that there is a film on that you actually want to see - go to York or even Hull or Brid.
  • The futurist sometimes has the latest flicks or the Hollywood Plaza on North Bay The Stephen Joseph theatre is massively under appreiciated by the Scarborough crowd and North Bay sometimes has the chuckle brothers in the corner complex. Hang Fire, we had Belle and Sebastian this month!
  • futurist stephen joseph t`other one at top of new queens street
  • total and utter pap, they have sticky floors and stink of wee. Better off visiting York or Bridlington.
  • The cinemas in Scarborough are awful, the one on North Marine Road looks like it should have been demolished years ago, and it's impossible to watch a film there because of all the stupid kids throwing stuff about. For God's sake, give us a Warner Village or something...........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  • stephen joseph,futurist and plaza
  • two words - painful arse.
  • Bollockbuster video
  • The Hollywood Plaza shows such shite films that they are overshadowed by a geezer on a wurlitzer.
  • that piss hole on castle road
  • Futurist showing crap stuff @ the mo, Hollywood Plaza bit small, some good films,i'd travel anywhere but here to watch films, mainly warner brothers in york,
  • Scarborough is in desperate need of a good cinema. The Hollywood Plaza is really uncomfortable, especially if the film is more than 30 minutes long and the Futurist is cold in Winter and has really bad sound, picture, etc. You really need to travel to Clifton Moor or somewhere if you want to actually enjoy yourself at the cinema.
  • Stephen Joseph is a bit of a disaster on the cinema front, theres never anything on. Futurist would cancel Citizen Kane to squeeze in another Jim Davidosn live show.
  • The futurist is cool cos i get in free.
  • Hollywood Plaza - perfect for people with no legs (owing to seating arrangements)... also have a wurlitzer for Blackpool entusiasts
  • go to york
  • The Hollywood Plaza,great if you want to be cramped its only good if you are a 2 foot midgit! and would you risk the safty of your children when you know the fire exit is bollarded over? and the Futerist,ahh that wonderful place where people cant sit on the top of the area because it might collapse and you have a great time sat there freezing to death!
  • Hollywood plaza (I still call it that)- BAD seats, prepare for a seriously sore arse. Stephen Joseph- More arty and adult literature rather than hollywood blockbusters. Futurist Theatre- Wierd seeing Little Voice in there. The film shows the outside of the venue a few times. which is strange cause your inside (am I the only one who got those feelings)
  • Hollywood Plaza shows alright films but its crap theres only one screen, they say that there is a big multiplex being built in the town centre, well see.
  • The Plaza Cinema doesn't smell to bad any more - new ventilation system. And they really do show up to date films!
  • Futurist good but expensive (about) 4.95 (adults) Hollywood plaza ( i would'nt travel 10 metres to see a film here) olympia amusements contains a bowling alley probably the best entertainment scarborough has (also contains the contrys first lazer dodgems.
  • Better off going to York. The futurist is too big for an atmosphere and the Plaza smells funny. Like someone died in there.
  • The Plaza Cinema (Formally Hollywood Plaza - although the sign still reads "Hollywood") shows most films on their release date - check out their web-site at
  • Stephen Joseph Theatre - plays films sometimes. Futurist Theatre - Cannon and Ball's typical haunt, again plays films sometimes. Hollywood Plaza (please!) - still showing Titanic probably. THX sound? They're still getting to grips with colour.
  • Its best to travel to the multiplex at York, but if you like a friendly, local cinema, go to the Hollywood Plaza or the Futurist on the Seafront.
  • Holliwood Plasa is the place to see any movie We also have the Steven Joseph Therter (Home to Alen Akborn)

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