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The Worst Things
  • Some of the locals of Scarborough also put wrongdoings on you before they happen and mix us up as other people's crimes or accidents still do it years later. They've done that to me too. That's a warning to all who planning a trip to Scarborough it is not as nice as anyone out there thinks cause of that that's why I say I don't like Scarborough.
  • Some of the locals of Scarborough UK believe you should only stay in Scarborough others called Maggie Hartley and Margret Appleby attend to bring us back if out of Scarborough when we are allowed to go out of Scarborough cause they think you should just stay in Scarborough most others say that too to me. This area makes life a living hell like that for some of us and make us live outside when don't want to. You've to keep away from certain places they'll do that to you if get to know them of there services. If you live in Rockfield Care Home they too bring you back if get a flat of own they stop you like they did to my mum Jayne when she wanted a flat of her own is allowed to and had one before and then dragged her back like a kid calling others her which is totally wrong of them to do that. Then her care staff start listening if anyone it is her care staff kidnapping jayne clifton not me. I'm just helping my mum get to her flat like any normal family does when moving. They think the worst of you when do that normal thing here that's what Scarborough really like that kind of evil that way.
  • Seaside Danny Wilde --passed it, by a long way these days. Shame.
  • Eastfields Chav estates, scutters galore just like Barrowcliffe.
  • its a shithole dont come unless you have no faith in humanity
  • We once had an Oasis. It left with it's tail between it's legs. No River Island now either.
  • Kinderland, Corner cafe, Atlantis - oh hang on they've all been sold off by the council - BOOOO !!!!!!!!!!
  • I moved awa y from Scarborough 8 years ago. I still visit my family once a year and every time I see the same 'bottom enders' wearing the same clothes and hanging around with the same people. Only difference is, this time they have a few wrinkles!
  • That concrete office thing opposite the railway station, you know the one above the two bookies and shite sports clothing shop uugghhhh, welcome to scarborough traveller.
  • the chavs
  • DRINKING, no jobs, no cheap flats, no respect *from anyone who cant relate to you immeadiately*,schools, chavs,shopping,nothing to do... need i go on???
  • uni students and chavs
  • Some Staff do misconduct and unfit pratcie at differences and they take things away from those who are in Care and make you one of them if not they keep trying or they act as though your from their Care Home or escaped from it when you don't live in them nor have that kind of life. Then they pretend not to know anything about them doing that to you when they do only when they get found out. Their Jerks. This is what Scarborough's like.
  • A bit trippy in summer
  • not being able to get free tickets for alan ackybourn plays and ponce around mixing with local literati (or was this the best thing??)
  • holidaymakers / no accomodation / the town planners / urban degeneration / fingeringmel / sea fret / the cost of the cliff tram / markandpoland / malkin's haircut / no parking / 2006 not 1991 / the cost of a scarborough football shirt
  • all the queers and ethnic minorities who are turning up here. never used to see any, now we are getting overun.
  • demolishing the corner cafe
  • holiday makers
  • people in scarborough can`t fucking spell and have little or no understanding of a sense of grammar.
  • Speed bumps on every bloody street!!
  • the way other people think they know whats best for me and try to stop me having fun usualy the council
  • everyone knows everyone and everyones buisness and that really pi**es me of because nothing is secret it does my shed in. and the goths taking up our place outside woolies and skters going through the middle of town do my nut in they sooo ignorant sort it.
  • Everything is bad about Scarborough. The people are all small minded and think that nothing exists out of their little town. They think working in a hotel for 4 an hour is a career. My advice is to LEAVE NOW. I did, and am now earning good money, have friends who don't have stupid accents, and actually have a life.
  • reggie
  • the councill the council the counci
  • My life, the sea and me.
  • never to recapture the innocence of youth
  • ***WARNING*** Anyone who knows Michael Casey, aka Michael Mowbray, DOB 27/10/88, ought to be aware that he has moved to Scarborough from Birmingham to live with the Kennedys because he is a child abuser. Please keep children and other vulnerable people away from him, especially anyone aged nine or under, of either gender. He has a track record of abuse despite the fact he is only 16.
  • weather, no gd shops or nefing 2 du afta a while.
  • A small town full of small minded people, most of whom should get out and see that life is not just about getting drunk every weekend and talking about who is shagging who. A town where anyone from outside is resented especially if they have worked hard and made a living for themselves. A town full of drug dealers and paedophiles which is not a fit place to bring up children.
  • The council and their sometimes supicous use of tax payers money.
  • having to walk down north marine road - pavement heaving with dog shit, the odd corpse
  • To be blunt, the tourists. They buy everything in the shops leaving us poor Scarborians with nothing. All right, folks, we'll take your money; but that doesn't mean you've got the right to turn the seafront into a trash can. What a load of rubbish that you speak,dont you realise that if it wasnt for "the tourists" then scarborough would be nothing,yes we do buy things and yes we do put money in your pockets fot you to go and waste on booze and fags,and no we dont make the seafront like a trashcan,idiots like you make a good job of doing that yourselves... until u have something decent to say i suggest you keep your mouth tightly shut...
  • barrowcliffe, eastfield, the town
  • To be blunt, the tourists. They buy everything in the shops leaving us poor Scarborians with nothing. All right, folks, we'll take your money; but that doesn't mean you've got the right to turn the seafront into a trash can. whoever said this is an idiot...........dont u realise that if it wasnt for us tourists bringing in money to this town year after year then scarborough would be nothing,its the tourists that puts in the revenue for idiots like you to go and spend it all on drugs and drink,and as for unemployment in the town,TRY GETTING OFF YOUR ARSE AND GO LOOK FOR A JOB theres work everywhere in scarborough,scarborough is a nice place to stay and visit,its just that atseholes like you spoil it for everyone else.......
  • Tourists.
  • ALL the towney the visiters
  • fucking shithole full of pregnent teens and townies
  • scarborough
  • This space is too small.
  • sweaty goths - but fun 2 kik in
  • sweaty goths - but fun 2 kik in
  • yorkshire coast radio,,,,,,,,,, sad old goth wanna b news reader,
  • Damien!!! piss off bak 2 london ya snyde!
  • Scarborough
  • Having to leave
  • pheodophiles working in seafront arcades....Why doesn't employers check the sex offenders registers????
  • I have heard that Marvels theme park has gone! Was it really burnt down by the triads because he wouldn't sell up.
  • Pikeys. Hundreds of em. Everywhere. Also the crime and 'comferts' who 'borrow' your car to go home in and then wreck it and leave it in Sheffield with a carrier bag of stolen pants in the boot. What kind of pikey STEALS pants? What kind of pikey BUYS
  • The cops who know your name, your mum or your dad and your address and insist on taking you home if your out late.Or telling your Mum that were caught getting stoned.
  • Vomit in the streets when the tourists are in town
  • see above (the demolish it now) and the raw sewage pumped into the sea Townies/Snides Tourists The cheap shops- even they close down! - i wonder why?!
  • Most Musicians are unemployed
  • Worst Hotel To Work At.... The Ambassador on the Esplanade. Dont even think about it would be better off sweeping the streets, cos at least the council will pay you above the correct minimum wage + calculate your hours correctly. Unlike the Ambassador+Crown who seem to exploit every opportunity they get to fuck the staff over (most of whom are nice, hard working people) on wages.
  • outside woolworths, too many goths. the libary.
  • sea-front outside the amusements where all the snides hang about waiting for you to start a fight they always semm to be whereverskaters and gothics are just to piss you off!!!
  • snides, piss, boredom, wannabes, wanabe wannabes, the freaks that are what the wanabes wanabe (get it?), the skater-snide invasion, insanity, the council, the knobheads constantly trying to change Scarborough for the better who forget to consult the fucking PUBLIC and end up wasting money on shit like the 'sea wall' which has now successfully ruined the view from the north marine drive, edghill+eastfield+barrocliff, are football team and the wonderfull excuse for women.
  • SCARBOROUGH!!!!! there are too many wannabe goths and skaters and all you snides carrying a deck need to sort out wot catergory you really fit into! MORONS!
  • townies/snides askin you to lend them 10p, fags etc. boy racer townies trying to run you over on shitty 'peds or cars with whiny engines...the fact that townies arnt being culled like the fucking seagulls...both create a fucking stink, nick your chips and shit on your car bonnet.
  • Fat moronic Glaswegians with badly spelled tatoos appearing during the summer.
  • The flat opposite mine smells funny.
  • The Grand Hotel! Was once very Grand, now a sad shadow of it's former glory. North Yorkshire's answer to 'God's Waiting Room.' If you like a Hotel that surely has it's own Mortuary... stay there! If they paid the staff a decent wage, employed decent staff, did a bit of DIY... it could be good. Stay @ the St. Nicholas opposite or The Royal.
  • No decent venue and the amount of crack users
  • St.Catherines Hospice.Evidently you have to be a member of the do goody good twin set and pearl brigade to be a volunteer there.Even though I was told I'd got satisfactory references (Leonard Cheshire Foundation and Devon County Council-both bigger organisations than they'll ever be)and had plenty of experience (20 plus years in the caring profession as a volunteer/hospital porter/nurse)I wasn't even offered a placement on one of their basic induction courses.Maybe I was a bit to down to earth for them,who knows,but I've heard that other people have come across similar problems when they've offered their time.
  • skaters and bmxers the fake ones anyway...too many snides
  • The Grand - a place to where guests are treated badly and the staff treated worse...Grand is a name far from apt....crummy sh*t hole is apt
  • Knowing Everybody. Edghill F.C.
  • the council for not premoting projects for the younger generation instead of for the people who come here to die
  • Snides, Snides everywhere
  • The Council seem to be totally unprepared to invest good money, time and effort in looking after Scarborough. Things like the old victorian pool are just rotting and no-one seems to care. This place can be really beautiful, but if no-one is prepared to look after it, then we are going to end up with a place that no-one will want to visit or live in.
  • The Sewage The North Sea Winds The Old Misery Gut people The Young no hoper people The fact that we wont get cable for another 10 years The lack of gay clubs But most annoying is the lack of tolerance
  • the growing plague of townies and wannabe 'thug hip-hoppers' who think they know everything about rap cos they listen to Eminem and 2-Pac... somebody needs to skool them on peeps like Half-Breed and the Dayton Family, ARGH wannabes!!!
  • The usual things, going to work when everyone's on holiday, the stink of overused fat to fry the chips, coming into town on the A64, Eastfield estate
  • All the smacked up cunts who should be sent out half a mile with all the other shite and dumped in the sea.
  • underage drinkers, junkies, pickpockets, parking scheme, scarborough borough council
  • scarborough is like fly paper for all the snides, townies, trendies, and kappa slappas. Don't come to scarborough; you'll only regret it.
  • southern hotel owners, and the vast amount of arseholes who come to live here after being kicked out of everywhere else. GET A JOB!!!!!
  • dodgy fourteen year olds in planet
  • I have to stay here until May.
  • wankers who slag the place off. got a problem. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU NO MARK WASTERS.
  • Running out of ganja and class A's. Having your driving licence revoked. The shop on North Marine stopping selling single fags.
  • I was born and bred in Scarborough and its the biggest shite hole ive had the misfortune to live in. When you move away from the place you realise how petty and smallminded the place is. Example: The most famous and most respected person from the place is a fat pedophile with a BEARD on the barrowciffe estate who deals drugs to kids (yes you all know who i'm talking about who live there, no names mentioned though) and everyone thinks he's a hero. Bwahahahahaha@you all who have stayed there. Oh and lets not forget that the only jobs there are either at amusements or mccains (must be great pay, not). It probably has one of the highest unemployent rates in the country. The crime rate is also probably one of the worst (especially car crime!!!). The police there are brutal (although to be fair with the scum they deal with every day who can blame them). Oh! and if your a visitor dont even think about hanging around any of the city center pubs or nightclubs, you are likely to get assaulted by one of the many goups who hang around there thinking they are 'hard' (message to police please lock these idiots up) Basicly its a shit hole, yes its very scenic and im sure if you dont encounter any trouble while your there its a very nice place to visit. But try walking around edgehill/eastfield/barrowcliff (which is the majority of scarborough) on a night and leaving with your wallet/clothes/car/life intact!
  • people dropping like flies due to the huge smack problem
  • Hmmm, have i room?
  • gettin ur nob amputated with a rusty cheese grater
  • Sticky-fingered wessie smack-heads. And before you berate me for having a "small-town mentality", a relative of mine was mugged and died for 80 by...... you guessed it. They are back on the streets already (though fortunately for them not Scarborough streets).
  • The local pensioners they will not queue while waiting for a bus
  • All the losers and wasters who drag the town down. Total absence of beautiful women. The fact that when you step off the train at Leeds after being in Scarborough for a while you realise Scarborough is in a time-warp.
  • The Council don't seem to know what they're doing and the new parking scheme which they will soon be introducing will be a complete disaster, especially for locals who live near the town centre. We also need to stop inviting ex-inmates, the unemployed, etc to come and reside here.
  • The dull dull dull drug people. Who cares if it ever gets legalised or not. The ironic aspects of Trainspotting Twin Town et al seem to have passed Scarborough by. What can you expect in a place where the ability to deal a nine bar and skin up huge bifters relentlessy all night confers celebrity status. Half-witted petty criminials become folk heroes of deluded youths. There are trog many hydroponic gardenersa from Halifax. Badger Baiting Bullies from Barrowcliffe are accorded respect. Decent endeavours can make no headway against the terrible apathy.
  • Tourists, townies, and of course, seagull poo.
  • Brunswick Shopping Centre ; Modern life is rubbish
  • Suggest the chab objecting to 'English people' gets out of England, or goes and lives in Brixton/Birmingham - if they can hack it.
  • lots of snides hanging around everwhere.
  • Mormons and goths.
  • could have a top ten each week
  • Scarborough is served by little strips of licorice jokily called A-ROADS !!!! Anywhere else they would be called B-ROADS or bridlepaths. Summer is just great when one cowshit cadillac holds up ten miles of traffic.....hint hint if you're coming to this town in the summer for your hols DON'T !!!!!!!!
  • Small-town minds....
  • tourist, soil heads and shite police
  • the paranoia and the violence
  • people who use this site to write an offensive load of mis-informed rubbish
  • Silly children who have nothing better to do than undo the good work created by thier elders.
  • WEZZIES, especially August wezzies, They trample on our turf, litter our beach show their awful bodies off to anyone who doesnt care to look, Then yell at us if we dont cook their bloody hamburger right.
  • Yorkshire Coast Radio ( comedy station )
  • no skate park,druggies and snides!!ohh yeah and boy racers
  • The weather. Seagulls shit on you too.
  • Shitty nightlife. Full of townies.
  • it's full of english people
  • To be blunt, the tourists. They buy everything in the shops leaving us poor Scarborians with nothing. All right, folks, we'll take your money; but that doesn't mean you've got the right to turn the seafront into a trash can.
  • Buoys' (you know that horrible shop that sells rubbish cheap!
  • Full of Leeds & Man. Utd wasters.
  • The Summer, when there are loads of tourists.
  • Cold, dull, hilly, cold, windy, wet, cold. The weather mainly.
  • Bloody seagulls, dodgy torists and lack of music venues.
  • The traffic lights system on Falsgrave in summer.
  • Absolutely nothing to do here..........LEAVE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN
  • The building they built instead of the Pavilion Hotel

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