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The Best Things
  • Slough has good facilities and is multi cultural. Regeneration is improving the town. Slough has produced very high academic results in school. Good range of restaurants proving different types of food. The council is making efforts to beautify the place with lots of trees and plants.
  • Slough of a craphole for asylum seekers, thugs and welfare recipients. Slough has been run by the Labour Party Council (since 1997) and represented by Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart (since 1997).
  • wheres the best place for a bunk up with bird in 30s and a nice pipe,joint up to 50 spend but I want good time no toothless cows.slough must have good spots any foreign parlours recommend.or the back seat of my new golf gti watch the leather
  • i lived in britwell 1985 to 90 it was shit then and looking at road wars its portrayed as worse what happened to my childrens home on corner of doddsfield road i managed to get a trade and pull myself out of the slum it can be done you have to fight to survive not literally look in worst bits of slough to find more about times in 80s on britwell is there anyone help what happened to my home we hated life at the time often running away but thinking about it i have some storys hows life over britwell currently im hoping move basingstoke look at worst things anyone help get in touch you can make something of yourself if you try oppertunity is always there
  • The recent plan to rename the town :SLOUGH ON THAMES: to attract foreingers.
  • MANVEET, SEHRISH, ZAHRA ,SOUMAYA , KATE , the best people ever.
  • everything. SL1 n SL2 allday. Manor Park, Chalvey, Upton Lea, Stratty, Langley, Burnham, Cippy, Priory, Britwell, Northborough - hld tight. Scoring gear is ajoke its so easy and many brothels n street grils from lowly toothless junkies to pure max power shit in penthouses looking towards windsor castle - we got it!
  • every street corner has either a prostitue or a druggy, OR BOTH :D
  • I have just recently heard that the Slough Brunel Bus Station is being knocked down :D
  • Access to London
  • Access to London
  • The best thing about Slough is the fact that there are so many roads out of it and it is located close to Heathrow Airport for anyone wanting to leave the country for good. Oh, and there is an interesting game you can play whilst driving down Wexham Road or the Dual-Carriage Way, it's called 'Spot the White person' or you can also play 'Guess the Nationality' with over 30 possibilities for just one single white person.
  • i kno it sounds bad but u can get some deasent drugs
  • really nothing good about this place, you may say europes bigest tesco which is apparently 24 hour but closes at 10 n is closed on a sunday !? oh and halkf the food isles r forgen n u cant even red the lables on them!
  • I spent most of my childhood in Slough, moved away, come back, moved away. now I spend more time in Slough than anywhere else. There must be something good about it
  • The people of Slough are so cool and creative and just fun to be around. Everyone knows eachother and are all usually friendly, no matter what anyone who has 'passed through' says. You need to live in Slough to experience it in a positive way.
  • Station Jim
  • there are no good things, seriously, having lived here for all my life I can validate that slough is the ultimate shit hole. The best you couldhope for is to only be mugged once, get in a minor slagging match and come home to find your house burgalled and that counts as a good journey home
  • all the shops ( well most of them)
  • Egging being Stupid Watching People fall over and going to places in Slough
  • safe bruf im from britwell.da estate is is bad but its jokes.least if u live here den u can look after urself.no1 chats bout any1 or else dey get if u dont wana end up in hospital steer clear of da britwell.ya get me.blup blup
  • Safe ive lived in slough all my lyf nd believe me it ain't as bad as wot ppl make it out 2 b! Da bst fing in slough is that there are bare ppl to socialise with and ppl dnt chat shit nd if day do u jst get battered innit dnt walk da streets of slough if u cnt stick up 4 urself innit u ain;t guna get ne where
  • drinks direct. its cheep and will serve most people
  • My Mum
  • Always good for a draw
  • Somedays the air tastes of chocolate from a local chocolate factory!
  • peter leavy he is the best story teller ever to live in slough
  • The best thing about Slough is its close proximity to 3 Motorways, you need never be trapped here for long.
  • the cinemar is cheep
  • Kings Kebabs outside Pizza Express/Library every evening. I've had many a fantastic kebab after a drunken night of excess in Moon's. Just don't take the mick out of the guy's "pullover" like a mate of mine did and then found his kebab drowned in chilli sauce!!
  • i love slough - its home. Its really not as bad as people say.
  • is how much you appreciate it when your gone. where i am at uni i have had more vandalism done to my car than i ever had done on the britwell, slough really is not as rough as it used to be
  • Well thats a tough one is it the smog filled air or the smilling faces that want to punch your head in if you look at them wrong. God you never think i was born here
  • countryside...
  • Most of the people,open spaces[while they exist], realy...
  • dragon chef(restaunt), pick your own food and put it in a box! what a brilliant idea!!!
  • Makes me feel better about living in West Drayton
  • traffic wardens
  • Ez skeet :)
  • da fact dat ne ppl ne age can get drink or weed wen dey step foot in da britwell!
  • Choice of food, cultural diversity, proximity to nice surrounding areas, job market.
  • skatin in slough because the few sk8ers that there r they r really friendly
  • The High Street, which has vastly improved over the years into a pedestrianised open space. The fact that you can live in Slough and pay reasonable rent and commute into London faster than you can living in an outer tube zone.
  • Diss it as we may, it still is slough massive and people ahve this life that is ot seen in the small villages ( quaint as they may be) or place like sterile commuting maidenhead e.t.c.. also like the oasis that is the park just up from wexham road.... and if you need a phone there's plent of phone shops!!
  • Slough is near to London, and has a really young diverse crowd.
  • Loads of shops Cheap and decent pubs
  • The best thing about Slough is playing spot-the-white
  • The cultural diversity. It is not as bad as the North end of Birkenhead!
  • not many of the drugs users die, unlike maidenhead
  • The fights, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitutes for the men who live in the house down Petersfield Avenue, fights, drugs....alcohol, drugs, alcohol.... Oh! My boyfriend is the best lookin' man in Slough, does that count as something?!
  • Fabulous swimmers at Montem, especially the young blond lifeguard and the old, tubby guy who wears multi-coloured shorts.
  • Slough is a total shithole, don't get me wrong but there is one good thing about it - the plethora of weirdos that regularly stroll the boulevards. There's the usual selection of tramps and winos but a few stand out. Like the guy who walks up and down the high street shouting at parked cars, or the guy who sits outside the Cellnet building politely saying good morning to passers-by. There's also the big bloke who can always be seen wearing a petticoat or other fetching ladies garment, and last but not least the guy wearing laderhosen who is always sitting in the observatory shopping centre underneath one of the potted trees. Long live the freaks of Slough and the amusement they provide.
  • Well, I suppose Slough is a nice place to drive past on the way to somewhere better but if you do get stuck here its accomodating enough as long as you like mediocre clothes, fried chicken and alcohol. +
  • Station Jim, the stuffed dog on platform 5 of the train station. always reminds me what a relief it is to get out of slough.
  • New Kebana (back of Boots) for its chicken kebabs... excellent value and (almost) healthy... although I moved away from Slough some years ago, I still take a detour occasionally to enjoy this great, cheap (full) meal!
  • it is cheap
  • Ha ha ha. Is there anything good about slough. You can get hold of things cheap off of the crackheads in britwell and manor park. Oh, and its easy to get draw.
  • DRUGS, how readly available they are
  • The Herschel Arms. Whilst I can't be certain that they don't let youngsters in, rest assured they're all old enough by the time the place shuts. I remember the landlord responding to the question 'When do you close?' with 'Normally over the summer when things get a little quiet.'
  • It's about 140 miles from Wales
  • the queensmere (not).
  • the best fing is all d fit guys,trust me!!!
  • There are tons of jobs. It's near plenty of nicer places such as the river Thames, Winsor etc. It's cheaper to live in than the surrounding areas.
  • I don't live there anymore!
  • The best thing about Slough is leaving. That view in the rear view mirror of your car is second to none.
  • Attractive pockets exist, such as one or two of the parks, and the amazing forests: Country Park; Black Park; Burnham Beeches. HERBS grow well here.
  • Great roads: M4, M25, M40, A4, A40. Fast trains to London and The West. Plenty of work. High tech jobs. Minutes to beautiful countryside and to Windsor. Plenty of green spaces. No enforcement of parking restrictions. The smell from the chocolate factory. Low council tax. Lower cost housing. Everyone thinks Slough is horrible all over so property in the better areas is cheaper.
  • The fact that it is one thousand times better to live in than its reputation suggests!
  • living in slough is the best thing that ever happened to me.....WHAT you SCREAM!! look at it from a job or work view we are sat in the most under employed capitol of the world "jesus" take a look at the job center for ffs. anyone says thay cant get a job in slough are one of two things.......either lazy or a liar......truth man ......truth!!!
  • Great Shopping, easy to get in and out (in theory). Somethings always happening. Since moving away, I've realised just how boring the countryside is.
  • Closeness to a huge chunk of green belt land Burnham Beeches, ideal from getting away from it all
  • Near London, & Windsor, easy to get out of the city into the countryside.
  • Montem Ice Skating arena (Look up Near the much-mentioned Salt Hill park: so far a safer option, if you can skate. If you can skateboard, you might, perhaps, be able to stay upright on skates. Indoor Tennis Club. In the much-mentioned Salt Hill park: it's safe inside, if you can dodge tennis balls. Langley Leisure Centre: smaller, cleaner and less smelly than the one near the ice rink. Full of squally kids at the weekends, otherwise OK After all that, you should be fit enough to dodge the yobbos in the High Street.
  • eveyone knows everyone in Slough. This can be a good thing or bad thing depending on what type of person you are.
  • Telling people that your from slough...some ppl respect you from coming out of that place alive
  • Being able to shop for everything you need and all nearly under cover.
  • Litten Tree (especially Karaoke night - Wednesday), Cinema, Phrenologist & Firkin (coz of the pool tables), Moon and Spoon (can get mashed on 20 easily), Cedar Kebabs (Kebab van on opposite side to Litten Tree), You can easily leave Slough (i.e Good train links)
  • No enforcement of any parking restrictions within the borough.
  • A brand new shiny silver tree sculpture full size in the middle of the high street near the Virgin cinema.
  • Are the worst things plus: Fantastic shopping and food. (All you need really. Could do with more entertainment though. Bowling ally perhaps.) It's bloody name. Being close to Windsor. The different religions and cultures.
  • It's cheap.
  • Train track out from slough to Windsor and paddington.
  • It's beautiful! Slough is like a cartoon land. A veritable melting pot, with lots and lots of parks and trees (contrary to popular belief).
  • Close to London and countryside.
  • "HMV", "Pret a Manger", "C&A", "Littlewoods", "Our Price", "Mothercare" - found in "Queensmere"
  • In the "Observatory" - "STAR FM" (106.6 FM), Slough's local radio station based in precinct on level 2. Keen on taking voluntary workers (I was one once in the newsroom!). Also "Woolworths", "Waitrose", loads of boutiques.
  • In Slough High Street: "Quasar", "McDonalds", "Burger King", "Boots", "W H Smiths".I go to Slough quite a lot, and it's cool cos its got a really comfortable, friendly ethnic mix, with hardly any racism.
  • It's easy to get away from. Excellent rail (125's), busses, motorway (M4), you can even cycle to Heathrow if you're really desperate (or want to catch a tube).

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