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Record Shops
  • hmv, mojo, record revivals.
  • Full of inbreds.
  • The one at the end of ST Thomas Steet - some good finds here
  • dysc world,hmv
  • ha ha ha everyone knows....sells c.d's
  • theres mojos which is pretty cool for alternative stuff, and has a lot of cool vinals, hmv, nd dysc worlds pretty cool
  • HMV in Town Centre on Westborough of Scarborough, Woolworths in Town Centre and WH Smith in Town Centre of Scarborough and Bernard Deans on St. Nicholas Street in Scarborough.
  • Whatever happened to Studio 1, boo hoo!
  • hmv the one and only.... or just stay at home and download from the net
  • mojo's is the place 2 b they do great food aswel
  • HMV, Woolworths, Record Rivals, That one near Laughtons I forgot the name unless its RR iuno. -shrugs- that one on the top of st thomas street near that chippie. Or just nick em off townies xD
  • record revivals well wicked b4 it moved
  • we have a hmv shop
  • Vault Records. Unit 35 Market Vaults. The Best Dance Record Shop In Scarborough.
  • MOJO'S ON NORTHWAY, A fine selection of new and s/hand cd's and vinyl where you can even grab a coffee and watch a gig if you're lucky
  • mojos
  • i go to criminal records its ace for music and it dosent have any of that slipknot crap all the sweatys listen to
  • woolworths I suppose
  • Studio 1 records, a little hut next to the railway station was the ONLY shop to get punk singles in the early 80's..
  • record revivals old school 1988
  • HMV & woolies, tats bout it!
  • Based in Scarborough. Cheap Dance Vinyl. Acid Breakbeat House Progressive Trance Techno Tribal.
  • HMV, says it all really
  • Got to be HMV
  • hmv down town near wooliesber
  • University, and slide them under the door. No no no no, only joking! Amazon.
  • There are the big chain names but smaller shops are ALOT better. Bernadeans only really have old stuff. Try any of the "alternitive" clothes shops they normally have some. BUt the bst place is just to ask around really!
  • YORK
  • Some dance shops, like the one next to planet but the manni can only be arsed to open in when he gets out of bad, so its hard to tell when it's open.
  • check out the lock up on north street some good vynil deals in there, it s like disc world but only open on a thursday between about 11 - 4.
  • Unitone Records Hanover Rd(opp train station)specialists in all things urban mainly vinyl.All types of House,Hip Hop,RnB,Drum"N"Bass..etc open from 10am to 6pm mon to Sat(sunday in the summer)
  • hmv all the way, u can buy great porn from there too.
  • MOJO's music cafe sells the local bands CD's like torsohorse who rock and even dumpvavlve which are cool too!!! thats probably about it.
  • mojo's.
  • haha mr helliwell rit summink on ere!!!! haha scarborough iz ok wen da wessies are away
  • HMV is ace. Apart from all those greasy woolies 'goth' wannabes, with their Marilyn manson, pod, and limp bizkit rubbish, that just hang around, never buy anything and STINK, go home, please.
  • mojos the best shop around sells and BUYS (for money so u can buy more new up2date music, so if your music tatse changes like me u can always have the CDs u want) altertive music!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Record Revivals is the best especially if you are into punk/hardcore/emo as Rod has started stocking allot of that stuff now. also has live performances on a wednesday. Apparently the guy at disc world got done for peodophilia so i dont go there
  • Record revivals in Northway.Normally a bit cheaper than HMV.Rod can usually get things fairly quickly on order. Also Dyscworld in St.Thomas Street.Good selection of second hand vinyl/CD's/ videos.Also stocks range of t-shrts and sweatshirts.
  • Record Revivals is/was a great place for Morrisey/Baggy and such like. Only Scarborians are acid wasters who wouldn't know a good record if it bit them
  • discworld music-decent little independent place
  • Mojo records nr. police station.
  • disc world music-brilliant small second hand shop-coll guy who works there
  • Criminal records on Bar Street or Huntress Row for top quality promos and deleted stuff
  • The new HMV is apparently ace. Dysc World for that elusive Manowar 12" picture disc, bottle of liquid gold & second-hand porn mag. Apollo next to the market used to be cool - just 'cos of the bleached-blond freak with the skin complaint on the counter.
  • Studio one record shop in the 80's was the best, never daring to go in and buy the A-ha record as it was always surrounded by scary Teenagers with black spikey hair and punks from Whitby trying to look know who you are
  • Record Revivals, they have a new shop just opposite and down from where it used to be.... it now has a snack bar type thing called mojo's, Andy's Records is onother great place to get any music u want, and there is always our price if you want shit music, not really much in there.
  • Record Revivals (no-one's mentioned it for a couple of days). Rod's a nice geezer.
  • There aren't any. You have to go to Leeds to buy decent music.
  • Record Revivals is the place to go for cheap CDs, but Criminal Records is good for Vinyl if you're a DJ, it's right next to Planet 2000. bit small but hey, it's worth it.
  • Record revivals is the best record shop at the moment, you can pick up cool metal cd's by underground bands like kittie or (hed)pe . . .and such. There was a really good shop here once called underground music, that was the best shop in scarborugh but becasue of thieves and asuch it had to be closed down.
  • Woolworths ?
  • alas poor nigel we knew him well... nae more studio one sadly missed in its three incarnations
  • Cool little Record shop for all your real tunes is Criminal Records in Huntriss Row where little gavvy boy will sort out your audio pleasure. Its just below Planet 2000 and is mostly for vinyl junkies.
  • we are soon getting a H.M.V but for now we have record revivals for dodgy cheap C.Ds (anything you want geezer yeh). and the usual boring dance shit. criminal records has a good mix of everything you"ll find it oppisite Macky Ds.
  • Record Revivals. Smells a bit funny though. Tres cheapo
  • Record Revivals is THE place to buy records. It's cheap, well stocked and the guy behind the counter will order you anything.
  • Only record shop worth going to is Record Revivals on Northway. The cool old bloke behind the counter will get you anything at a decent price....except the millienuim prayer in which case he would ask you to leave. Don't bother with any of the chain stores as they are too over priced.
  • Our price Andy's Records Bernard Dean's Record Revivals
  • Record Revivals. Best shop with a fairly wide range of vinyl, and lots of second-hand cd's. Criminal Records - your more specialist music store with differebt dance, hip-hop, hardcore, et al... Your regular Our Price, WH Smith, Woolies, but Andy's Records is probably best - sometimes a bit pricy though.

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