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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Indigo Alley- brilliant live music venue
  • Terry@Bacchus bringing the tunes back to life - cheap beer and cheaper women.. Big Mark's stag will be hitting Backarse in 2011 - Upstairs / downstairs and into the Midnight Garden - Pervy Dave, Phil (Enemy) Hill, BIG SHAUN... will be joining Little Malk and the crow... The 1990 retro night revival - Just need Mel to touch up !
  • Galactica @ Scarbrough spa ( Nov 91 ) - best event ever in Scarborough
  • Boleyns - been here for ever & used to be known as a classy joint. Now lets in all kinds of scroats. never been same since extension & when the bouncer left who used to stop you drinking on the dance floor. Still best club in town though. Mansion - shuts & then reopens every few weeks - pretty crap at weekend but ok on student night. Vivaz ok on the right night. MIST bar nice new(ish) classy bar with best looking women in town ( some slightly older chicks in here ). Sunn Inn - just been doen up & quite good at weekend. Quids inn ( old Yates ) not a patch on original unfortunatly. Snowys - good prices & fit bar staff. baracuda half full of idiots & 30 min wait at bar. Summing up it's ok but not a patch on the 90's bring back Rosie O Frady's, The Equestraian, Quids Inn, Rockys, Laughtons etc......
  • Anyone remember the days when St Thomas Street was the 'in place' to be - getting drunk in Rosie O'Grady's (what a dump - I should know, I used to work there!) then over to the Bees Nightclub ha ha!
  • masion,bolyns,mist
  • zero has its rock nyts but there is an increadible amount of people who look remarkably like the13-16 yearold that go to skool with my bro, theres rock nyts everywhere really on differant days of the week, errrrmmm, bacchus is fun but vvvvv cheesy, scarborough is pretty shit though
  • Vivas is ok
  • Clubs XS and Murrays.
  • Scarborough has some awful pubs, perhaps the Tap and Spile serves the best beer,so does the Alma, but if you dont smoke 80 fags a day it might not be for you
  • never 4get where ur goin 2 - bacchus still rocks!! new dj same red hot atmosphere upstairs downstairs entry at front but preferably rear fantasticly cheap alcohol even big mark pulled hosted by terry retro chic decor sweet smell of skunk in the evening air 30 years and going strong a visit to scarborough is not a visit at all if u don't visit terrys emporium of love on ramshill road sean and mark annually performing on the dancefloor every july visit this place and live ur lust
  • i would travel many miles to swing to the tunetastic sounds at Bacchus ( retro / indie / disco ) This place is a tribute to all thats good about small independant clubs - friendly owner ( he always gives u a welcoming smile ) - sexy bar staff - ambient atmosphere - malkin / watson of NME visited recently and voted terry host of the year - no front door - entry at rear is acceptable - garden terrace makes ibiza's space look like a patio
  • only one place 2 go the place 2 be is the bar known as bacchus ( aka bacarse ) cheap beer cheaper entry art deco spiral staircase love that terry man sexy barmaids and hunky dj's stripped down eclectic set of 70's and 80's funkadelic tunes forget ibiza man get down ramshill road and enjoy the 2unes that burn the dance floor at this happening place if ur up 4 more fun ask about terrys midnight garden for the real al fresco balcony jive the best 2unes are mixed by bluesuitcasedave this is the only place to have fun in town pity they just lost the pool table
  • boleyns full of slags and dickheads with no idea where to go.
  • monday... the club formally known as planet, now laughtons. tues... stay at home. wed.... studio one ( wicked love it on a wed!!) thurs.... boleyns but its dead! fri... xs, boleyns or studio, i prefer xs lots of nice young lads to pull! sat... boleyns or studio, i try both!! sun... boleyns only place open but dead and full of rough bitches!
  • Studio 1 iz the place 2 b wednesdays are rockin and fridays have DJ CHILLI the fittest DJ eva!!!!
  • Okay erm here goes: Vivaz, Murrays, XS, Laughtons, Cask, Newcaslte Packet, Golden Ball, Golden Last, Turks Head, Shakespeare, If your poosh as fook then Con(servative) Club && Railway Club, Queen Vic, Lord Roseburys ... they's loads...
  • bacchus is the only place for any + 30 person to go the lemon tree on a thursday night used to rock
  • balyns
  • bolyns is a good night on a saturday although they let far too many people in and by midnight you cant fuckin move!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • For students: monday nite is laughtons, 1 a shot. if u like dingy spots then vivaz is the place on a monday. Wed nite is XS altho some toss pot has decided that studio1 is better..... yeah sure thing. every other nite stay in.
  • murrays bar .they have some fantastic tribute bands,friendly (smokin) clieontele
  • i go to vivaz when there is a uproar night on because i am friends with all the dj's so its a good night plenty of fit lads and also the cask when cheeky monkey is on
  • Tiffanys, Bali hi, Victorias, or have them days gone. Today Bolyns and Murrays
  • the place to be has got to be as it always has bacchus any night all night free entry top tunes terry is the man remember sean big mark little craig pervy dave and the enemy .....
  • XS, Boleyns, been to worse places. No white trainers, what are u dick bouncers on about!! rockports my arse!!
  • Ah now your talking. Working mens social club, no, lets be serious now, erm, xcess
  • Dont go to Boleyns, what a joke.6 pissing quid to go and surround yourself with some of the most intellectually challenged people i have ever come across.
  • planet near mcdonalds an xs aberdeen walk i fink
  • XS, club 99, planet bar 69 etc
  • club xs murrays
  • ok, the Kazbah on huntress row, which i assume is the old Undergroud (?) is an excellent venue for rock on a wednesday night. It cheap to get in with lots of cheap drink promos. They dont let underage kids in because ive not seen one yet AND i myself got asked for ID last week and im 20! so they are defo keeping check! live gigs here are alo good - my ruin in december, should be fun!
  • hi all, im sure you'de agree scarboroughs night life is waining a little bit to say the least. So, on the 17th october CLUBXPRESS will operate its first excursion to leeds for a friday night out. What we want to do is take you, regularly, to places such as leeds, newcastle, york and anywhere else so to allow you a quality night out somewhere that maybe would be awkward to get to, cost far too much via train or taxi, or mean you needed accomadation, but instead when you finished youde get on our coach outside the club and we would bring you back to scarborough within a few hours of club kick out time, you could go out 100 miles away and still sleep in your own bed all at a minimal charge. Our site lists what each location has to offer club wise + you dont need to like a certain type of music cos leeds for example has so many clubs offering different genres that everyone should be satisfied. All the info you could need is on the site, if you want to go for someones bday drop us a line on the contacts page and the bday boy/girl goes for free, look on the areaguide on the site you might find a decent night out in leeds could cost u less than an average one in boro hope to see you all there clubxpress
  • Hmmm... Get on a coach and go to Leeds.
  • Planet, XS and MANY MANY others wich there names have all sliped my mind. WELL i dont care what there called just the next place that serves alchol and has music! Many will have teens out side tring to act 18 but are so drunk when asked there age say 15!
  • Boleyns must have a fountain of youth curtain on the entrance as a huge number of the patrons have the bodies and faces of people who appear to be only 14 or 15, but obviously are much older.
  • Boleyns, XS, or anywhere else that dyke bouncer may be is then hard to get in if you are pretty or skinny or if she may fancy you but knows she dont have a chance wid ya./ Planet n 99 is usually good for a laugh, just watch ur back n your drinks.
  • Kazbah - live music licence open till 3am as long as there is punters, all local hard rock bands and tributes, some bigger bands too. friday night rock nite.
  • SCARBOROUGHS ONLY HARD ROCK NIGHT: is at the Kazbah (used to be LTs, and no Joe doesnt own it any more) EVERY WEDNESDAY. DJ Deadguy (used to hang out at LTs) playing metal, rock & punk. Support it or we`ll just end up with ANOTHER crap dance club.....
  • I like to go to Baccus, cos i'm a closet homosexual, and I can fullfill my pleasures ;) with out being seen
  • planet is great to get shagged, You pull in there and go down upo ally, which is located opposite. (dedicated to paul upson 3:16, and his night with Chelsea Bradshaw) They actually got it on in 99 though, which is nxt door. also great to pull 16 year old boys, with weiner dicks.
  • XS
  • Planet 2000
  • XS is the place to be, if you wanna drink until you puke, which is regular, as I well know. Boleyn's is rubbish, but the car park out the back is great for a bit of late night drunken privacy!!!
  • The best clubs in the Scarborough area are those used on the seals. That said, Bacchus on South Cliff does offer a great spot for a late drink. It's unusual patrons will certainly make sure of an interesting (if slightly frightening) evening's entertainment.
  • Xs on a wednesday and Friday night - both are Rock nights. Warning: In order not to be glaired at or spat on - you must dress like all the other underage clones in there: jeans that go over ya feet, the same Topshop studded belts, black nail varnish and a face like a spoilt brat pissed on a bottle of Metz, basically screaming "IM SO PUNK ME, HONEST" Also, you must dance a certain way,y'know - skipping like a pixie clutching ya florescent pink furry shoulder bag (a MUST HAVE to be totally 'down with the scene, man') Oh and if your not from Scarborough, i'd give this night a miss - if you arent from here you are not welcome, lets remember the little goths in there are VERY cliqey - and if you dont attend Pinder Secondary school, or hang around outside Woolworths on a Saturday (complete with a slipknot hoodie and stripey stockings) OR if your an ex girlfriend of a local skater (the little gothling girlys go MENTAL, handbags at 20 paces) then BEWARE, infact dontbother at all, its a shit night out. Ta.
  • Update:Planet 2000 no longer does PUKKA, lets in townies, or has underagers (they're all at least 16 now). P2K is busiest club Monday, Friday, and Saturday. XS is only open 3 nights a week, Wednesday is the busiest. Boleyns has only Thursday as a big night and there are only 300 in. Kids in is closed. Underground only open for the Pukka lot on Friday with Eutopia, CLub 99 has the townies. If you ask nicely at P2K the dishy Steve will search you for drugs.
  • The Tomb plays a really good mix from dance to indie on a friday
  • I find that the fact there is nowhere to go if u wanna really good night out with the lasses-i mean usually start with the pubs and then go onto Quids inn 2 get u in the mood for clubbing with its cheap booze n little dance floor but it has recently shut down!thanks Scarborough County Council where am i gonna go now!then u get Planet 2000-where do i start?14 year olds,snides,townies,barrowcliffers,dodgy pills spiking ur drink and cheezy music!Boleyns where u get groped by dirty old men where they think they have a chance with u.xs seems to be the only decent club on a friday night but there does still need improvement!!!!!!!!
  • XS on wed and fridays used to be good overrun with gothic types but generally a good bunch of lads taking the piss out of eachother and having a laugh. normally a little scuffle thanks to a certain young guy who wont be named...young mr neil maybe
  • they're all crap....planet is bearable... go to Privilege instead! not amazing but best entertainment in scarb...well for men anyway
  • Is there a decent club in Scarborough - NO. The Tomb (dead), Kings (dead), XS (cheese city, teeny boppers), Planet 2000 (drug haven), Boleyns (too many people in too little a place).
  • Planet, for all the townies a place where PUKKA can be heard all the time. Boleyns for all the diry old men to perv. Kids in oh i mean Quids In, a cheep boozer style club thing
  • Xcess is full of underage freaks who piss me off, yet it remains to be the best club in scarborough. Planet 2000 is possibly the worst (at least Xcess dont let in under 14's).
  • Planet 2000 - Cheesy Dance/Pop, Let anyone over 10yrs Old in, snides, townies, people desprerate for some king of a shag. Underground/Tomb - Fridays are alright but for Indie night its very dance/poppy. Boleyns - Mature Women, as mature as 50?!??! Bacchus - Name says it all, cowboys! XS - The only decent club, Wednesdays were cool with some good rock and metal, but now its all pop rock - papa roach, linkin park, limp bizkit all that crap. Fridays are good, free entry, free drinks, indie adn rock music. Some cheesy rock but some is good. Kids In - If you get refused from planet - like u would, go here.
  • The clubs are, unfortunately, full of dull office workers, mutton dressed as slappers and REMARKABLY young patrons. Go to Leeds for a good night out.
  • The older generations hang at Boleyns... but your at risk at this Meat Market of being cracked onto by a pensioner. XS is the opposite, if desperate school girls are your thing, give it a shot? As for Bacchus.. prepare to be cracked onto by either sex.
  • Depends what you want. 80's retro with weird throw backs then go for Boleyns. Boom Boom Boom Barf - Club XS Cheap booze, cheap women - Underground or should i say TOMB
  • club xs planet kings
  • Murray's, nice and relaxed atmosphere, comfy sofas.
  • Go and dance to the ghostly sounds of great nites gone bye by huddling on the building wreck that was once the great teenage mecca, stage-door. Some great names played in the sweaty-walled palace such as Gilly and puggsy's much loved Negative Feedback, the one-off tour back in '94 will always rank highly in the minds of the lucky few who witnessed it.
  • Nothing remotely decent. Go to Leeds if you want to go to a decent club.
  • planet 2000-convention of dodgy fourteen year olds
  • Since the Lemon Tree closed it's doors I've just not bothered with the club scene here. You just can't find anywhere where you stick to the floor any more.
  • LT's used to be the best - wake up in a corner covered in fag ash and sick. All the dodgy glammies in there pouting at the mirrors on the dancefloor. It's now the Underground - but the owners always shut it down to refurbish it and make it more 'upmarket'. As soon as they open it all the scumbags just go straight back and make sure it's downmarket again within a fortnight. Club XS is the club for young boys who are still trying to find out how much beer they can handle and how to shave properly. Boleyns is full of 25 year old car mechanics & carpet fitters. Bacchus is the place to go if nowhere else will let you in 'cos you're too pissed or have had too many drugs. But if you suffer from drugs paranoia, Captain Cavewoman on the bar might scare you.
  • of course it has to be L.T's the ultimate in sleezy rock my era 1988-1992, Joe feeling up girls young enough to be his grandaughters and shouting 'geete yer fannies out' at 2.00am, Doddi and Neil.....the most outrageous Glammies or they thought pouting in the mirrors and shagging girls in the toilets then using their eyeliners....and of course a decent night out which hasn't been seen since in scarborough
  • Xs is pretty cool, shit on thursdays though with the under 18's night,the Underground, planet 2000 near Mc D's=full of townie shits, quids inn above kwik save
  • Correction - Having been asked by the bar staff to not kiss my Girlfriend in Bacchus last weekend, I would like to point out that it is a far cry from being a place where minority groups can feel comfortable and safe. (It would help if I pointed out that I myself am female).
  • Toffs (in the good old days) used to be the best club, then it was the Underground, then XS but now I think Planet 2000 is the best. Boleyns is undoubtedly the worst, I haven't enjoyed myself there once.
  • Don't worry about going to the Underground if you're on drugs or underage, the only people who get beaten up by t'staff are women. But at least there isnt that twat Eric playing Disco in Moscow again.
  • i've been to XS on a wednesday it's gone really downhill. good for boys with no evidence of stubble and girls who aren't yet developed. ie it is totally full of under 16s let alone under 18s. they are so desperate for trade on fridays that if you ring them (ladies) you get 5 free drinks. at the end of the night you can always guarantee fighting outside XS. the beach party thing is extremely sad and another excuse for underage drinkers to frequent the place. still it is worth a look if you are still at school.
  • Well go to any clubs if you want a fight, there are a few ignoramus' in the good old boro'.
  • Planet 2000 - the only real effort to entertain the deprived residents of the area
  • CORROSION : The only Alternative club in town
  • club Xs now has a beach party on a Friday night and is rammed. live entertainment every friday night. If you look young (below19) you shall require Id. A great night out with locals and students mixing with each other. Student night on a wednesday is rammend to the hilt - i shall meet you there.
  • xs is shit and full of soil heads but most people only go to pull as most of the nice birds go there. the under ground is good on fridays ,indie night but not much in the way of birds.
  • Go to Pukka on a friday night for those on the dance scene. The music is normally good, but expect to be mugged, attacked or abused by Barrowcliffers, sold dodgy pills(beware of those Euros) and be compressed on the dance floor by the piss heads who attempt to dance. Oh and avoid Alexa Neil(works at Debenhams). You have been warned!!!!!!
  • Having seen the earlier comments on the Underground allowing underage drinkers in this is absolute rubbish as anyone looking young must have ID. The problem of underage drinking is widespread and our club cannot take the blame. Other clubs in Scarborough have the same problem as us (Club XS, Planet 2000). It is up to parents to make sure they keep a check on thier children. The underground is popular with the local University college students who are 18 or upwards. On a monday it is student night (dance, indie, 60s 70s 80s), fridays and saturdays are indie nights and on saturdays you can buy a pint of lager or bitter and get the second one free. A lot of bottled drinks and slammers are only 1 aswell. Finally as for Mark Starkey's mixing with the dance music this has much improved! I reckon our club is a great place for a night out and certainly has a brilliant atmosphere.
  • The underground, with its "goth corner" where all the rockers wannabes hang out and pretend their hard having a joint also the ultimate place for all gays and lesbians they are eveywhere hitting on you when it isnt even a gay club!
  • XS does a really good rock night on a Wednesday (shite all other times). Some of those scary outcasts that someone mentioned are my friends. Underage is funny on a Friday -Indie music mixed with the occasional cheese. Bolyns also good on a fri or poss on a Tues (only place with people in). One of the floors in Bacchus is a gay club, well not official but is frequented by gay people. The tunnel was good but became the Works then became a new place for over 25's called Kings or something. Planet 2000, well, small would be a good word. Nothing mind blowing but scarborough is a great nite if you are with a group of good mates. Going down the seafront and trying to throw each other in the sea is also a great climax to the night.
  • Planet 2000 is turning in to a really sorted little club....its now open 4 nights a week...Pukka is on on Fridays and they rock. Saturdays is very cheesey, that DJ Piper packs the place with the biggest load of cheese ive ever heard, but the atmosphere is cool. Xs is alright..but at nineteen im starting to feel a bit old for there.
  • Xs which is rock downstairs and cheesey pop upstairs. Underground student night friday night, quite good. boleyns which is for the older type amongst you all who like all sorts of mingling whith wrinkles.
  • pukka is on every friday night at Planet 2000, that's dancy stuff, Rock and Indie at XS every wednesday (student night, also chart upstairs) Friday nights at the underage are indie, Quids INN plays crap, but it's worth it to look at the transvestite DJ, Sheree Glasse.
  • Whatever happened to Toffs? I went years ago (i aint from Scarborough, i'm what you call a 'Wessy') on a Friday and it was great! Went on Saturday and it was full of blokes smashing bottles over each other, just like here in Castleford! Home sweet home.
  • Boloeyns is full of grannies, Underpants is full of youngsters, XS is basically crap.
  • Underground on Huntriss Row is still full of sixteen year olds who got refused from XS. Only an good on a Friday night when the DJ plays indie.....Student night on a monday is also good if you like dance music 9which i don't) but the beer is cheap.... XS is the trendy place to be....especially on a weekend. Cheap beer on student night on a wednesday but be careful of downstairs as it's full of freaks in black make up and fishnets. Not for the faint hearted!!!
  • If your ever in scarborough and need a good noght out and your not 18 just head for the underground. Its just near macdonalds.
  • I agree that Scarborough is in dire need of a decent club, but have you ever thought that it is the people that maketh the club!!!! and on that I rest my case As for Boelyns being total rubbish, there I must disagree, yes it is full of old women - snogging!!!!! but at least it is a decent looking club and you don't have to go through a turnstile to get in! or queue up at what looks like an under sixteens disco! Plus as a few of you may agree, The George is a damm sight nicer place now than the old put down the shutters and lets have a fight kind of place!
  • To use the word "clubs" for the meat'eads n tarts drinking points dotted around this arsehole end of the world town is pretty funny. But anyway, the main one is XS on Aberdeen rd which used to be Toffs. Its yer regular lager-on-the-floor, snogging an fighting, check-shirted, Tamperer-playing fare. The perfect place to get your head kicked in!! Then theres Laughtons on Huntriss Row, which is a slightly older, more subdued twenty-something place. Your typical 'smart-casual', dress-code club. Next-door is the Underground/Salisbury's. Used to be a bloody amazing, vibrant labyrinthine, cave-like rock club in the grunge days, but has since been 'plastic-bricked' and gone 'upmarket'. Now its basically the same as XS. Upstairs, though, there is the Tunnel, the Undergrounds 'indie' room, which occasionally reaches the status of 'tolerable'.-Stone Roses, Oasis, Prodigy sometimes. Thats about it for mainstream clubs, unless you count the string of ever-changing-hands, ultra-crap joints on St. Nicholas st.- Quids inn, Boleyn's, Champers,etc, which I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. Perhaps the only 'alternative' place is Bacchus, over the other side of valley bridge on Filey Rd.-A tiny, sweaty cupboard, which has been known to play decent records occasionally.
  • Bachuus - seedy atmosphere, varied music, varied clientele!! - off Ramshill Rd
  • The Underground night club in Huntriss row. Two clubs in one. Downstairs, party music except on Thursdays when there is an indie and britpop night. Upstairs in the Tunnel club which is open on Fridays and Saturdays there is the best indie and britpop club for miles. Open from 10pm - 2am.
  • There's quite a few. To begin with there's Club XS. Get's really towny on weekends which is okay I guess if you're from town. I'm a student, I'm not. Good student night on wednesday -'s alright, but the drinks are cheap, and there's generally always a big crowd. First floor is more rock night, and upstairs is more a mixture of dance and charty stuff. The Underground - recently had a makeover but it's still a bit of a dark and dingy dive, but it's still pretty damn good. Student night on monday, again with cheap drinks. Starky, the DJ on student night and friday's indie night, is appalling at mixing - I mean he's really bad at mixing, but he plays some alright stuff sometimes, and it kind of makes up for it. Good night if there's loads of people out. New club opening tonight (09/12/98), called The Works. Up until a few months ago, it was the The Tunnel, the upstairs part of the Underground on the weekend, and indie night used to be up there. Don't know what it's like yet because it hasn't opened, but apparently it's attempt at being at the cutting edge of club culture is to have scaffolding inside it. Why? There's Boleyn's which I think is dire - lots of legless ladies in larmay (however you spell it) and leopard skin, attempting to relive their distant youth, and failing miserably. Don't like it, but you might. Baachus - a little out of town and an extremely shady place indeed. You ring a door bell to be let in, go straight down the tiny spiral staircase to a tiny little bar and tiny little dance floor, which is next to the tiny little DJ area. A place for the unaccepted to be accepted. If you are in any way a minority in society, or just plain odd, you'll fit right in. you either love it or hate it. Expensive pints which don't make up for the fact that it's free to get in.
  • Gradually getting better. After returning home after being a student in Leeds, it does seem qite basic. Club XS best for a cheesy night out, Quids Inn now has male strippers for the desperate women amongst us.
  • Club Xs is the place to be 5 For a cheeper night out the Underground (or Underage) is a slightly cheeper alternative. For all you old cronies there is Bolines

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