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  • I hear online at google theres going to be a flood on thursday 15th march 2018 thats kind of good news for me.
  • Full of absolute skets and dickheads. Glad I left #JoeWindall
  • Creative Crafts has been a stable of mine since I was 12. I'm now 32 and I still love going through those doors into the intoxicating smell and positive vibe that I know the shop has always had. Clothes, object d'art, incense supplies and many other things on offer. I love this shop. Blessed be.
  • gosh
  • scarborough is pretty shit unless ur paying for a holiday here, if u wanna come for the summer therell be plenty of jobs goin but u wont be able to move, over the winter theres no jobs and its just cold. the council dont respect he people who live here and are more botherd about opening a multi complex hotel then paying for the hospital to stay open, funding the dental service, or improving the quality of life for residents. it is pretty from some places, but in most places ull find the kids who have nothing to do,and nowhereto go.
  • Stephen Joseph theatre. It has 2 casinos
  • People say there's nothing going for Scarborough but it has a great cafe scene - Le chat noir, mojos, heart's got style and history...and the sea! What more do you want?!
  • I can't beleive what some of you have said about your home town!! I've lived in sacrborough all my life (apart from the 2 years i lived in hull) Scarborough is no way a shit hole but will be if you invite crims and pedos. The only bad thing about Scarborough is the council they do nothing for me all they care about is thier garden displays. After living in hull i came to the conclusion that Scarborough is't the worst place in the world.
  • I am writing to defend Scarborough and its residents. At first I was upset to see what people were saying about my home town. The people who live there are not all thick, stupid, robbers or drug addicts. True Yorkshire people are kind, friendly and honest. Also most of them can spell, have a reasonable grasp of grammar and do not have to resort to bad language, at every opportunity, in order to express their opinions. I agree with views on the Brunswick Centre; it is a depressing structure. Equally depressing is that drugs and drinks seem to be the first instead of the last resorts of young people. However, surely this is a reflection of England as a whole and does not only apply to Scarborough. Lastly, Dean Road Cemetery used to be where a lot of 'courting' took place but it is unlikely that this unduly disturbed the dead or the living. I have nothing agains Goths but wish they would find somewhere else to congregate. I wanted to have my ashes scattered in the secret garden in Dean Road Cemetery but, now, I think I'll ask to have them scattered here in France. I seem to have come full circle and must now agree that, like some of your correspondents, I no longer wish to return to Scarborough.
  • reggie the fat cunt
  • There is a new resturant opened a few weeks ago, steak house to be exact. I can remember the black angus on Falsgrave and Conrads. This one on Victoria road is really good, value for money and big portions. I think the owner likes odd things cos inside it is filled with pictures of BUBBLE-CARS????
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • traffic warden and scarborough borugh council are ripping people off big style byfineing people for the sake of 2 minutes overdue in there car parks do not visit scarborough its got hundreds of traffic wardens who are on comission by how many tickets they hand out motorcyclists beware on the sea front all the parking places have gone if you try to park down there you will get a ticket dont feed the coffers of sbc
  • scarborough could be a wonderful place to live, just some of the idiots tend to spoil it
  • scarboro is buzzin so dont dis aight biatches
  • scarboro is buzzin so dont dis aight biatches
  • Townies suck ass, i wud name names but i guess dats a bit harsh *coughdamiencough*
  • As a Scarborian by birth, I got out when I was 18 and go back only rarely. I'm now 40 and I went back this summer to find that it is indeed a bit of a sad place now. In the town centre and along the foreshore, it's all getting a bit dilapidated and cheesy. I note the passing of the Opera House on St Thomas' Street - someone really should have held Don Robinson to account for that. The Futurist just looks scabby and old, which is ironic, given it's name. The really bad thing about it is the fact that it is an eyesore visible for miles. At the very least, the council should clean up the facade. I still like the people though. The idea that someone would feel strongly enough to blast the place because a seagull shat on his car makes me laugh. I vote for the seagulls, whose cries, wherever hear them, always remind me of home. Scarborough, like anywhere else, is what you make of it. If all you want to do is have your entertainment handed to you on a plate without any effort on your part, then it probably is a vile place and you should scuttle off back to wherever you were looked after. If you are prepared to seek out the real fun places and pastimes, Scarborough's actually quite nice, although I must admit, I do regret that they can't seem to support something as basic as a local cinema any more. The cult of Alan Ayckbourn is also a bit tiresome, as is he these days. What do I miss? Studio One Records, by the station. I see that Bernard Dean's is still open, but not as a viable music business. Crushed out of the real market by HMV, Virgin and Amazon, I suppose. And whatever happened to bookshops? A pathetic Waterstones and a feeble WH Smiths? Blimey. If I ever retire to Scarborough, I shall be taking regular trips to York for my cultural upgrades.
  • Scarborough...Over run with tourists in summer & dead in winter
  • not enough porn shops.
  • scarborough is full of shit. if your a fly, you are welcome to feast. You tourists just get laughed at. ESPECIALLY YOU FAT AMERICANS hahahahahahaha.
  • Get rid of all the wannabes! theres too many of them and i can't take it anymore! Just cos you're wearing black and have a fag in your hand doesn't make u a child of satan! Grow the hell up!
  • lots of bad weather and general dislike to whitby and its residents
  • Boxing Day is legendary. The biggest all-dayer in the world.
  • Scarborough is a town out on a limb. 40 miles from York and Middlesborough its self importance is laughable. The major support of the towns employment continues to dwindle and it doesn't even grow old gracefully. It doesn't learn from brid, makes no effort to create a successful harbour, marina. Just prays to god that the Scots will stay Poor enough so that they'll come here year in year out and gamble on the slots. Scarborough needs an injection of something and FAST. This town is going down. JUMP SHIP.
  • I lived in Scarborough for a year and it was like living in the 1970s yet the locals seem to like it that way. It is not a liberal town - if you are white middle class male with an able body then the town welcomes you, if not look to living in a city. Scarborough could be brillian place to be if the locals were actually friendly to people and welcomed outsiders They hate any one from West Yorkshire (Wessies)- event though most are tourists that support their economy. Scarborough - doesn't really suit educated people.
  • dan's mum's ass
  • Scarborough is brilliant if u are a drunk or over 55 and deaf,all underage drinkers just get told off if they can be bothered
  • All these people slagging Scarborough off seem to be scrubbers. If you have got a bit of cash I think it's a wicked place to live. Get a nice house in Scalby send your kids to the local private school, mix in the right circles and there is no better place to be. I loved living in Scarborough as a kid. The only time that you had to see all the crap was on a saturday night!
  • I am from and lived in Scarborough for 20 years, I now live in London where people are rude and streets are paved with drop outs, weirdos, losers and shite. Scarborians - stop bitching and move if its that bad !!!
  • it is a really nice place to be i love it. it is really cool i have seen where jimmy lives and it is big
  • To the person who wrote in and said that scarborough citizens should proud and that the people who write this are silly little children, well i have news for you, I am not a silly little child, lowering myslef to your level may mean I'm immautre, but i have to agree with those who see scarborough for what it is, Pickering with more people, more slags and more scrubby little boys and this is only because scarborough is bigger, geographically that is, not socially
  • Christ what a load of bloody whingers! Especially you mr "kick out the jams" with you pseudy big words and phrases. yeah, I know who MC5 are. Well, all I can say is... Scarboro' is a lovely town with a lot less problems than many other northern towns. If you don't like it, try it here, in Shit Street, London E2. It'll turn yer hair white.
  • Scarborough is really not a place to come if you are not used to having to avoid dog poo every three seconds.the bus services are rubbish, the football team is mint,baically scarborough itself is absolutely crap.but come anyway if you are thinking of taking a holiday because if you dont we have to listen to the council whinging on about lack of tourism. the town is rotting because the council darent try anything new. Behind the train satation is now turning into a drugs experimental area as i personally know...tried and tested.safeway park and the all weather pitch is a hang out for the toughnuts so avoid if you wish to escape with no broken bones.
  • Er . . . well basically scarborough is a lot like royston vasey - a lot of strange shit goes down.Come here at your childrens risk becasue there are currently over a 100 paedophiles in the local area, well i read that in the evening news - i think it i alot higher tally than that.
  • is probably underage and shouldn't be there in the first place
  • cake
  • It really is time to kick out the jams in scarborough.. The secret state was modelled on the local business communiyt and their unchallenged monopoly of what services are important. Has to be ice cream, chips and amusemnts arcades. We ca`t be developing new high tech industries in a beautiful location with a cheap standard of living after all. What would the illiterates, police thugs and local dodgy businessmen do with no worn down people with no access to opportunity and the barest hope of a shitty seasonal job do then? er get jobs and life full lives? this place stinks to high heaven and I dare say Alan Ayckbourn would agree that this place is way upstream and there is no chorus of disapproval at all.. the small and pissy newspaper, though kind, decent and striving, is muzzled by its inability to discuss anything other than dog shite and the a numbing nostalgia for a tourist industry that is gone and will never return...... In an old book on north yorkshire the author talks of the options available to the young of scarborough.. Or rather he says that people get out as fast as possible and that was in the big changes yeah? Education until recently was monopolised by a self regarding local cultural elite of teachers on a national wage in a cheap northern town. Their narrow conceptions of who and what equalled a succesful education made sure that many local and able people never gained access to a decent higher education. In my own bitter opinion I would say that impetus for change is destroyed by an end of the world fatalism, young people take drugs because that is enough of a rebellion and indulge in petty and not so petty crime for the instant credibility this gives them in the town. Petty town, petty people.
  • Scarborough Hash House Harriers run from varius places around the town twice weekly, followed by several pints or more in a pub.
  • mail me with info on the pool or any piccies anyone has.... thank you SOOO much
  • By the way, it has a university. Now not a lot of people know that. I didn't until the week before I moved here.
  • RUNNING SCARBOROUGH ATHLETIC CLUB. Juniors meet at Graham School on Tuesdays 19:00. Seniors meet twice a week. Monday nights at the Rugby Club and Thursday nights at the Sports Centre. All abilities welcome. There is also a very active Hashing group, meets Monday nights at different venues and Sundays midday at the Alma pub for runs, and beer of course..

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