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Cheap Food
  • lidle
  • tescos haha
  • Star Karahi in Herschel Street is epic!
  • Star Karahi in Herschel Street is epic!
  • zara hussain of stile road contact urgent its yr father
  • oi dat burger van across frm anne summas does sum nyc big ass bacon beef burger its boom
  • Macdonalds, Burger King and KFC are really good for cheap, tasty food. Pizza hut runs a good Lunch Buffet Menu for 4.99 and Dragon Chef is a good Affordable Chinese Restaurant. (sometimes they dont do the check until once your finished so you can skip it. lol)
  • Try Subway for a nice filling sandwich. Next to Abbey National or try Kebab shop in chalvey
  • Loundis in Cippenham, Pound Land in the Queensmere which is a Cheap-ass shop but is still a Masive Bargin, 99P shop which is also good even though Tramps go there.
  • magic chef have closed down, not sure whether it was because of article not long ago in the local newspaper about finding mice in their kitchen. nice! went to mister lai's chinese restaurant on slough high street at the weekend. food was really good and prices were cheap compared with others.....really recommend it....and apparently they just started a delivery service
  • magic chef have closed down, not sure whether it was because of article not long ago in the local newspaper about finding mice in their kitchen. nice! went to mister lai's chinese restaurant on slough high street at the weekend. food was really good and prices were cheap compared with others.....really recommend it....and apparently they just started a delivery service
  • Favorite chicken
  • Mr Cod, moved down the other end of high street. But good luck trying to understand what anyone is saying!
  • macdonalds for mcflurry
  • Mcdonalds - to get that Britwell Belly
  • Well ... There is 5 McDonalds now (including the one in Asda) ...... sad state of affairs.
  • Magic Chef in Slough High Street (opposite Mr Cod) is realy good!
  • Again Frabcescos, Que Pasa also serevs some nice food.... I have only tried 3 dishes in The Litten Tree (pub), Cafe Giardino does some nice snacks
  • Does macDonalds constitute food, there are plenty of decent curry houses, and chinese resturants in the high st, and plenty of take aways dotted all over the town.
  • Dragon Chef. I love the food there and the service is brilliant. Buffet meals are lovely and cheap.
  • maccy d's on da high street
  • The all-you-can-eat chinese near the cinema is excellent. New Kebana and Kebabland for nice kebabs etc. Rems winebar for good west-indian food. Subway for a good alternative to Mcdonalds etc. Mr Cod for fish+chips. Nandos for hot+tasty chicken. The Italian deli on Stoke road is fantastic - continental meat, cheese, other goods and fresh sandwiches daily.
  • Slough has a surprisingly good selection of lower-end restaurants, despite the naysayers on this board. I'm not a local, so maybe I'm less-jaundiced! Anyway - my best recommendations are: The Magic Chef, High Street for Chinese food - great menu, extensive vegetarian selection, attentive service and reasdonable prices given the size of the portions. Slough Tandoori, Chalvey for Indian food - thankfully this has recently had an external makeover and is more of a reflection of the nice stripped-pine style decor inside. Service can be a tad slow, but it's friendly and both the food and ambience are excellent. Que Pasa, High Street for Mexican - I've only been there on weekend lunchtimes and while it's not the most exceptional Meican food I have ever had, I can't criticise them for the service and value for money I receied. Francesco's, High Street for Italian - they bake all their own bread and pastries and have a good selection of pizza and pasta-based dishes. Decent service and nice brick-styled decor. Nandos, High Street - part of a chain, Nando's consistently serves good and cheap pir-piri chicken meals in a family environment. Very worthwhile for an evening meal if you want something cheap, relatively healthy and in a casual environment. Take-away food is plentiful, but some highlights are The Kebab Hut in Chalvey (kebabs served in freshly baked naan bread), the baked potato guys with the mobile stand on the High Street, Snappy Tomato Pizza on the High Street and Pipers fish and chips near Homebase. If you want late night takeaway, the only reliable option other than vans is The Kebab Palace on the High Street. It's fairly new and seems to be the only place that realises people would like to eat after 11pm.
  • again.. not really eaten, though for a weatherspons, the one in the high st is cheap and good... thai tuesday is great! nandos and franchesco's are ok, but after that I'm not in the know soz
  • Best chinese restaurant in Slough High Street is the Magic Chef
  • Unfortunately, there are few good eating places in slough as the culture tends toward fast food outlets and either indian of chinese. There a re no health food stores or juicing shops.
  • Loads of kebab shops and pizza delivery places near Chicagos, some decent curry houses but the 2nd worst burger king food ever(behind Harrow)
  • Try the Classy Touch Cafe' - excellent food, good prices, and a welcoming management team. 2 brothers i think
  • The Magic Chef is why Mr Lai is not so good anymore - the chef left mr Lai and started his own restaurant. You cannot fail to be impressed with the quality of service and food here - additionally they have a dedicated vegetarian menu for those of you wish to have meat free duck, chicken or prawns. Mr Lai does not come close in terms of taste or quality - they cannot even manage tofu! they have never replaced the missing chef and head waitress.... Shazhad is a good quality curry house. The Barn is a good quality traditional Indian curry house, however the best curry house in Slough if you are not in a hurry is Nehmat Kadir which has won awards for the cooking. Food here always taste fresh and is not dripping in greaswe for a change. Exceptional standard of Indian food for the conniseur. Another to consider is the newly decorated Slough Tandoori whcih has improved its surroundings and its menu to a good standard.
  • not good in slough due to the number of people who are on drugs and have no appetite, dragon chef was good i think, but it got closed down for hygiene quite recently!! good food tummies near burnham train station
  • Unlike some who like the food in the Long Barn - i know NOT to eat there, although i will not state why. The land lady and land lord are moany old gits who moan if you swear in there pub. It's a pub for f*!k sake!!!
  • There are quite a few restaurants and take aways in Slough high street. The ones I can remeber are: Pizza Go Go,Kebabland, Nemat Kedah, McDonalds, Burger King, Mr. Lai, Pizza Express, Mr Cod, Pizza Hut, Pizza Junction, K.F.C, Southern Fried Chicken, Cedar Kebabs,King Kebabs, Nandos, Francesco, Ginos, Greggs, Littlewoods Café, BHS Café also allthe pubs serve food now although some only serve at certain times of day. +
  • Well once I was in burger king with some friends and I found a DEAD Fly in my burger, which was nice, some of the staff give you lip but all in all a enjoyable experience. Mcdonalds which is ok. If u have any sense at all you well stay well clear of KFC, Its staff are all foreign mental cases and can't understand a word you say, Once got a chicken burger meal from their and it smelled of bleach went to the staff to complain and they mumbled some gibberish and start laughing.
  • Slough Tandoori
  • Fried Chicken take-away opposite Three Tuns Pub on corner - it's halal, but very greasy.
  • london pie co or kebabland
  • The kebab van opposite the littentree is quite heavy! Try da !/2 pound wiv cheese! Nice!
  • FORGET SHAZAAADS - Nehmat Kaddah is the only indian on the high street worth visiting. It has one best curry award 2 years running and has the friendly staff and best prices in town. HIGHLY recommended
  • Shahzad has the best Indian in the town, but don't forget the supreme Barn Tandoori, in Salt Hill Park overlooking the bowling green.
  • I used to love the Golden Egg on the High Street, by the corner of Windsor Road. It was run by these really friendly Greek people. They made the best Lime milkshakes in Ali G land. Sadly, it closed in favour of American conveniences like McDonalds and Burger King.
  • THE LONG BARN, Cippenham Lane is under new management the food is GREAT. After a long day at work we treated ourselves to meal at our local pub and were pleasantly surprised. There is avaried menu with additional specials of the day and also bar food. Try the restaurant upstairs, quiet with views over the village, I can deffinately recommend the lamb steak in redcurrant and rosemary sauce my partner thoroughly enjoyed his steak and stilton pie. Go on treat yourself lunchtime or evenings, they also take party bookings.
  • Normal BurgerKing, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut etc. etc.
  • Try the "Subway" sadwich bar near the Cinema (next one down from the broadwalk), pukka sandwiches (at a cost though).
  • Bring it with you from elsewhere. Water is by and large safe to drink.
  • I have never seen so many chip shops, restaurants, cafes, takeaways and pubs in such a confined space. It's a wonder that everybody in Slough is'nt overweight, but they're not because i've lived there all my life and i only know two fat people. Great Indian is the Shazad indian restaurant down the road between Boots and River Island, off the highstreet. But there's such a good choice of restaurants with quality food, from Italian to chinese, pizzas and kebabs. You name it Slough's got it and if it has'nt, Windsor has.
  • Shahzad, behind the High Street, near Boots. Surely the best Indian restaurant for miles around. Has expanded to Taj Mahal scale in recent years and still gets full on Friday and Saturday nights. Magic Chef, High Street. Great Chinese food - one of the best in the area. Better even than Mr Lai!
  • MacDonalds on Bath Rd and High St
  • Eat cheap (English breakfast style) at Gino's (Three Tuns Crossroads), Asda Restaurant (Windsor Meadows, Cippenham) or Sainsburys Restaurant (A4 between Slough and Maidenhead.
  • RECOMMENDED HIGHLY - Kebana's takeaway - a lot of kebab shops have opened, the best I have been to as yet is the Halal one found down the road that has the side entrance to Boots, sorry name escapes me. Best sheesh kebabs I've tasted. Value for money.
  • Fish and chips - avoid Mr Cod, try the halal one down the road that's opp Marks and Sparks, on the High Street side. Best tasted ever! Generous filling portions, great for wintry nites! Good value too.
  • How can you forget about the Jacket potato stand opposite McDonalds... Very friendly blokes, great laugh and bloody good tatties too... sweetcorn salad, cheese and beans recommended. V good value for money, basically 2 quid for a full meal.
  • Avoid Pret a Manger unless on a date (too expensive), choose BK over McDonalds coz I worked at BK over a few summers, and this by far is the best BK that you'll ever get served in.
  • For thirst quenching pop into Littlewoods on the High Street side instead of splashing out on drink in the fast food restaurants.
  • Pizza Hut good but they have a pigeon droppings problem which means to say that the place can smell around there in the summer. Found next to Littlewoods.
  • Check out Mr. Lai's on the Windsor Road for the best chinese food for miles around. The food is excellant and plentiful, the staff are great and it's not very expensive either. It's also best to reserve a table, unless eating before 7.00pm, especially during the weekend.

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