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Live Music Venues
  • The Glass House - to see David Nicholson perform. Great artist sings The Rat Pack and Michael Buble to name but a few, as well as theme nights ie 60`s night etc. Go see !
  • The Ramshill gets a good cross section of live music AND it`s been renovated recently. ( Give Danny Wilde a miss though)
  • Best venues for me are The Merchant, Indigo Alley, and Hole in the Wall. Tap & Spile can also be decent.
  • The station pub in Filey showcases a lot of local talent. As does The tavern nr. hunmanby.
  • Already stated, but worthy of another plug... The Newcastle Packet on the seafront opposite Ask is the best place for good local bands on a Saturday night. Best place to catch The Pulse - top covers band (40 songs, all live).
  • Newcastle packet, indigo alley, the Durham - Sea side Danny Wilde
  • The Ramshill, used to be THE venue for student music
  • DANNy WILDE @ the Durham Hotel on friday 29th Feb
  • vivaz,zero,goth weekend in witby
  • theres beached festival once every year....thats good otherwise go to zero or vivaz...or clubbin at mansion
  • Vivaz is alryt, and zero... if you want more chilled stuff though go to cellars and some of the other pubs dotted around cos theres a lot of really talented peeps about
  • Pavillion Vaults. Is it still called that? Used to play there with CONSTANT ORANGE back in the 90's. Uni bar.
  • Pubs do Disco evenings and there is Night Clubs XS on Aberdeen Road and Murrays on Westborough in Scarborough.
  • Seems like the old Lemon Tree has had a revamp as Vivaz, just wish there were some decent bands to see, Scarborough is over run with tribute bands, why do people want to sound like others??????, especially Oasis?, puzzling
  • I hear the new French cafe, Le Chat Noir on Eastborough is applying to have live music. It would be a cool venue, nice atmosphere and the crepes are wicked!
  • north riding college bar - the venue for the only live performance ( yet ) of UBS - rocking indie combo of crosier / whincup / simpson - destined to be the next big thing !
  • VIVAZ! check it out... excellent when good bands are on, like the 6 foot daze. or else murrays
  • Vivaz, Murrays. For bigger bands: Newcaslte, Birmingham, yeahhh you should know...
  • Thursday Nights at the Indigo Alley on North Marine Road, Live Beer,Real Bands The Bar fly's Crack out top quality rockin tunes
  • the spa in bridlington,radiohead tried out their ok computer album. ace
  • Newcastle packet
  • Murays music bar at the top of town. Its fairly small, great overall feeling, comfy sofas, cheap drink promos. Very often have bands on, sadly quite often tribute bands tho but never the less many local bands play there and i think they host quite alot of "battle of the band" type things. Popular with students and the wrinklys alike, you wont find too many underagers part from under-age gig nights, but they get kicked out at 11. All together a great place and the staff are nice. Vivaz- Former Kazbah (opp Mcdonnalds) Great over all feeling, not a lot of setating, quite cheap drinks, great staff. Used to host many local bands but seems to have been a dicline since it changed hands and changed names. When there is a gig there depending on the band it is an electric apmosphere, esspecially when local bands or well known bands play. Wednesday at Vivas is Rock nite, fairly good music even better apmosphere and not too many under-agers.
  • Stage Door on Aberdeen Walk (closed in 94?)
  • pavilion vaults north riding college bar the ramshill rock on ALMA FUDD CIRCUS IN REVERSE andy duncan mike dixon and esther the dancer
  • remeber the good old bands: fake/moonchicken/dripfeed/ourown/sorrow/activeminds/neutrino!!!
  • duno?Blazin squad & peter aundre came 2 futurist?
  • XS for pure cheesy music you ask for it they will have it!!
  • The Kazbah had many top bands from the uk and further afiled playing, it closed though, and the building has just reopened as Vivaz.Check out for lots more information (when I update it).
  • Murrys - have afew too many cover bands for my liking, good on weeding out underage kids though, each time ive been to the bar they ask me for id and i'm 21!
  • Murrays
  • got to be Murrays
  • spa?
  • Contractually obliged to say Kazbah.
  • Murrays is the number 1 pub in scarborough its cheep comfey and has a great atmosphear (excuse the spelling) oh yer it plays quality music all the time and veries from rock to funcky house its got sumthing for every one and is definatly worth a look. more info is availible from here you can find listings of all the forthcuming events ranging from student nights with drincks promotions to the offitial tribut bands.
  • pity about the stage door
  • no-one has mentioned the kazbah! it is a really good little venue, with a good dancefloor, sofas and a bar at the back. it's cosy and it's usually buzzing. some good local bands play there, and all their friends really get the atmosphere up. a warning though...sometimes, it's really, really loud. first time i went there, my ears were ringing for days after!
  • Danny Wilde! Does he count as a band? He sings and he's got bouncers that follow him round Tesco and that's good enough for me!
  • Always keep an eye out for the annual Beached festival- it's getting bigger EVERY year, and will continue to do so! Google 'Beached, Scarborough' and you'll find all you need to know about the next big one!
  • Murrys, Kazbah, Mojo's music cafe theres nearly always a gig on some where in scarborough just a case of looking. Again the Teen factor!!!
  • Murrays is very good. Top quality live music, good owner, good crowd. And Yes it's worth the entrance fee on a busy Saturday night.
  • "Jester" are very big in Scarborough!
  • The Kazbah is a new big music venue for Scarborough, they've got bands like 3 Colours Red, Defenestration and Biffy Clyro to play in the last few months. Evereybody should go and support the Kazbah before it closes from nobody going to gigs anymore. It's where the Underground Club used to be.
  • tap and spile for the musos check out stony worried men paul tilley all regulars
  • the Aberdeen with DANNY WILDE he is the best elvis tribute ever. I AM AN OFFICIAL WILDET!!
  • murrays was good until they stopped the metal gigs e.t.c coz of the lil kids trying to get in thats bout it!!!
  • murrays
  • Beach
  • Again, no. Ooh sorry I forgot about the Corner Cafe!
  • MURRAYS gigs every week gud bands and on tuesdays and thursdays under 18s can go in and listen 2the new and up comin bands in the local area
  • Vary, best check out Big Phallus promotions run by James 0777 393 2681 or Break The Mould run by Set who put on allot of gigs. Who REALLY cares about ANOTHER tribute band??
  • Mojos music cafe/Record Revivals.Always get a friendly greeting from Mel and Steve in the cafe or Rod on the music side.
  • pretty crap for them except murrays formerly known as pavillion vaults but got cleaned...godd to find local band nome playing alot lately....nice one dave
  • see stony/street life serenaders (?) wherever they play and Hamps Tramps
  • Murrays has great potential but needs more local bands - not just cover bands
  • definatly needs venues which will premote local new bands instead of tribute bands take note murrys
  • Talbot and the PV are now shut. Murrays is shit and wont accept local bands. The dinge of the Pv is now replaced with trendy flooring and shitty little stools. I used to like the carpets being taped over and the seats being covered with black shite.
  • Flares was cool, but its now west riding. Jolly Roger used to have some cool gigs, eg. Spunge! PV AKA. Murrays has some good 1s. Mariners, what a dingy little shit hole. But i have good memories there.
  • If only. There is a distinct lack of decent entertainment in Scarborough unless you are a young child (The Tweenies at the Futurist) or very old (Status Quo at the Futurist and brass bands at the Spa). Then the good folk at the council, the Evening News etc wonder why audience numbers are dropping - because the "entertainment" is a pile of b******s !!!!! When will someone invest in Scarborough to create something worth paying good money to see?!!!
  • INDIGO ALLEY! Thursday nights reign supreme, truly the best jam sess' ever.
  • Dont be silly
  • the futurist at the odd time has decent acts but still seems to show the chuckle brothers every other weekend
  • beximo mills plays some gigs in Scarborough.Shes a fine singer,but more importantly a fine looking burd
  • Murray's over the road from the train station.. only open till 1 but besides the Mariner's (Anglers Club) it's the only place to see decent live music.
  • Graffiti Square. Also great for having a slash at 3am or scaring the crap out of old people while smoking dog-leg rolies on a Saturday afternoon.
  • none to speak of-except for the bloody danny wilde experience
  • God be merciful to the souls of the stage door and the talbot. We shall remember them.
  • Murrays, (formally the PV) plays some music, but looks very new.
  • The Talbot used to be the best by far ... since that shut, it's all bollocks - sad bastards down Murray's pretending to be Sting or Bowie. Jessie Hutchinson is still playing the same songs which he has been for the last six years down the Jolly Roger to about four people and a dog. Cayton Bay for beach parties & pills.
  • Murry's , where P.v was, in everyones oppinion it was better as the PV.
  • It's incredible that the likes of the Talbot and the Stage Door were allowed to go to the wall. What do we have now? Pitifully small pubs desperately trying to keep the live music scene alive, Murrays (which now looks like that big-sleeved nonce off Changing Rooms designed it), and Danny fucking Wilde. What is wrong with putting bigger bands (supported by local acts) on at the Spa/Futurist? No, instead we get two fucking ABBA tribute groups, the Chuckle Tossers, and Bernard "Human Roundabout" Manning. Great. How come Brid manage it with their Spa Hall, then?
  • There used to be some great venues. Can you believe the Dead Kennedys, and much earlier, the Beatles, played in Scarborough? Now the chances of getting any interesting band - from Blur to Brassy - are nil.
  • Jess Hutchinson's career continues apace. See him everywhere every week.
  • The pavilion vaults but that is crap and they always put the same 3 bands on, out of those sorrow are the most boring.
  • The only decent venue is now closed (Talbot Hotel)
  • pv is some times good but is full of sweaty goths and because of that it smells of poo sick and wee
  • The pavillion Vaults,the best dive in Scarborough it has all the qualities like a room full of sweaty goths moshing to the non existant beat the snides that go in there to take the piss and this is truly the place for all the pheodophiles in the world to hang out!
  • Try one of the bandstands during the summer.....if your mentally defficiant..
  • pV for live music, All sorts of stuff, really. Danny Wilde at the Lord Nelson, on the seafront. Dance nights at the Spa from time to time.
  • The PV has recently reopened and is the place for cool live music from local bands. Worth a visit.
  • Pavilion Vaults is the only place to check out the new talent. Regular gigs from well known local bands such as driPFeed and [element]. Also full of previously mentioned "woolworths corner" crowd persuading you to "get served for them". Occasionally dodgy teenage bands covering cheesy rock songs are found here on a Tuesday night. There used to better venues..."the talbot" being the most famous. Compared to which,the PV is nothing but a seedy dump.
  • Pv's which hosts local talent and has a cool relaxed atmosphere.
  • Pavilion Vaults pub
  • Really quite poor_more please!! Spa is now holding dance events and summer 'concerts'

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