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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Mr.Milos is tres chic. Go there to sample local art while you enjoy a divine cappucino. Their paninis are fab too.
  • theres too many....just take a strole down town center
  • since hardys shut own has bin hard findin cafes, but i spose roasters is alryt
  • 5 steps onYork Place, whatever happened to that fine caff?
  • Gamecentre2 internet cafe. You dont have to use the computers and can sit with lovely views of the South Bay. Hot drinks from 40p can't be bad. Best view venue is the cafe on Olivers Mount from which you can see all of Scarborough below you. Very nice food.
  • Le Chat Noir on Eastborough is the best cafe in the town - it has pancakes to die for!! You can sit in the cafe and read one of their books and eat crepes all afternoon...heaven! Scarborough needs a place like this!
  • like cafe jardan... only clean place where you can have a coffee n a cig!
  • Fulview Cafe on Eastborough has been done up recently. It does some cracking ice cream and the owners are lovely!
  • victoria cafe
  • Cats whisker on albamarle thingy near the bingo hall,Crackin Breakfast Just A bit pokey!
  • pop inn cafe victoria road
  • bonnetts
  • COSTA COFFEE!!!! their frescatos kick ass and some fit lad works in there
  • little jacks is great especially when the sea is wild and the one next to sydenhams which makes a fantastic ploughmans upstairs at coopland on the corner of st.thomas street remeber the cafe at tonks ? anyone ?
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • mojos food is wel nice! :D
  • New coffee bar/Take away opened on St Thomas Street called Tonesta's, went Saturday morning for an all day breakfast and it was the best one I've had in a long time...well done Tonestas...just ask the boys in the bike shop down the road!!!!!
  • Tonesta's on St Thomas Street has been open a few months now and do a cracking coffee and also serves hot ciabatta's the best I have tried is the bacon,Sausage & egg, and there tuna melt or a all day breakfast to die for at a very reasonable price too, and it is also open on a friday & saturday nights till 3.00am with no druggies or old people in site
  • we don't need any more
  • Just forty minutes to Hull docks, then a comfortable sail to Amsterdam. Way to go. No seriously: Valente's is an Italian greasy spoon, the best. Also called the cat's whiskers, and quite right too. Shouldn't say this, as there's a table shortage already.
  • what happened to the cat's whiskers????
  • Mojos/Record Revivials - quality for all your CDs and tickets for CXP
  • The Clock Cafe located on a very steep bit somewhere above the Spa - sit outside with a strawberry milkshake and a sticky bun for the best view
  • Every where you look there is a cafe!! A GREAT one to try is MOJO'S
  • Try Hot Stuff on Dean Road (Good hot pork or beef rolls)
  • Fez's on castle road, but u can't beat a good macy D'z.
  • sunny's, emma's coffee lounge, cooplands cafe, woolies cafe theres plenty of shops that have a cafe in them like debenhams, marks and spencer, boyes e.t.c
  • What ever you do dont go to Clayton's Cafe just of the sea front - the food is awful, it's far too exspensive and the owner is a witch!! Steer clear!!!!
  • Mojo's Music Cafe in Northway.Always a courteous service from Mel and Steve,but watch out for Frankie on a Thursday evening-he's ferocious!!!!!!!!
  • Mojos along Northway.Always a friendly greeting from Mel and Steve.Also get a nice wag of the tail from Frankie Dog on a Thursday evening.
  • all the ones especially in Eastborough are fully contaminated.Watch out!
  • yep got some of them too
  • coffee shop in the grand - i used to work there...its crap but one of the better places in that hellhole that is the grand...beware of flies in your has happened...beware of finding FIVE in fact....yes it is true
  • That music cafe on Northway is pretty cool.
  • The harbour bar does great coffee!
  • Thorntons cafe is lovely.
  • Boddys on Bar Street is ok. There are many cafes on Huntriss Row
  • theres a nice little one next to the green cliff lift
  • Some noncy coffee shop near the Tiny shop, but they all look stuck up in there. Plenty of victims for a paintball driveby
  • little ones dotted about
  • Rendezvous is the place to hang out, sup a coffee and marvel at the amount of nutters in Scarboro per square foot.
  • the old Olivers cafe which used to give rendevouz a run for its money when it came to nutters
  • everywhere, its what scarborough is mainly comprised of
  • MOJO's on Northway - the town's first music cafe. Incorporates Record Revivals - as praised so highly on these very pages.
  • Go to Cafe Italia where Tony will keep you in stitches.
  • The secret gardens hot choco is cool.
  • no coffee shops, unfortunately
  • Bonnet`s 'Well our Cappuccino is afilter coffee with spray cream ont`top.'
  • Many, most grannyish. Bonnets is OK, and upstairs in Pastiche is really cool, its shaped like a ship
  • full of old people who smell of wee
  • lots of cafes in town for a relaxing drink has all the awful seafront hotdog stands but has a nice cafe on north bay called the corner cafe where you will receive only the best service from the best looking young men scarborough has to offer.
  • Woolworths cafe is overpriced, but the coffee sends you to sleep.
  • AV's is a good coffee shop, near Lord Rosebury's. It feels like you're in a goldfish bowl though, what with all the large windows and the like.
  • Dodgy drug dealings, wasters and old people. In all of them.
  • Can't anyone in Scarborough open a cafe bar that doesn't attract down and outs and old people!

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