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Hookup Spots
  • graham school field playing football
  • brunswick pavillion
  • so many people saying scarboros a fucking wonder... most of the ppl making comments on here seem to be small minded biggots...thats whats wrong with scarboro i think. imao.
  • I live in Scarborough nd i always have done and id jus like 2 say 2 all these lil freeks tht have made it sound like a shity town where you cant walk dwn the street without getin mugged shut up cos its all crap its a class place 2 live , always find summit 2 do and it may only cum once a year but Scarborough fair is class.bein able 2 walk down the street and always c ppl u no and stop for a chat is summit tht i thnk is gud n as soon as summit happens every1 in scrborough nos . pay sum respect !
  • most probarly the cresent...and even thats gone go too woolies....its in the center of town...arches
  • The best place to chill in scarb has always been the crescent,it just nice aint it, as for woolies ur always gonna have kids there and u probs hung round there wen u were a kid too. to avoid chavs u shud avoid, the fair at all costs and also dark streets on a nyt,especially manor road which gets pretty bad. If your over 18 go to the valley!!! bacchus is cool too, and avoid zero at all costs!!!
  • Scarborough is where society is divided if your different from mainstream. If your vulnerable or frightened Scarborough is not the place to live confertably it's full of roughnecks, drunks and some sinister Staff in Jobs away from a normal environments. Most Staff have two Jobs in Scarborough from been a Care Staff to Pub Cheifs and Cafe Workers. If your different from mainstream in anyway you'll get surved last or end up waiting longer until they notice you and takes time for them to do so cause it's you most of the time. Normal individuals living in Scarborough tend to intercept some from succeeding in things cause of Scarborough been corrupt. These are the warnings to you who are planning on visiting Scarborough for the weekend, holiday or moving to Scarborough. It is not all pleasent. There has been some high crimes in Scarborough town from a stabbing on Queen Street of the Newborough Road. Town Centre is the worst for that, locals of neighbours from hell. If your different it has been known for who are have been folllowed by Care Staff or reported to Care Staff from those of there behalf. Nowhere is 100% pleasent.
  • It used to be The Stage Door, that has been and gone, sadly, Vivaz, which was once The Lemon Tree is ok, full of burnt out old hipsters any road
  • I can't beleive that you think that of your home town
  • gilly's - pull a wessie on a saturday night 20p a pop on bubble bobble and ur in their mate
  • Cayton playing fields was always a winner, but what about the old castle near cayton bay, was devasteded when they was destroyed
  • top shops eastfield
  • the north bay shelter iz a great place 2 hang out as long as u dnt mind gettin frost bite lol
  • Ok so like everyone knows this. Quit mentioning it but.... Woolies, Woolies Steps, Around Town, Daaan Beach on 2-Pee Pushers init? xD Spa, roung near the spa, anything like good gigs - like we can have those much. Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the oldddd cemetary - yeah I've seen some of you sat there on that rope swing near manor road park -nods- manor road park, sainsburys/safeways park, sainsburys carpark, aldi's carpark, around top of town, and places.
  • the rammy on a friday night... alma fudd and a shag lots of young teacher wannabees after a lay and if all that fails u can drink cheap beer all night in bacchus ( backarse)
  • down on the railings at the beach
  • we used to meet up at the top of plantation hill ,its full of wino,s now
  • we all hang about outside woolies or up south cliffs because we try and avoid goths because they are a drain and a disgrace to our boro
  • bar street all the way,sum great prossies down ther
  • danny wilde is at the aberdeen pub
  • The bus shelter at burton flemming
  • on the island that is in the middle of peasholm park scale the bridge and teh world is your lobster.....
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • I like to hook up in the local fishing shops...ahahahha. Seriously though, you should check out their tackle.
  • Woolies, not as bad as some make it out 2 be?!
  • wessies are wankers wessies are wankers they should fuck back to bankers
  • Sea life centre, jacksons bay, anywhere to smoke n burn stuff really. Also if everyone is so bothered about snides, beat them down, u think this is a shithole, go to sunderland or hull! Or middlesborough for that matter!
  • Best place to pull, or sniff glue, or even get a good shag for that matter is outside woolies on a friday night
  • The Beach is mint lloads of fit boy racers!!!!!!!!!! in there wel good (crap) cars but who cars i love it!!!!!!!
  • manor road park is d place t b piss around doin nowt but its a right laugh fri night get pissed sat night get pissed sunday night recover
  • Italian Gardens, just up from the Spa, where my ex proposed to me, before ripping me off for thirty grand and buggering off. Very Romantic. Have fun there, but just say no, guys, ok?
  • barrowcliff, beach, round north marine road, william st coach park and (no)hope street. also down the cres(smokin res),anywhere kikin SWEATY GOTHS. fuck off and kill ya selves ya sweaty betty cunts
  • barrowcliff, beach, round north marine road, william st coach park and (no)hope street. also down the cres(smokin res),anywhere kikin SWEATY GOTHS. fuck off and kill ya selves ya sweaty betty cunts
  • the town is full of townies, who just want to give us shit, good bits of town near whitby(goth fest) cool old buildings and nice places to hang out, near the art gallery and museum are cool in summer,but too many townies,i think one nearly died about a year ago so most have started to leave the area alone for us goths,bout time,if you ever want to go into the museum or the art gallery its really cheap and the woman in there is a old 80's goth shes really nice and chatty, don't go to the museum when the old fucktard is in hes a total kiddy fiddler, and makes dodgy comments about you, he needs to be sacked.
  • not the arcades its full of bin rakin bastards (townies) that just scrounge fags and hit on your girlfriends coz theyre 2 sad to get a life.2 sk8 go to woolies corner or the fountains coz theres loads o class sk8rs,Broughton Birdy Ozzy Tom.they rule look out 4 Damien smith,cant miss him wa**er with the knife TOWNIES SUCK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rite. U lookin 4 trouble, u mite wanna try da shithole known as da beach. All ya go town dere is da Scroungin bastards dat hang around gillys tryna hit on ppl as dey go past coz dey to damn ugly to get sum1 properly, or dey jus 2 fuckin blonde 2 realise there is such a thing as a life!! Woolies is prolly da bst place, and when its a crappy day (so this occurs to like every day of da week) go to da brunswick balcony's. U wont find da bastard snydes in dere, dey all down at the local offlicense tryna get served 4 cheap ass shit dey call booze, good luck! graffiti's prolly da main place 4 goths and sk8rs, druggy corna or wot, but kool place 2 chill out, is it ne wonda no townie bastards go down dere, they kno they'l get da shit beat outta em!
  • WOOLIES grat place. Lots of Goths, skaters and the odd Townie! Post people are friendly enough round there. Very busy on Saturday around 12 many many teens sitting about with hangovers after drinking on Friday. The Cres THE place to go to get stoned, normally busy on Fridays and the weekend but there is nearly always some one around. Also a popular place is the Fish pond across the road from the station or the calets past the spa. Grafiti alley mainly full of Townies, tapping fags and pinching each others shoes!
  • does any one anything about upo ally
  • The steps are class! or blands cliff go sit on there with your bottle of cider from the st thomas street off license.
  • I'd just like to say that most of the info on this page is total sh** as i live in scarborough and i hang around with the outcasts and wannabe rockers as somebody already said above!!! which must make me one you are obviously a snide whoever wrote that!!! yeah the hanging out spots are still woolies corner -not just for rejects and you'll find that most of the goths hang around down that smelly alley called grafitti alley or hip-hop square by the side of the library which leads to macdonalds. Theres also the crescent where the stoners go but i usually go there to chill coz its cool like at the fairy gardens that rox but we call it the happy place (near plantation hill just over that wall)!!!(it's at the back of some museum the art gallery me thinx!!!)The fountains, skate park, and yes the brunswick balcony when its cold!!! vortex is always full, its a tiny alternative and clubwear shop. velvet chains, serendipity, sublime, secret spot and penny dredful are the best shops we have unless your a snide when anything goes.
  • places which stink of piss - that includes everywhere then.
  • Lets face it scarborough has nowhere to go and all you people sayin it's beautiful must not live here! the sea is full of shit and the beaches overrun by tourists! the skatepark is full of snides and people are slowly abbandening the fountains! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!! All i want to say is find a bench and sit on it for hours of entertainment and fun!
  • The bench of dreams on the esplanade
  • Bus Shelters on Scalby Rd, drinking Diamond White!
  • the best place to hang around is woolie u go down there anytime day or nigt there is some1 down there u can talk to its so easy to make friends wi gothss or skaters (but not snides or those who act like them and u no who u r DH!!!!) if u like the music and dont have an attuide probelm they'll accept u believe me
  • Definately Kebab land:D
  • Generally safeways or the new (albeit s**t) skatepark
  • There's loadsa places in Boro: Dean Rd cemetery, Peasholm Park, White Lady (in the Glen), South Cliff (under the bridge, near the spa), the Spa shelters, North Bay beach, South Bay, Underground car park (Boy Racers only), Back of station (skaters only), Manor Rd Park, The Castle, Olympia Gardens (Before they were destroyed) etc,etc. Basically Scarborough is a shit-hole, full of townies who think they are something they really aren't. This coming from a 21 yr old who's lived there all his life.
  • The women centre, now called the Castle choice centre, great place to hang out if 1: you're unemployed, and a single mother, 2:Great chance to meet all the other saddos they spen their lifes in there 3: Great quiche (no really it is!) 4: A fucking miserable receptionist with big hair (you can't miss her!! Go and stare at her for a laugh if you're feeling depressed.) 5: The courses they put on would be good if the majorty of the people atttending weren't middle-aged, with a superioty-complex. 6: Great creche, excellent staff, they deserve an award for working in that dump
  • dean road cemetery where young goths practice their ritual's high as kite's many young virgin goth's sacrifice their body not a place for the faint hearted
  • well a must for all those townies is ne place near a fag shop & places where money may be thrown at them. Scarborough sea front the place 2 see all the bangers driving up & down & up & down with their bangin tunes blarin out, lookin like total wa**ers
  • Surely its peasholm Park isnt it?
  • woolies corner
  • the graveyard on the corner of Dean Road + Columbus Ravine, there's plenty of places to chill, especially under the bridge wit some wine.
  • Its nice to see that the old spots are still the best! Plantation Hill, under the Valley Bridge arches has always been one of the spots to go... Its not just the current generation, be prepared to realise that the oldies know these places too!!!
  • Scalby beck and the tennis courts offer a great pulling,drinking,puking point for those losers who are too thick to go to college after being expelled from school or 4th years from Scalby who have a 10.30 curfew. Get recked on the legendary 'lekky white' cider from the liberal-minded offy next to the white horse in Scalby village.
  • woolies corner
  • The Abbey National doorway after a wednesday (or any) night out is where I can always be found, me & my mates are there so often that we dont even need to call a taxi, they just turn up to take us home (awwwww)
  • falsgrave where the kids make their shit guys on bonfire night
  • Usually just some dodgy bedsit on North Marine Road. If it's a sunny day, neck a tab of acid and wander up to the castle and stare out over the town waiting for a bomb to land on it or something.
  • whatever happened to the old hang out outside the Amusment arcades, a place where all the teenage slappers of Scarborough could hang out or'Gilly bin women' as me and my friends fondly remember them as......or the Ice rink speeding round to 'cruisin' by Sinitta and getting sleezed on by that dirty old D.J they had there. The days when a skateboard was not to be seen behind station just boyracers with their ford escorts spending their nights wasting petrol going round and round and round past Macdonalds (before pedestrianisation)
  • What amazes me about the people in Scarborough is there feeling of superiority in all face of reason and evidence, there belief that Scarborough, or Scabbi, as outsiders call it(lets face it the name suits it better), is the capital of the world, if only they would open there eyes and maybe step outside the town limits they would notice another, more intresting world exists! Scarborough, nice place to spend money in arcades,not a place to stay long...the police where flak jackets...that says it all to me!
  • For wessie losers - over the Valley Bridge fencing.
  • Plantation hill,near the north bay this is the latest hangout
  • The McCain Stadium forecourt
  • scarborough is really shit. All there is to do is get pissed and canned.
  • As already said, Woolworths seems to be the in place. Always has been, always will be. I used to hang out there and now other generations are too. It used to be just for townies but now there are these weirdos practically living there. At least the townies kept reasonable hours and didn't sit there till well past their bedtime!
  • looking at the recent comments that is obvious the owner has surrendered to this site. You need to look at your club mate. I went in on a saturday night at midnight and only "one" person was in!! So we hit the XS club where we was told to go in the first place. Had a good night and got a shag!! Went to the underground/underage last monday and I nearly copped with a 16 and half year old!!!! At least she was 6 months over the age of consent!!!
  • Woolworths ?
  • the north bay, its a chilled out area and you can take the piss out of wanna soil heads, and good for biking and skating when the tourists fuck off.
  • the sheep field above graham school is a hallowed place known for generations for its enlightening produce..
  • having read the other comments in this section I feel utterly disgusted. Scarborough is a beautiful town with which it's residents should be proud. It is obvious the earlier comments were written by silly children with nothing better to do. A good hook up spot for these people would be the school playground.
  • Come to Scarborough, if your a missfit, or just come out of prison, yes it's the snide capital, the goth generation and the skaters haven. Yes, Scarborough with its pissed in corners and its shit coated streets, a picturesque place with grey sea, shit coloured sand and trashed shalleys, not to mention the south beach where you go to get raped or talk with the other local phoedophiles.
  • The usual hook up spot is the Amusement arcades where all the little bleeders fritter away somebody elses hard earned cash that the malajusted little deviants stole earlier.
  • the train station car park is always looking good with many gnarly sessions going down a lot of people have quit skating but there is still quite a few skaters around,like mike foreman,rob+rich thompson,wayne blenkin, esh,and many more.No snides allowed!!!! north bay shalley massive .and co.
  • The balcony in the brunswick centre, good for spitting on people. there is also a nifty pic'n'mix counter. otherwise that well dominated spot, Woolie's corner.
  • Woolworths corner, as it is now known, is no longer a haven for Kappas. They have been outnumbered by wannabe rockers and indie chicks, not to mention the odd skater. And sometimes they are very odd.
  • The steps outside Woolworths more commonly known as "woolworths Corner". A hang out for all the outcasts, wannabe outcasts and wasters.....very popular especially on saturdays and summer holidays. A uniform of marilyn manson, korn and slipknot t-shirts, badly applied eyeliner and stripey tights is required to hang out here. Apparentely for the sake of "fitting in". A big fight with kappa slappas waiting to happen.....
  • If your ever in scarborough and need a good noght out and your not 18 just head for the underground. Its just near macdonalds if you want to see some live music head for the pavilion vaults.
  • Skaters haven is on Valley rd. before you get to the beach. (Lots of lovely steps n stuff), and in the dissused, covered car-park behind the train station.
  • Kappa slappas outside Woolies on the benches

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