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  • A lot of great pubs, just stay away from any that have Seaside Danny Wilde on. He`s lost his Mojo alright ! It was bad enuf before looking at his bad wig, false teeth, fake tan and dyed sideburns, but now its all too painful to watch. Shameful AND sickening.
  • For football has to be Scholars
  • spa pub victoria road, prince of wales vic rd ,it is it is castle road, castle tavern,castle road,casak inn
  • The Shakespeare is nice if you can avoid the local crowd.
  • Britannia - full of fisherman but cheap, Dolphins shut as numerous landlords had no idea. Merchant decent little irish pub.Golden Last - very friendly pub with resident parrott
  • Mist bar - best looking & classiest birds of s'boro found in here. Sun Inn - wicked best bar of 2008, Barracuda - half decent but DJ is crap & it's half full of idiots, Blue Lounge - decent but to packed & to small. Quids inn - not a patch on original ( plastic glass's WTF ). Watherhouse - decent little bar. Olivers, small & DJ's think they're playing at Ibiza to 100's not Scarborough to 5 people.
  • Newcastle Packet - Busiest & best pub on seafront. Kath's a legend in here as was the barman that worked there for over 20 years. Not a patch on what the pub was in the 90's though. Lord Nelson - best pub on front for Karaoke ( oi oi Trev ). Golden ball - Sam Smiths pub very cheap but always rammed. lancaster - a shell of what used to be
  • North Riding pub at bottom of North Marine Road serves great real ales. other than that its pretty poor but what more could you want than fine beer?
  • zero...vivaz...
  • The Valley!!!
  • Hole in the wall for real ale where they filmed part of Little Voice
  • the highlander bar ( fantastic whiskeys apart from the wee dram called malkin ) the ramshill hotel ( best place for pulling circa 1990 on a friday night)
  • ramshill - wetherspoons - barracuda - red on the square - yates - definitely not the cask unless its friday and 1990
  • Bar2b is offering some of the top night around the area now, especially sat nite, the bar is packed, a very good place to visit, especially on the wed, the only place to go.......karoke night!!
  • eastfield pub.
  • roseburies is not what it used to be. snowy's still ace for their tripples. 69 is a drug den. klosters is fantastic, and check out their barmaids all stunners like models. red squre cool for cocktails, and i always leave there out of it. bar 2b everyone thinks they are ace in there but they are not!! but ok place for a quick drink. nix too expensive unless you like to act posh. baracuda, now thats the place to be!! amazing place, lots of chicks, cool dance floor and music. yates takes to long to get served. olivers ok.
  • circa 1989 the cask ramshill newcastle packet mermaid white horse ( tapnspile )
  • The Ramshill monday and wed nites are quiz nite!! get in. thursday is also QUIST NITE ooooo money and then there is the snowball raflle win a tenner or the jackpot which can go up to 50
  • Deffo must be sommat in the beer at roseberry's at top of the town very fresh faces!!!
  • the cask on south cliff
  • now your talkin!
  • danny wilde at the aberdeen
  • follow the crowd on a fri and sat night
  • the ramshill rocked from 1988 to 1992 with the boys and girls from north riding college sean remembers big mark little craig pervy dave the enemy gay mike the songs the drinking the women kate 2 pints actually marriott sarah obsession bisby big shaun bacchus for a surreal experience and lots of juvenile sex fighting vomiting lord rosebery is cheap beer and plenty of it - if it was there during the college years we would have never made it up filey road
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • PICKWICK - it's nice.
  • Shades does tends to attract the usual manic depressive/compulsive liar/lager drinking hooligan crowd - no good ale!
  • Bar69 by far the best bar, reasonable drinks, class music and really sound staff and owners
  • Hungry Horse (Eastfield) BRILLIANT !
  • DONT EVER GO TO THE RAMSHILL. sometimes serves nice food but has the addition of a gay, old peadophile watching your every move when you play pool calling the boys "darling" and turning away from the ladys. George the bar man with his anoyingly repetitive jokes and silly laugh. Billy the guy with the jazz hands and the spilt beer. the regulars are creepy. dont look at anyone the wrong way because they will either think you fancy them or will want to glass you in the face. along with being dark, dingey and extremely smokey this place is the dive of the south cliff. honestly
  • were do i start so many so i canni b botherd 2 say em all
  • Alma. Are there any others?
  • kloysters is a great pub but a bit pricey but on a wednesday night you can toss the boss which is where u toss a coin for a free round of drincks. the cask and tobby jug are great spots to chill with your mates and searve the best chips in scarborough
  • Tap and Spile, good real ale The New Tavern, untouched by future development, more than i can say for the Crown tavern, sold out!
  • Best Pub Food in/around Scarborough - massive portions, REAL home made FANTASTIC CHIPS, fresh & varied vegetables - and reasonably priced - THE DENISON ARMS in East Ayton (on the Pickering Road out of Scarborough) - I travel all the way from York for my lunch here as many times as I can!
  • Hole in the Wall. Although I think some of my old teachers still go there sometimes, which may bring school memories come flooding horribly back ...
  • AGAIN there are pubs every where....personal choise is the Old Vic at the top of town, atracts alot of students. Some of the small pubs make you feel akward..Taking stops when you walk in because you are not a regular. Some near the beach get a lot of Fishermen!
  • Golden last is shit, Equi is pretty neat
  • Lord Rosberies - cheapest and biggest watering hole in scarboro, mixed crowd. Tap and Spile - live music and real ale. Commercial - is a good no nonsense pub with a pool table and a jukebox/games machine
  • The Barrowcliffe. The Prince of Wales.
  • If it`s still open try the Ramshill Hotel. I used to work there and it`s probably the only pub in Britain you can`t be barred from and i should know, i`m Scottish. Drugs, prostitution, attempting to assault the bar staff (chortle),drinking beer you bought at the off-licence across the road, no problem - but if you`re a student you get what you deserve. Sums up Scarborough really.
  • Bar2b, snowy's and bar69 are the cool younger peoples places
  • bacchus is a fun spot for gossiping and dancing like a big gay
  • Continental Bar great food - meat feast ciabatta mmm - and sexy barstaff.But i agree the barmaids in Itis Itis are well horney
  • Actually a few decent places: Shades (cos I fancy the manager okay!), Snowys is good for a cheap night out but bad if your claustraphobic, Yates is good for a dance on a friday and saturday but beware of the upper balcony. But the only place you have to go is The George, excellent cheesy music (think neil diamond, whigfield etc) although a little squashed.
  • I worked in the Ramshill and it`s probably the only pub on the face of the earth you can`t be barred from - and I`m Scottish so I should know. Bachus is great tho`.
  • Pickitywick is the best place on this planet!!! Just down from Mcy d's!!!
  • Itis Itis sexy barmaids...oh yes! Rachel is drop dead gorgeous, the manageress has a lovely bod and the 'older lady' is older sex on legs!!Best place to watch sport too.
  • Please dont get me started pubs in scarborough=dirty old men!!!!!!!!!
  • DUH this is yorkshire for godsake loads of pubs all over.
  • the george is fun all year round but go there last week in july every year to find the sexiest boys from south london appearing there.
  • Sexy barmaids in Itis Itis?Oh yes! Especially the manageress and the woman in her mid-30s who's a bit older than the rest but way way sexier!Other sexy barmaids in the George
  • Itis Itis is cold and unfriendly - but DOES have sexy barmaids.The best arses in town!!!
  • Scarborough Arms, best pub in town. Beautiful food and the home of West Pier F.C. No townie dicks, its nicely away from the route.
  • Itis Itis is ok but does have the sexiest barmaids in town
  • The Lord Nelson: Seaside Danny Wilde
  • avoid the pickwick it has a amazing evil land lady who will bar anyone who looks like their havin a good time
  • Roseberrys is the only pub worth bothering with.
  • Lord Rosebury's. Snowys, The cask, Indigo Alley
  • The Sun, The Alma, Yates's etc...
  • Laughtons on Huntriss Row and the gay one on ramshill
  • wetherspoons the cask the golden last the shakespeare the old vic the head of steam the ramshill the golden ball the newcastle packet the white horse karaoke bar
  • PV no longer exists! It's now Murray's & they try 2 charge u a 1 to get in on a Sat nite when u can go to Snowy's and have a triple for only 2!
  • wetherspoons,the cask,shades wine bar,fat rascals,the shakespeare
  • The Hole in the Wall, The Tap and spile, Indigo Alley and Lord Roseberys (spelling?) offer some of the finest beer in the land. Most of the others do not.
  • Shades, for the Scarborough people who thinks they're bit classy, like. The Cask for yops, who think that after going to uni in Scarboro they're gonna be the next prime-minister.
  • The pickwick where time stands still....I swear the same people are stood at the pool table every time I walkpast,
  • nelson, cask, scarborough arms, golden lase, murry's, the ship,the trafalger, the turks head, black swan, equestrian,shakspear, the dutches, itisitis, loard roseburrys,the sun, tennison, northway, the west riding, the wellington, open arms(non alcoholic),the tap and spile, the new george hotel, n that will do 4 now me laddo, you cant miss them, they r the places with big signs saying the above names.
  • Jolly Roger. Cellars. Hole in the Wall. Alma. Lord Rosebery.
  • Check all the pubs out online with, oh - tell teh beggers who run it to update some of the pictures though. The didn't listen to me
  • ramshill pub south cliff has a young feeling
  • The Hole in The Wall. A good old-fashioned pub with good ale and no psychos.
  • Witherspoon's, Bar 69, Louis, Red Square and most of the pubs in town are brilliant.
  • The Jolly Roger is full of Dull genetically retarded cod heads. The Golden Last aka stabbers arms is probably great if you're a Nazi since it has UVF and Orange Order shite flags hanging off the front of it. That might be par for the course in Belfast or West of Scotland but why in t'Boro? Look through the window of the Turks Head to see the most characterless pub in the world.
  • Check THE online guide to the pubs of Scarborough at
  • They are all hellholes.
  • theres some pubs in scarborough
  • spoons is chilled and sells nice beer and red square bit pricey but comfy chairs.
  • Pubs are unnecessary in a town with this high a ration of class b drugs to people...........
  • KINGS, Valley Road: Carling and Worthingtons only 1 a pint any time of day any day of the week. A popular just out of town meeting place.
  • PV is good (pavilion vaults) you do get dizzy if you walk all the way to the end of the bar when your pissed though, also they let you lie on the floor. Chillis, good for tequila and playing really large jenga and connect four. Snoweys, triple for singles on all spirits. Loueys, Cocktail bar, overshadowed not that it is next to Red Square which also does cocktails but trust me the drink menu is almost as good and on Thurs they do two for the price of one. Red Square, Squashed Frogs, look eughhh taste heavenly.
  • Red square is cack....... nothin beats a bottle of meths on a Saturday night
  • must be under 16 and/or still at school, full of scrubbers asking you for 10p and/or a spare fag
  • The Alma, Alma Parade, behind Barclays Bank is a gem of a little boozer that still manages to get people to go in even though the (much crappier and feels like a library) Weatherspoons pub is just round the corner
  • Lot of "cheap" pubs especially in the winter. Lord Rosebury has some cracking deals and a wide range. Get a few scrag ends in ther mind.
  • Red Square nice but expensive, roseburys very big, chilli's cheap tequilla,
  • The Pickwick for old school rockers, the PV for new school rockers and Lord Rosebury's for the rugby team.
  • Damm site more than there was six years ago, even Yates is a sight for sore eyes!
  • I can not believe that somebody has recommended Kings. It must be the owner. Don't go there, it's completley lifeless and the beer is terrible (even at a pound a pint.
  • Hole In The Wall (Real Ale), Vernon Rd Highlander (hundreds on whiskeys), The Esplanade
  • Kings on Valley Road. Lively atmosphere, two pool tables, darts etc. Only 1 a pint lager and bitter between 6pm and 8pm except Saturdays.
  • Plenty of these throughout Scarborough. Yates if you're into that sort of thing.Your local if into lock-ins and sport. Definitely no shortage of pubs.
  • Try Louis wine bar for cocktail madness!!!!!!!!!! Spillanes is a good starting point too.
  • Loads:The cask, Kings Owned by the manager of the underground club The Lord Rosmarys (NO Underage drinking)

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