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  • Hook-up
  • Looking for green sc- messagemeonly
  • Always wanted to give her one back on the day
  • Anyone have the blonde girl who thumbs the cars number
  • Need to find a bit of green in slough
  • Your dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad FDA Dd Dd Dada Dad Ada Cad Adds Basic Aha Ah Aka Aka Pz a May Aka Aka she Ana na AMA Ak a Ana Amanda A A A A A A A A A Sass A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A F G H R W A A C Bj Re A Z V K E A Cb T A X B G A B E N Hm I L D W D J D D H E G H B H L I A So Modding T W I S T D T L He F Fe H U
  • I use go ice skating by montem and run outs burnham beeches wheres best place ruby murray a pipe and a good shagging with nice whore,sorry do they exist in slough love xxx
  • I left slough in 1990 from my kids home on britwell estate,7 gcse shit grades from westgate school cippenham and moved back to east London/Essex Ilford strong indian community also servere crack/heroin thinking move back west to Bracknell,basingstoke as electrian theres loads work over that way know where going all the babes in Aldershot haha.what think is slough really that bad with all the regeneration pumped into it .I suppouse the pipe heads still there but they were in the 90s.i played on garage roofs wentworth ave sneakey joint growing up but came back to London and its shit,more foreigners per square mile I cant hear English and I work on there houses slough bad I don't think so its what make it I hated britwell and the fish shop down cippenham lane but eh Ilford Romford is starting to suffer time get another council exchange Basingstoke here we come any nice ladies in 30s get in touch ian from Hainault love you all have nice pipe ianxx
  • Wanna know where the prostitutes are text me if you know 07745962858
  • Any prostitute looking to make sometimes call me 07745962858
  • slough observatory shopping car park u can skate there if its not too busy
  • 6uuuuj67yuj67uj
  • Used to frequent a dixiland playing pup in 1960 ,( name had "carter"? In it.). Is it still operating? Worked at Ladybirds in Langley,closed now.
  • All of these comments so far are wrong as can be. Top place gotta be STRATTY fr the heavy darknwhite gear. Richmond entry, Wellesely, Diamond etc. Tesco wall quick ting + Alpsly House, always fat always BOOM, u know the score - check dem. To find the whisky and brandy check the corner crack house on St Pauls Avenue. Regular drop spot at the small play park on Petersfield Avenue. Littledown Road for quick crack fix. Burlington Avenue major smackhead and tramp hook-up, crackhouses and brothels 24hours 7days in both tower blocks - easy ride. 5mins away is Ledgers Road, Hillside, Montem and the south side of Stoke Poges Lane is the nightime redlight district - £20 toothless bj and fuck, the best type! Wentworth and Britwell is past it's time for the dark'n'white - still check the londoner and wentworth if your desperate, gone downhill since that special place got shut down. A short walk to Manor Park, check the syndicate cinder alley to see a few firms with both, failing that Hatton Avenue and Lancaster are always a short wait. If your out of the ends and in the booms, check out Minster Way, at the end there is a pth over the railway line, bear right down to the grand union and check the man on a SUNNY day - real talk. Skyways is always good for a quick ting moretime, just sit down St Bernards and do some waitng for the man.
  • mi yard init
  • FRANNIES!! Half of the youth population from Britwell/Manor Park been to this crackhouse haha
  • The "Cinder Track" by cumberland avenue Manor Park Walk down their if you have a death wish and wish to have your stomach ripped out and found again on the oppsite end of the "Cinder Track" :)
  • Learn to spell. Learn to write properly. You are just broadcasting your stupidity to the world typing in dat gangsta talk. Uneducated losers.
  • cerys gay
  • its rubbish
  • looking for zara hussain of stile rd her father is looking for her
  • slough is sick endz bare guys being pussys and sayin its a shithole and dangerous it aint dat bad u ppl r jus scaring urselves, neway manor park is big i session it at da skate ramps in granville sumtyms, baylis park in the garden bit by the old swimming pool used 2 be sick 2 chill in bak in da day i used to ave everyman up in der avin sick sessions, crack city iz aite nw nd agen but really its just newer nd everywer around slough.
  • Slough heavy man! We al go 2 da prk, lacselles n
  • slough is a shithole. i have never lived in such a shithole and believe me the people, especially the teenagers (boys) are all shitholes and should be locked up in jail for life. slough should be bombed, demolished and pissed upon and I would gladly do the job if I could.
  • langely shops outside at night and the car park for all the drug dealers/pikeys/ boy racers
  • Whenever I want to meet up with my mates I just give them a call and we meet up somewhere on the Highstreet, its not hard to find anyone there and it is really accesible for anyone. You can always have a laugh in the town :D Despite the drunks under the subway you can chill out most of the time.
  • LANGLEY- SL3 bare brupage- slough manz are pussy holes
  • Slough Now has a my space
  • Do not hook up in Slough unless your the chav of the century otherwise u will get the crap beaten out of u. My friends and I live in Slough live in Slough but never go there to meet up, Windsor Staines Datchet, anywhere is better then Slough
  • Does any one in Slough remember the flasher who used to do just that in Baylis Park in the 60's When the swimming pool was still there. Also China Lil and creeping jesus
  • Cippenham
  • Burnham beeches (i was upset not to see this already) burnham beeches found on the border of Bucks and Berks. Sick place to go get blazed hook up with your mateys. ample car parking copiuos amounts of GREENery. Dont worry about the rangers they wont do nothin. So if you is in the ends on a nice day come to the main common in burnham beeches make a towel call and myself and a few of the local herbalists will come keep u company.
  • hjkh
  • The Outside of Langley Grammar School, right by the gates, was always good for a fight just as School ended, people from Langley Wood came down, with their pipes and proceeded to smash the heads in of the people they didn't like from our school. So it was a good place for some of us to meet up and watch violence and chaos.
  • kiddy minster park aka kiddy fiddler park. good for getting drunk in!
  • "The Alley" the famouse spot for slough grammar degenerates to go and have a fag. populayr in previouse years but noe only a handful appear to know of it. good kotch wen on lunch or just blaze a quick one before a reely shitty lesson. "beware territory of alleged rapiats" p.s support the "FREE VIK" campagne
  • tel yu wat,the hottest spot-on to hang around in slough is rite infront of macdonalds.Jus sit on one of the benches and check out ole the niggars.tight hot spot
  • In SL6 On Packhorse RD, there is is a Bus turning circle that the 'Brothers' can park thier crappy old Ford Escorts wiv 'da phat wheels' and pump out the crappy fake rapper crapper sounds, to impress (not) the little rich girls that might come come out off Gerrards Cross (cos they've all gone up West to avoid 'brothers in Escorts! ha ha)Come down - look hard ,then get moved on by the fuzz cos the rich don't like us and they've got the real clout!!
  • harrow market
  • The best place to go if you have a car and wana blaze sum weeeeed, or have some privacy with your bird is the car park on stoke poges lane next to the Polish Club. The Polish Clu, incidentally is the venue for a youth's party every friday night which ends up in a mass brawl outside with thugs from Britwell, Langley, Upton Lea, Wexham Court, Cippenham, Burnham, Manor Park, Northborough etc
  • the high street near Wexham Park Hospital out side "Roxy Chicken" and "One Stop". outside Roxy Chicken is where the fights happen between surrounding towns of Slough such as the britwell thugz, gerrards cross crew, Burnham, and colnbrook. Sometimes even Hounslow youths come down and beat the hell out of the slough boys.
  • Station road park, burham
  • outside slough grammar school near where the caravan thing burnt down
  • i believe there is a sperm bank in slough. 15.00 per shot max 4 times a week...a veritable career for slough-ites...why not formalise your reputation...
  • Just anywhere inconveniant for everyone else
  • Monksefield park opposite kennedy's but likely 2 get beaten if u dno hu's hu in britwell
  • The car park next to the Kings Head in Cippenham is a good place to get shot of your laptop computer, just go for a quick pint and when you come out hey presto its gone. but that's not all you also get to meet the nice man from autoglass who comes to fix your broken sidelight in the jam jar
  • The car park/playground of Weekes Drive Community centre in Cippenham
  • the steps of SYPC, top of the high st, old lyods bank building, corner of wexham rd
  • for under 13s, outside slough library. ppl 4om slough mite complain, bt they all did it. little upton good 4 sessionin, lascelles 4 muggin, baylis 4 all dat plus mor. slough is a place 2 avoid at all costs.
  • kennedy park is a heavy place 2 meet wi ur bredryns ut jus bware deres nuff shady ppl bout n da park got nuff history
  • There is a broken telephone box near the Red Squirrel in Burnham. You can meet up up with all kinds of loveable teenagers - crack addicts, thieves, pickpockets, con-artists and violent thugs.
  • baylis park is a boom place 2 huk up wit ur mates deres bare tik guys walkin round n u get 2 hav a gud luk as they walk past. there enuff dappy hoes walkin round who need 2 luk in da mirror n wash their face. dey tink dey can pull but dey SCATTY!
  • Slough high street where the criminal element of Slough's youth can often be found hanging out,entertaining themselves by kicking in shop windows, haranguing passers by for a "spare cigarette" and generally casuing as much havoc as possible in the loudesy way they can. Not to mention spitting all over the pavement.
  • Buckingham avenue east (next to The Centre Complex) is THE spot. If you hang around long enough you might even get treated to some local rude bwoys bussin they sounds out they open beemer style windows (or is they broken..) Ruspec! Weed be sold behind the school yard their. pparently, buying the one ounce buys you the one ticket to the subway where them laydeez they be sellin they thang for the boodah. werd up to mah sistas! pparently Mah man harry sells the wickedest sheet, cheap. he be werkin at the local Currys yo! Gw0n wich y0 bad self and sheet. ruspec selecta
  • baylis park ok just watch out for the rats they seem to think its a good hook up spot too
  • Many people of slough like to hang around carpet shops spesh in winter, as they can smoke drugs and keep warm in the carpt bins!!!
  • The Village Store in Cippenham is very popular with the 11 year old alcoholics. One-Stop is more for the 14 year old alcoholics. Us grown up alcoholics go to the local pubs.
  • manor park graffitied community centre!
  • Usually, people head into the High Street goto a shop called "MACE" (litten tree end of thehigh street)with some 'identification' and buy some booze then carry on walking past the shop towards either Lascelles Park (my personal haunt) or Upton Court Park if it is a bigger gathering. More adverturous types can try going to Herschel Park where it is usually quite scenic and also, well, Deadly. +
  • Bench outside Threshers on London Road, Langley (next to a bottle bank)- if you look hard enough, you can still see the curry sauce stains!!
  • Bailis park is an ok spot, has a small pond and two streams, lots of trees on the far side of it, has a playground, benches scatered around the park, not a bad hangout spot, but always keep an eye out for trouble.
  • You want a hook up spot, no problem come on down to manor park play centre or the playing fields just near it, granted to get a beating, mugging etc.etc.
  • in the new estate there are loadsa new parks, including a park which me and my friends used 2 call The Midnight Park, coz we all used 2 meet there at midnight! thsi park is situated in the fields opposite westgate.
  • lascelles park!! da ka car! get me peeps?! loada drug dealers etc.......
  • The langley towers in east slough, because all the criminals of slough worship the tower blocks.
  • ooh let me see, how about the lovely Brunel Bus Station. If it's good enough for the opening sequence of The Office (BBC2 Monday nights - don't miss it) it's good enough for me.
  • the ice arena is bufff me and my massive hang we corse up the next mans were bare arms house dont test us u know
  • Da Ice Arena at Montem is pretty heavy 4 da rucks and arms. As well as the odd skeet.
  • SYPC@thecorner (on the corner of wexham rd and high street, the old Lloyds bank building) great facillities, friendly staff and access to lots of info for 16-25 year olds
  • Places such as parks are generally to be AVOIDED. Loads of weirdos and deranged youths. Never hang around there.
  • Under the roof-shaped wooden thing in the play park in Goldolphin playing fields.
  • Westgate Retail Park car park. Loads of teenagers drag race round the car park after midnight. Fun.
  • Cinema, Ice rink, swimming pool, comunity centre, football ground, library
  • Baylis Park - where all the little rudeboys, hang out and play on the swings, (a good place to rap spliffs when it rains is under the slide, except when it's windy), or on the basketball-cum-football thing. You'll also find benches and tables on the site of the old Baylis open air swimming pool (which was burned down a few years ago - by me and a few mates in my mispent youth).
  • Salt Hill Park good place to hang out and meet used to have a water sliode a few years ago
  • If you have just passed your driving test why not hook up in the safer than safe parking spot - Church Road - this leafy street really is the jewel in the crown offering a shimmering spectacle of broken glass from rife criminal activity. A fresh pile of glass a day - or your money back. You wont get your money back...
  • Lascelles used to be my spot, sessioning there. There should still be a few unopened bottles of home made Whisky + Iron Bru (commonly called "Wironshite" after a few bottles) around there somewhere.
  • Police Station, architectural beauty, excellent hospitality, very popular nightspot, particularly at the weekend. Free B&B for specially chosen guests. Select company. Single room ensuite with expertly trained waiter service.
  • Actually there are no spots where people 'hook-up' but there are spots where the people of Slough regularly get together to have a good punch up! These spots are everywhere!!
  • Hi, I am a tramp from Slough and I hang out by the youth center formerly Argos, situated near the The Golden Egg opposite Harrys Bar, If you are a tramp visiting the area please feel free to drop by and join me for a warm can of flat special brew. Slough is a good place to hook up with tramps and down and outs.
  • Lascelles Park
  • Now days younger people hang around the ice arena,the new Virgin cinema,or try to get into the pubs.But watch out for the bouncers on the doors.

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