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  • the guy outside wilkinsons singing :my way: somebody elses way.
  • Marc Chew is very entertaining usuaky found on the highstreet
  • Slough has too many to name. The brunel subway is full of tennents and buckfast drinkers from all over europe. This is a goodplace to go on moday morning as the christians come down to give you a coffee and something to eat. Burlington has some of the most washed out junkie you will ever see. (bear in mind i've lived in harlesden,stockwell (london) and possil, tollcross (glasgow) - these cats are definatly up there with glasgows finest and way beyond anything i see in london) Cats here tying tae pimp out their pregnant girlfriend to you for a bag o shite gear - pure nasty and funny as fu k
  • The 90p Kid - a scrawny little scrote who hangs outside Slough Train Station asking people for 90p. If you don't have anything, he whines and goes mental. Recently roped his girlfriend into the scam, but asking for 90p is a dead giveaway. Whereabouts currently unknown, but if he resurfaces, a certain 'Mr Pound' from Jackson's Corner in Reading will be told 90p Kid is undercutting him by 10 per cent, and given a return train fare so he can come to Slough and sit on him. You don't mess with Mr Pound...
  • Mark Handley and hsi awful reggae dancing...frightens children
  • Mark Handley and hsi awful reggae dancing...frightens children
  • Well, there are plenty of people in Slough from Pollacks to the odd English person, but there are also the loonies who live there and can be spotted around the streets. The first one I remember is a big black man who wears a black beanie and a black jacket and carries around a stick. This dude is the size of a gorilla and can be seen in and around Slough High-street going off at random people. The next is an old fat Muslim man who spends all day sitting on the same chair outside his house where Wexham Road joins with Wellington Street. You can see this oddity most days as he watches the cars go by, probably because he doesn't have a television. The third and probably the most strange man you could find in Slough, but you had better keep an eye out for him because he is a 'cross-dresser'. This guy is off his trolley and can also rarely be seen going into the trees outside of the golf course to play with his dolls. He lives in one of the single floor houses south of the Catholic School.
  • crackhead sydney haha u must know da black guy wid hardly ne teeth hu goes around askin 4 money lol
  • look out 4 da smelly asian tramp who walks round in circles nd pisses his pants nd stuff oh nd da really fat stinky man on the bike who thinks he owns a bike shop in windsor nd is a milloinaire
  • all the fucking dick head chav kids that start shit then gt the big bros an shit wen they cant step up lol
  • Does anyone remember the black guy who used to hang around the Queensmere shopping centre? Big afro, back in the 80's!!!
  • Theres one guy that plays the guitar under the subway and hes cool. And the local homeless people are actually quite cool even though they're all drunks or drug addicts. Once a homeless guy started busking to a police woman.
  • sacry guy with guitar and harmonica corners you and sings trying to get you to dance, also seen in windsor (not so upmarket) guy who wears the floral skirts and stuff, quite humourous
  • Tramps. There was a Tramp who lived in a Card Board Box. Now that's was Funny and Very entertaining.
  • Michael Singh Jackson,
  • The Man in the skirt that walks up the hightstreet. hes always entertaning the random tramps
  • If "bluey" smith introduces himself to you, get moving. This also applies to all the crackheads that say "hey boss" or "scuse me bruv"
  • Bird man look out for him this dude runs around flapping his arms and talkin to the pigeons
  • The transvestite man,crazzzzzzy tony(the big balck guy that talks to his can of stella) and evryone else
  • how could anyone forget the most famous tramp of Slough High Street - Nobby!?!
  • not so entertainers, occasionally stret art, but other thn that talent is pretty small
  • There is a Busker who goes by the name of Paul Mann. You can smell him a mile away and he's shit. You can fond him in slough high street, usually next to Virgin music shop. What a tramp
  • There is a great P Diddy impersonator who goes by the name of Lelly P.
  • lots of tramps, some are entertaining, and occasional malaysian pan pipers. also a big black guy who wheres a green wooly hat, he often has fights with himself
  • No-one seems to have mentioned 'Michael Jackson!' Some man who dresses, looks and dances like Michael Jackson. Goes to Chicagos and most of the other pubs on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • he's not exactly a buskers but he make me wanna throw money at him (to try and stop him) so has anyone seen that crazy guy with the big headphones (and i mean BIG) on trying to beatbop. he's sometimes at the train station (slough or Langley) i wet myself laughting everytime
  • There tens to be some down and outers asking for money and the occasional group of lads spread out down the high street saying thay have been out on a stag due and cant get home and could u spare a pound or so. Sometiomes mad people do mad things with sticks of fire and juggling balls but that is becoming less frequent. +
  • that bloke with his annoying pan pipes. great stuff [not]
  • This guy called Johnny Del Monte sometimes comes to the highstreet, he plays a variety of instruments, guitar, flute, banjo. Its more embarassing than entertaining to watch.
  • loads of buskers and tramps in slough, can be found around the train station, bus station and around the end of the high street near where argos use to be, you'll know their there by the smell of piss. There is one street entertainer that comes to slough sometimes, he sets up his stuff in the middle of the high street, usually a small amp and a tap deck, he has a guitar as well which he pretends to play (quite badly I might add)and then tends to go right up to passers by well pretending to sing (again quite badly)because its all coming out of his tape deck. He is demented and a mence to society.He can sometimes be found in windsor to.
  • Theres a funny man who plays the panpipes, near the man who sells the potatoes outside pizza hut, and also the one man band!
  • Too dangerous for buskers.You would need a bodyguard for anything over 5p
  • buskers are normally of high quality but an awful lot of pure beggars which is not god. all can be found by boots or underpasses
  • Slough has some of the worst street entertainers - mostly ones thrown out of Windsor!
  • In the high street you get some ghastly buskers on Saturdays. Occasionally you get a ROCKING performer or band, with a sizeable crowd just hanging around them. E.g. the Bolivian pipers last year.
  • There used to be a busker who sang in the subway between the Brunel car park and the Observatory. Where did he go anyway???
  • tour guaranteed a tramp in slough high street...the place breeds them
  • Slough does have quite a few buskers, warning though they seem to have evolved into a species that hunt in groups and keep eacother posted on who to 'ask' for money. Although I must say they are very polite about it all, which is nice. :)
  • loads of freaks line the streets at certain times, pretending to be robots or something in the name of art. It's worth a look though and the 2 shopping centres useually have stuff going on @ weekends too
  • In the underpass between the Bus/train station and Queensmere shopping center. Or sometimes in the highstreet, anything from saxophone jazz to religious dancing.

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